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What To Pack In Your Pool Bag With Kids

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The best days of summer are the ones relaxing by the pool soaking up the sun, cannon balls with your kids, or getting your little one familiar with the water.

But whether you have 1 child or 5 knowing what to pack in your pool bag is a must.

What’s also a must is knowing pool safety

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How to pack for the pool?

  1. Towels
  2. Coverup
  3. Goggles
  4. Swim diaper
  5. Small first aid kit
  6. Snacks/lunch 
  7. Fan
  8. Float jacket/vest
  9. Wipes
  10. Water shoes
  11. Flip flops
  12. Pool toys
  13. Wet bag
  14. Swim trainer
  15. Water bottle
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Sunscreen

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What To Pack In Your Pool Bag

Melissa & Doug Lobster Claw Catcher-  The Lobster Claw Catcher is a fun thing to bring to the pool for the little ones, one of my son’s must-have pool bag essentials to take and a great way for them to work on holding their breath underwater.

Just know they’ll make a lot of friends at the pool with this one.  Other kids will want to try it over and over again to test themselves to see if they can hold their breath and grab the little fish.

It’s bright red so it’s extremely hard to miss.  The Claw comes with 3 fishy sinkers to go after.

Snacks-  When thinking about what to bring to the pool make sure snacks are high on the list. Like really.  I’ve made this mistake before.  Telling my child we were only staying at the pool for a short period of time.

And there we were hours later still there.  Now one parent needs to run off and get snacks.

And if you need to, pack lunches along with snacks.

A few snack container options we bring along on pool days:

Stackables come with 3 containers in a few different sizes. Each container comes with a lid and there is also a handle to carry. You can take all 3 containers or just 1 if you like. The carrying handle will fit all 3 containers.

Stashers is a silicone pouch with a tight seal that will hold sandwiches and snacks, and they have a few other larger sizes.

Snack Spinner–  The GoBe snack spinner is my go-to even though I sometimes bring all three options if I know we’ll more than likely stay at the pool the whole day.

Why is the snack spinner so great?  Because it’s perfect for their little hands, allows for a variety of food options and it’s interactive.  When they push the center button it will spin to their snack of choice.

  • Comes in 3 colors
  • BPA-free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 5 snack compartments

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Bogg Bag- If you are looking for a family pool bag consider the Bogg bag for its multi-use function.  You can use it as a pool bag for all your pool day essentials or even a beach bag.

Later turn it into a grocery bag or even fill it with goodies for your next road trip.

We know how messy things can get with our kids this bag is completely washable and it won’t tip over once packed to the gills.

  • Comes in lots of fun colors.
  • Two clear insert bags are included.

Wet Bag- One of those things to take to the swimming pool that will always come in handy no matter how old your children are is a wet bag.

Swim CoverUp-  A hooded beach towel coverup or a terry cloth zip coverup.

Towels  Probably the most obvious of them all.

Flip-Flops-  A pair of inexpensive flip-flops to leave the house and pool in.  Or for the little girls, a pair of Birkenstock dupes to slide into.

Water Shoes- If I’m being honest I do not like my son walking around the pool area barefoot.  This includes the splash pad areas too. I truly cannot stand it. LOL.  I can’t be alone in this, right?

Sometimes he swims in his water shoes and other times he does not. But he puts them back on when he’s headed to the splash pad and/or the bathroom.

Unisex Goggles-  Make it all a little bit easier for them and purchase a good pair of goggles and try not to leave home without them.

We’ve tried a few pairs and these unisex Speedos are by far my son’s favorite.  

I have a habit of testing out some of the things we buy him and I have to say they have been my favorite as well.

Swim Trainer- We actually learned about the swim trainer during my son’s swim lessons at our community pool.  We used it often while practicing and it helped him a great deal.

You can’t use both, the trainer and a float jacket so while practicing with your kids they can use this one.

Wipes  May we never leave home without them!  An absolute if you’re trying to figure out what to pack in a baby’s swim bag.

Pack them to clean up snack and lunch faces too.

Swim Diapers- It’s truly embarrassing when it’s your kid that had an accident in the pool and everyone has to get out for awhile while the pool is sanitized.

You feel bad enough that the accident even happened let alone everyone on the sidelines complaining about it.

Bring swim diapers and check them often.  Take the littles that are not in diapers to the restroom often too.

If your pool has periods for an adult-only swim that’s the perfect time to change diapers and get to the restroom.  One of the most important swim essentials for a baby’s swimming bag.

Fan–  The summer days can be brutal.  Pack a fan to keep everyone cool.

Water Bottle- Keep everyone hydrated.  Bring along a water bottle for everyone.

Pregnant or not you can check out the Best Water Bottles For Pregnancy for the grownups.

Float Jacket-  For the little ones who can’t swim just yet and are still learning you’ll need a float jacket or vest whichever you prefer when thinking about what to pack in your pool bag.

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Here are my tips: 

If you forget everything else take your kid to the pool in their swim clothes.

If you don’t already have a bag for the pool and you really don’t want to purchase one use a reusable grocery bag.  I’ve done this many times for the unplanned pool days and packed all the stuff for swimming I needed.

They work just as good.

Bring along a small DIY first-aid kit.  Add band-aids, Neosporin, Benadryl/Benadryl cream, and prescribed medications you’ll need while out.

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So, there you have it – all the essentials for a fun-filled day at the pool with your little kids. By packing snacks, sunscreen, toys, and extra clothes in your pool bag, you can ensure that your kids stay happy while enjoying some splashing fun in the sun. Don’t forget to also bring along some water bottles and towels to keep everyone hydrated and dry. Have a blast making memories with your kiddos this summer!

I hope you find this post on what to pack in your pool bag helpful.  These are all swimming pool essentials to get you through the day.

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