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A Fun Summer Bucket List For Kids

Father and son at camp site making s'mores over a camp fire.
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So it’s time to plan for summer. And you want to keep the kids busy, but not just a busy to-do list because that’s just no fun. A summer to-do list consists of a fun summer bucket list for kids to say, “this was the best summer ever”.

To make the most of their summer break, it’s a great idea to create a bucket list of fun activities they can do with family or friends.

You can use this list as a preschool summer bucket list, a toddler summer bucket list, and a summer fun list for the whole family.

I know the thought of planning out the entire summer to make it enjoyable for your kids can be daunting. But use this summer bucket list not just as a list but as helpful ideas to check off as you go and to help you plan out your weekends.

I have a free summer bucket list printable so you have easy access to these ideas.

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Here are some ideas for a fun summer bucket list for kids: 

Bucket List For Kids

Go Glamping- If “roughing it” isn’t your thing but the kids want to go camping when considering things to put on a summer bucket list add glamping.

It’s truly the best of both worlds. You get the rawness of nature but also a kitchen to cook meals in and even a real bathroom to use. LOL.

When you’re out glamping, there are many summer bucket list ideas you can check off. 

Make Tie-dye Shirts– Some good summer bucket list ideas are the ones you’ve never done before there’s a mix of fun and excitement that comes along with trying new things.

Tie-Dye kits are relatively inexpensive and a good way to get the whole family involved. We used this Tulip one-step tie-dye kit which comes with gloves and rubber bands, all you need is water and the clothing items you want to use.

We all picked out the colors we wanted and had a blast expressing our creative side. Wait, a few hours for them to dry, and boom you’ve created something special. Something your kids will want to do more than once.

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Lowe’s Workshop- Did you know Lowe’s Home Improvement store has workshops for kids? Find your nearest Lowe’s and signup for a workshop in your area. A workshop, your kids would find most interesting.

Go Peach Picking- I mean is there anything better than picking fresh fruit? Grab the wagon and head out to your nearest orchard to pick fruit, try a few slushies that are flavored with the in-season fruit.

Once home plan out the menu with the fruit you picked. Peach cobbler, peach ice cream, or even make peach juice.

Invite A Friend To Play On Your Water Slide- You won’t be able to get them out of the backyard, Mom. They will spend hours outdoors having a blast playing.

There are various water slide options on the market that come with a variety of bells and whistles. Set a budget and purchase what you will get the most use out of.

You can see us setting up our water slide here.

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Go To Disney- Isn’t it on every family’s summer bucket list to visit Disney? Disney is what kid dreams are made of. A Disney cruise would be just as amazing without the long wait lines and crowded areas.

You can get my savings tracker printable to save for your next big trip.

Stay Up Late- Most of us have a bedtime in place during the school year. Let the kids stay up late watching their favorite movies and eat popcorn.

100 Books Before Kindergarten- A thoughtful kids’ summer bucket list idea is starting your own 100 books before kindergarten club with friends. Help your little one find a love for books and the importance of reading.

See A Monster Jam- Usually starting in the spring and going into the summer Monster Jam goes on tour. You can catch a show when they’re in your city or take a road trip to another city.

Get up close and personal and maybe even get a little dirty.

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Backyard Movie Night- Add backyard movie night to your summer to-do list for kids. Grab your projector and set up shop in the background like you’re at a movie theater and have a blast. Invite friends over or just make a family movie night.

Wood Work W/ Dad- Do your first DIY project with Mom or Dad and build something special.

Go-Karts- Give go-karts a go. Have a blast riding go-karts. This one is more for teenagers and for the little ones depending on age, who can sit next to a grown-up.

Backyard Camp-out- Planning out your summer on a budget? Gather the family and some friends and take all your camping gear to the backyard. Let your own home become your campsite. Fun, right?

 Do An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt- Create clues or a list of items they can find outdoors like flowers, rocks, or leaves for children to hunt down while enjoying nature.

Volunteer In Your Community – Teach children about giving back by volunteering locally; this could be done by helping at animal shelters or food pantries.

Learn to Swim- A great way to beat the heat and learn water safety skills is through swim lessons. It’s so important for kids to learn water safety and swimming skills. Use a local swim coach for private lessons or join a swim school.

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Try A New Cuisine- Is there anything better than good food? Yes, I am a foodie and I love introducing my son to new foods and cuisines to expand his palette. It’s so fun to watch his taste buds explode or an “epic fail” facial expression. Either way, he stepped outside of his comfort zone and gave something new a try.

Visit A Trampoline Adventure Park- I haven’t met a kid yet that didn’t love spending hours at a trampoline park. It’s a great way to earn some activity points, and it’s fun for the whole family.

Visit An Aquarium- Spend the day visiting an Aquarium. Two of my favorites are the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, and the world-renowned Oceanário de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. The Oceanário de Lisboa is truly one of the most amazing aquariums I have ever been to.

S’mores- Did you really have a good summer without a campfire and making s’mores?  

Build A Massive Lego Model- Find your nearest Lego store and choose a cool model to build. From fast cars, castles, and beach camper vans to large buildings. There’s so much to choose from and when they’re finished, they’ll be so proud of their accomplishment. A must for your summer list.

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Free Summer Bucket List Printable

You can print this kids’ free summer bucket list printable on regular 8.5 x 11 inches paper or you can print it on cardstock paper if you prefer thickness. Then I recommended you place it in a laminating pouch to check off adventures as you go, keep it protected and use it for summers to come just in case you don’t complete it in one summer.

I hope this list gives you many ideas and things to put on your bucket list this summer and the summers to come. Enjoy each day with your little ones and make it the best summer break ever.

Create family fun memories, bond together while checking off your kids’ bucket list, and keep kids entertained all summer long.

Have a blast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a summer bucket list for kids?

A summer bucket list for kids is a list of ideas for activities to enjoy during the summer break. You can try new adventures with your kids, make new foods, and play some new games that they have never tried.

What should kids be doing in the summer?

Kids should be outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather. They can learn a lot through play. Take a nature walk, spend hours at the pool, play with friends, and make new ones.  

Depending on the grade level you can also spend an hour or so reviewing math, science, writing, and/or spelling but make it fun.

What can I put on my summer bucket list?

There are so many things you can put on your bucket list. All the must-see and must-do items you’ve always wanted to do. Add the simple life pleasures too.

  • Take your dream trip.
  • Visit Disney.
  • Go camping.
  • Start a book club.
  • Go glamping.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Movie night in the backyard.

The list is endless.

What are cool things to collect for kids?

  1. Trains.
  2. Monster trucks.
  3. Hot wheels.
  4. Barbies.
  5. Stickers.
  6. Stuffed animals.
  7. Books.
  8. Destination bookmarks.
  9. If you’re a traveling family-money & coins from around the world.
  10. Hats.
  11. Coins.
  12. Watches.

What items remind you of summer?

Is heat an item? LOL.

  1. Swimming.
  2. Ice cream.
  3. Snow cones.
  4. Shorts.
  5. Good bbq.
  6. Grilling.
  7. Fireworks.
  8. Sprinklers.
  9. Water parks.

What do kids love about summer?

Per a 5-year-old, what kids love about summer is spending time with mommy and daddy, school is out, staying up late, and summer camp.

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