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Disney Cruise Packing List For Families

Father and son playing golf on a disney cruise.
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How does the saying go? Ahoy there, mateys! I’m guessing you’re here because you are planning to set sail on a magical adventure with Mickey and his crew, right? We’ve come to realize a Disney cruise is the perfect way to escape reality and indulge in some fun, good food, and meet new people. When traveling with kids it truly doesn’t get any better than a Disney cruise, I promise you, they will have a blast and so will you.

 But before you can catch a flight or load the car to get on the ship, you’ll need to pack your bags. And let’s be real, whether it’s your first time cruising or you’re a seasoned sailor, packing can be just as stressful as navigating a crowded theme park. 

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered with my ultimate Disney cruise packing list. So grab your sun hat and shades and get ready to make some memories that will last a lifetime!

This packing list for a Disney cruise will include must-haves for a Disney cruise, a few tips, and a Disney cruise toddler packing list.

And if you can’t stick around to read my ultimate Disney cruise packing list, then read my quick rundown of Disney cruise essentials.

Here ya go:

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need comfortable clothing for all the onboard activities, including swimwear, shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses. Don’t forget to pack something dressier for formal nights – think cocktail attire or even costumes for themed parties! 

You’ll also want to bring useful items like sunscreen (lots of it!), sunglasses, hats, and comfortable shoes for walking around the ship and exploring ports of call. A light jacket or sweater is always a good idea too – evenings on deck can get chilly. 

Now let’s talk about all the fun extras you might want to bring along. 

If you’re traveling with little ones, consider packing some of their favorite toys or books to keep them entertained throughout the trip. You can also make use of Disney’s convenient stroller rental service if needed. But just know this is on a first come first serve basis.

Don’t forget about all the fun character meet-and-greets too! Bring along autograph books or anything else you’d like signed by your favorite Disney peeps. 

For adults wanting to relax, don’t forget about spa essentials like bathrobes and slippers (you’ll have access to complimentary spa facilities onboard!). And if you’re planning on hitting up any of the ship’s bars or lounges in the evening, pack some stylish accessories like jewelry or a clutch purse. 

Bring some cash or a credit card for any onboard purchases, tipping, or excursions. You really won’t need your credit card onboard, your “key to the world” will be used instead.

Last, but not least, bring important documents such as passports (if traveling internationally) and travel insurance information just in case. 

With this packing list in hand, you’ll be well-prepared for an unforgettable voyage aboard a Disney cruise ship. 

Our next cruise is on the Fantasy- we’ll see you onboard!

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Disney Cruise Packing List

An important thing to keep in mind when thinking about things to bring on a Disney cruise is the length of your cruise and the time of year you are going and where you are sailing to. What you need for a Caribbean cruise might differ slightly from what you’ll need for an Alaskan cruise.

Let’s start with embarkation day.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a smooth embarkation day: 

You will choose an arrival time of your choice. Make sure you arrive on time for a smooth process. This will give you plenty of time to check in, go through security, and board the ship without feeling rushed. If you arrive before your scheduled time they will ask you to come back at your scheduled time.

Don’t hand over all your luggage to the luggage handler, make sure you have a carry-on bag with all necessary documents ready. What to pack in your Disney cruise carry-on? Required travel documents such as passports or visas and cruise documents for everyone in your party. Keep them easily accessible so that you can present them when needed. 

Pack carry-on essentials: Your stateroom should be ready once you arrive but your luggage may take some time to arrive, so pack a small carry-on bag with essential items such as swimwear, medications, valuables, and any other necessities you might need until your luggage arrives. 

While you’re waiting take advantage of onboard activities. Explore the ship or take part in family-friendly activities like character meet-and-greets or pool parties. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to tour the nursery and youth clubs if you plan on using them. Check the Disney cruise line navigator for times.

Attend the mandatory safety drill. You are required to attend an important safety drill before setting sail. Listen carefully to instructions provided by crew members during this drill and know where your designated muster station is located.

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1. Clothes: Pack comfortable clothes for the duration of your trip and dressier outfits for formal dinners. Formal night takes place on cruises for 7 days or longer. Consider packing at least one sweater depending on the time of year and destination. Don’t forget a few beautiful sundresses.

Remember, there is a dress code for adult-only restaurants like Palo and Remy. 

Don’t forget your pajamas.

2. Don’t forget swimwear and cover-ups if you plan on hitting up the pool or beach.

3. Sandals, mules, or closed shoes depending on the time of year. One to two pairs of sandals and a pair of sneakers that can be worn with multiple outfits.

4. Autograph book for character meet-and-greets. We did not bring along an autograph book. All the photos we took were enough for us. 

5. Pirate-themed costume pieces for Disney’s Pirates Night. If you forget any of this that’s ok. You can find items in the gift shop on the cruise for a fee.

6. Important travel documents to bring on board, such as passports, visas (if applicable), birth certificates for those who do not have a passport, and boarding passes.

7. Books/magazines/games: If you’re cruising to simply relax onboard bring along some books, magazines, and games to keep yourself entertained. 

8. Put together a first-aid kit. Add items like Tylenol, Benadryl, thermometer, and band-aids for children and the grown-ups.

9. Bring along cash for tipping. We brought lots of one-dollar bills for tipping. Grab some souvenirs or gifts for family and friends. The items in the gift shop are exclusive to Disney Cruise Line and you won’t find them anywhere else but on the ship. And of course, if you find something good at port destinations buy it.

10. Alcohol- If alcohol is your jam you can bring 2 bottles of wine/champagne or 6 beers in your carry-on. Pack it in your carry-on in order to bring it on the ship.

If you want to drink your own wine/champagne onboard in the ship’s restaurants there is a cork fee that is charged per bottle.

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Disney Cruise Accessories

 1. Sunscreen: Protect yourself from the sun while enjoying outdoor activities by bringing sunscreen.

2. Medications: If you take any prescription medications or over-the-counter medicines regularly, pack enough for the entire trip.

3. Toiletries: Bring along basic toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, etc., as well as any other personal items like makeup and items to style your hair. Curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers are all allowed.

There are Disney cruise toiletries you will find in your stateroom upon arrival for use at no additional charge.

4. Cheap shower shoes.

5. Fun accessories to add some extra Disney magic to your vacation, like Mickey Mouse ears or character-themed bags.

6. Packing a camera, go-pro or a smartphone is a must. You will make so many memories, try to capture as many as you can. If you have a waterproof go-pro or any waterproof equipment that can video record that’s even better.

7. Towel Clips- Pack a few towel clips for your beach chairs or to hang your swimsuits out to dry. You will find a drying line in the bathroom over the tub.

8. Travel Laundry Bags- Bring along a few travel laundry bags to keep dirty clothes separate. There is a self-service laundry on board if you want to use it. I don’t know about you but I prefer not to do laundry while on vacation.

9. Motion Sickness- If you think you or your kids will have issues with motion sickness don’t forget to pack motion sickness patches or bands.

10. Sunglasses & Hats

11. Electronics to consider bringing – Portable chargers and adapters. Earbuds or headphones for entertainment options onboard. 

12. Every person in your party will get their own “key to the world” card. For the bigger kids, they can tuck their card away in a waterproof lanyard so it won’t get lost.

14. Another fun option is to decorate your stateroom door. We saw some doors decorated but few during our Dream cruise but it’s certainly something you can do if you’re up to it. We did not.

Disney Cruise Toddler Packing List

If you’re planning a Disney cruise with your toddler, it’s essential to pack everything they might need during the trip. From clothing to snacks and entertainment, there are several things to bring on a Disney cruise with a toddler. 

1. Clothing: Pack enough clothes for your toddler to last throughout the trip. I like to recommend a minimum of 2 outfits per day and throw in 1-2 extra for accidents. Bring comfortable outfits for daytime activities, such as shorts, and T-shirts. Don’t forget to consider warmer clothes for cooler evenings and indoor activities like dinner or shows. 

Pack pajamas too.

2. Sun Protection: The sun can be intense on a cruise ship deck. Pack sunscreen along with hats or caps to shield their face from the sun. 

3. Rash Gaurds- Pack at least 4 rash guard swim sets if your cruise is at least five days. The kids like to play in the pools all day long so it may take some time to dry for the next day. Also, they play pretty hard at the beach to avoid having to put on a sandy swimsuit pack enough for each day.

4. Swim Shoes & Flip-Flops- Bring along swim shoes so they are not running around the ship barefoot and have the grip to help prevent slippery falls.

Or they can slide right into a pair of flip-flops and if they are big enough for showers, they can use those same flip-flops as shower shoes.

5. Diapers/Potty Training Supplies: If your toddler is still in diapers, bring enough for the entire trip plus extras in case of delays or accidents. If they are potty training, bring pull-ups or underwear along with a portable potty seat. Two pairs of underwear for each day is great and again add a few extras for the “just in case”.

In order for your child to get into the pools onboard, they have to be potty trained. Each ship has water play areas so you will still need swim diapers. I recommended reusable swim diapers.

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6. Medications/Vitamins: Don’t forget any prescription medications or vitamins that your child needs daily. 

7. Entertainment/Toys: Bring toys and games that will keep them entertained during downtime on the ship or while waiting in line at ports of call. Whether you are driving or flying, these will also come in handy.

8. Snacks/Water Bottles: Packing plenty of snacks is great for embarkation day and for ports of call. You want to make sure you have snacks on hand in between meals.

And don’t forget water bottles and sippy cups to stay hydrated. You can fill up the water bottles and sippy cups prior to leaving the ship and while at sea.

9. Stroller/Carrier: A stroller can be helpful when exploring the ship or taking shore excursions while a baby carrier may be better suited for crowded areas where maneuvering a stroller may not be possible. 

You will only need a compact stroller a regular stroller may be too much when navigating the ship. There are plenty of elevators throughout the ship to make cruise life a little easier for you.

Something else to keep in mind, there are strollers available for you to rent but it’s on a first come first basis.

10. Breast Pump/Milk/Bibs- If you need to bring along a portable breast pump or your regular one if that’s what you prefer. They are allowed and you can store your breastmilk in the fridge in your stateroom. Throw in a few bibs, a reusable bib might be best though. A reusable one will help save space because you’ll only need one. They’re easier to clean and don’t take time to dry.

As I mentioned below, bottle sterilizers and warmers are not allowed but a limited number of approved bottle warmers and sterilizers are available upon request.

11. Swim Gear/Floatation Devices: Bring along a pair of goggles if your little one is potty trained they can use them in the pools. You can also bring along their floaty if you like.  

If you want to save room in your luggage, the ship has life vests all over even on Castaway Cay you will find life vests if you need them.

12. Portable Fan- Portable fans are on the exception list for electronics and I highly recommend bringing one. They’re useful for the whole family but they are especially helpful to keep the kiddos cool.

13. Baby Monitors/White Noise Machines- Baby monitors and white noise machines are also allowed if you’re planning on bringing one. They have to be collected and go through inspection before use on the ship.

14. Wet Bags- Whether or not on vacation I don’t leave home without a wet/dry bag. Not only did we use it for wet clothes but toys that my son used at ports of call.

15. Wipes– Never leave home without them.

16. Pacifer

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Disney Cruise Prohibited items

To keep everyone safe, there are some things you should not bring on a Disney cruise. Most of them are obvious because they are illegal, can cause harm to someone else, or start a fire. Don’t be that person with items displayed on the prohibited table for everyone to see as they walk by. LOL. But seriously go over this list when completing your Disney cruise checklist to make sure you know what not to bring.

  1. Leave the weapons at home – Disney Cruises have a strict no-weapons policy to ensure everyone’s safety onboard. This also includes toys that are imitations of guns.
  2. Diving equipment.
  3. Any and all illegal substances cannot come aboard.
  4. As much as we love our furry friends, pets are not allowed on Disney cruises.
  5. BYOB? Yes, you can with restrictions. – alcohol brought from outside the ship is allowed if you’ve followed Disney’s guidelines for bringing it on board. See the policy here.
  6. Safety first! Inflatable floats, boogie boards, and other aquatic items aren’t allowed on the ship.
  7. Blenders, bottle warmers, diffusers, and bottle sterilizers are prohibited.
  8. Another item that might surprise you is irons and clothing steamers. These items pose a fire hazard and therefore cannot be brought on board. But don’t worry about wrinkled clothes because laundry services are available throughout the ship.

Packing Tips:

A few Disney cruise packing tips- Use packing cubes or compression bags especially if you are traveling with kids. Check weather forecasts before leaving home. Consider renting certain items from the cruise line instead of bringing them.  

If you forget anything there is a great chance, you will find it in the gift shop including items for Pirate Night.

Also, dining options are open on embarkation day. So if you board hungry or need a snack it is available to you.

Places to shop Dinsey apparel: ShopDisney, Etsy & GapKids.

Paint The World WIth You family on a disney cruise taking a photo with Stitch.

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Packing for a Disney cruise can be exciting and overwhelming. But I hope you find this list of what to pack on a Disney cruise helpful. You can pack knowing what you can bring on a Disney cruise and what’s prohibited aboard. 

I think I’ve covered you from head to toe (literally). Remember to pack your sunscreen, camera, and most importantly, your sense of adventure! 

With these items in tow, enjoy the adventure.

Disney Cruise Packing List FAQs

How much luggage can I take on a Disney cruise?

You can bring 2 luggage per person. You will receive luggage tags in the mail before departure.

Do I need to pack shampoo on a Disney cruise?

In your stateroom, you will find shampoo and other personal care items that you can use. But if you prefer to bring your own, you certainly can.

Does everyone get luggage tags on a Disney cruise?

Yes, each person in your stateroom will receive two luggage tags. You can find them in your sailing booklet that is mailed to you. The night before disembarkation your room hostess will place character luggage tags in your stateroom. When it is time to retrieve your luggage, you will look for your bags in that character area.  

So if you receive a Goofy tag head to the Goofy area for your bags, luggage handlers will be there to assist you.

Can you bring full-size toiletries on a Disney cruise?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the size of your toiletry items.

Does Disney Cruise have water refill stations?

You can find them around the ship primarily anywhere food is served. It’s a good idea to bring your own reusable bottle to have for excursions but if you forget it’s no big deal.

Does Disney Cruise have free ice cream?

A kid’s favorite place to be. Yes, you can find soft self-serve ice cream on the ship.

Is food free at Castaway Cay?

You’ve already paid for your meals with the cost of your cruise so there is no additional cost to enjoy the BBQ at Castaway Cay. There’s food, drinks, chips, and dessert at no additional cost.

Do Disney staterooms have refrigerators?

Yes, each stateroom has refrigerators.

Do you bring your own towels on a Disney cruise?

No, there’s no need to bring your own towels they are supplied. You can also grab towels to take out on excursions and Castaway Cay just be sure to bring them back.

Can you eat all day on a Disney cruise?

Oh my goodness, yes. Food is available around the clock. There shouldn’t be any reasons you’re walking around the ship hungry.

Can you get two entrees on a Disney cruise?

Yes, you can get two entrees on a Disney cruise with no problem.

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