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Hi!  I’m Molaka (Mo-Lake-Ka), my friends call me “MO”.  I am a Registered Nurse here in Richmond, Virginia who has a passion for all things travel related and an obsession with my family.  I created this space to share our family travels and everyday life in The Reese Household.  I enjoy helping others with recommendations and sharing our experiences. We hope to inspire you to leave a little piece of you wherever you go, break stereotypes through our travels and share motherhood experiences.

My husband, Ty, is a member of the United States Armed Forces.  Twenty-two years and counting!  He has a love for cars and enjoys collecting spirits from around the world for his “Bar of the World”, located in his man cave.

Joakim aka Hurricane Jo!  He is our outdoorsy adventurous two-year-old.  He is the cutest little thing you ever did see, full of personality, and has a thing for trucks and books. 

The Reese Family from Paint The World With You blog

I hope to inspire you through travel, speak your truth through motherhood and make your journey a little less stressful by being a resource to as many of you as possible.

To help moms on their journey, my tips and advice have been quoted in reputable online publications, such as




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