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Lisbon, Portugal With a Family

Lisbon, Portugal with a family at Belem Tower. A complete travel guide.

Lisbon, Portugal with a family, a travel guide.  It is important to us to explore the world with Joakim.  To give him an opportunity to see the world through a lens other than what he will eventually be taught in a textbook.

Lisbon, Portugal is now one of the best places we have been to thus far.  It was a warm and welcoming city with a love for kids.  From the live music by the ocean to the lip-smacking food and friendly faces. It is a charming city you can just get lost in and it would never get old.

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro

Exploring Lisbon, Portugal as a family on a food tour.
Nothing like a good nap and some breast milk on a food tour.

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Lisbon Weather

Best time to go for weather is May, June, September, or October.   We spent our time in Lisbon, Portugal between the months of May and June.  The weather was perfect.  We had no issues with crowds or long lines and hotel rates were much lower during this time.

Lisbon, Portugal Hotels

Altis Prime

Is a great option for families looking for an apartment-style hotel.  The rooms are very spacious, and include a kitchenette, a small pantry area to store food, and a fridge.  This was perfect for us because we did a small grocery haul while there.  There is plenty of storage space for whatever goods you buy to make sure you always have snacks while out and about for your little ones.

It is also centrally located.  There is a strip of shops and restaurants all within walking distance.

Transportation in Lisbon, Portugal

Public transportation is a good option and an Uber is inexpensive in Lisbon.  Your child can ride in a taxi without a car seat if they are strapped in the seatbelt with the adult.  This can not be done in a private car so if you decided to rent a car in Lisbon you must bring a car seat.  You can also check out our list of travel essentials for kids.

Lisbon Best Restaurants

  • Zenith Brunch & Cocktails-Lisboa

We enjoyed this gem so much that we went twice during our stay.  It is the perfect brunch spot!  Cool and hip atmosphere.  The staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating to our needs for Joakim.  The food was delicious.   A great spot whether you have kids in tow or not.

  • Cervejaria Ramiro

Lisbon is known for its seafood!  A popular place to have a good seafood and fish meal with a steak sandwich for dessert is Cervejaria Ramiro.  It is an extremely popular place therefore when you arrive you will select a ticket from the “ticket machine”. Enjoy!

  • A Penalva da Graca

Another great seafood restaurant and we thoroughly enjoyed this spot!  It is a small “Mom and Pop” restaurant.  We were the only tourist in sight.  You know you are in the right place when you see locals only.  As I said, it is on the smaller side but they were very accommodating with seating since we had Joakim.  Like Cervejaria Ramiro, you order by weight.

  • Restaurante Zuari

Indian food in Lisbon, Portugal in all its goodness glory.  I do not have much to say here but think spicy and deliciousness. Locals!

  • O Palacio Restaurante- Cervejaria

You guessed it, seafood!  The best clams I have ever had in my life were here.  Everything was lovely. The owner’s wife makes fresh Piri Piri sauce.  He gave me a bottle to take, it did not last long once back in the States.  This is another welcoming authentic restaurant filled with locals.

*No matter where you are try to avoid touristy restaurants because they are usually pricey and not very tasty.  Explore Lisbon with locals.

Sweet treats

Lisbon, Portugal with a family.  It is a must to try Pastel de Nata while in Lisbon, a Portuguese pastry.
Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata is a Portuguese pastry.  Just for fun, you should try the 2 most popular pastel de nata bakeries.

  • Manteigaria (Inside Time Out Market)

Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

  • Pasteis de Belem

Rua de Belém nº 84 a 92
1300 – 085 Lisboa, Portugal

What to do in Lisbon with kids
  • Oceanario de Lisboa

Age 3 and under-free

This by far is one of the best aquariums I have ever explored and one of the best in Europe.  This one should be on the list whether you are traveling with kids or not.

It is one of Europe’s largest aquariums.  There are thousands of sea creatures to be seen.  It is an incredible educational opportunity for kids.  In fact, there were lots of school-age children visiting for the day that got to practice their English with us.

  • Jardim Zoologico (Lisbon’s Zoo)

Fairly good variety of animals to see and there is also a dolphin display.  The cable car ride gives you a bird’s eye view of the zoo.

  • Tram 28

The famous yellow tram 28 goes through the popular neighborhoods of the Alfama district and others. You can get a good feel for the city this way, but the tram may be crowded.

An option for children when in Lisbon, Portugal with a family is to ride Tram 28.
Tram 28

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Things to do in Lisbon
  • Time Out Market

It is not your typical food market.  The market is made up of 40 restaurants and shops with lots of seating both inside and out.  There is something for everyone even the pickiest of eaters.  It is a great option to start your evening before exploring the city’s nightlife.  If you are traveling with children, there are highchairs available.

  • Take a tour of the city
  • Food Tour

Food tours are a must for us because it is a great way to learn the cuisines of the country you are in and a great way to explore the city with a local guide.  Culinary Backstreets is now in the top 3 of our favorite food tours.  The food portions did not disappoint and if you wanted more of an item, you got more!  There are a couple of different tours to choose from, so if seafood is not your thing you have other options. My first time having grilled sardines was on this tour and let us just say from that point on I ordered them everywhere we went.  We had no issues food-wise for Joakim.  He ate everything we ate including sardines.

  • LX Factory
Veggie hot dog @ Dogs LX Factory

LX factory gives you a completely different feel of Lisbon.  It is a cool hipster area with lots of unique restaurants, shops, and galleries. Cool graffiti art everywhere.

Lisbon, Portugal with a family at LX Factory.
  • Belem Tower
  • Palace of Pena

Pena Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Sintra.  A great option for a day trip.

  • Purchase canned fish

  There are a variety of shops to purchase tinned seafood at various price points.  They make for great gifts and snacks to have for yourself.  Some options you can find are sardines, octopus, tuna, shrimp and bacalhau.  If you are a military family these are great to send in a care package.  We highly recommend the tuna! Also, these make for great snacks when out and about or on any day trips.


If you have a longer layover in Porto you could make a day of it and enjoy the beach and restaurants.  Our layover was 7hrs, so we took at taxi to the beach and spent the day there.  A five-minute walk away are a strip of restaurants to have lunch.

Enjoying our layover at the beach in Porto!

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      It was. Lisbon is a great place. Thanks for reading!

  • Tyre Reese
    August 6, 2020 at 11:54 pm

    Back down memory lane. I miss this place and would love to live here with my family. Hopefully we become rich and are able to buy property there someday. Thank you my love for the memories and a really great post!! You keep impressing me more and more with every post.

    • Mo
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      I don’t think we need to be rich! haha We could just go!

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