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Fun Outdoor & Indoor Summer Activities For Kids

Little boy in the pool.
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Summertime – the season of sun-soaked days and endless adventures. While kids may be tempted to spend their days glued to screens, there are plenty of outdoor activities that will grab their attention and keep them entertained for hours on end. From water balloon fights, picnics, and splashing around the pool to scavenger hunts, this list of fun outdoor summer activities for kids is sure to keep them from complaining of boredom and create memories that will last all summer long. So grab your sunscreen and water bottles, because I’m sharing a list of activities that will help keep your little ones active and outdoors this summer.

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Summer Activities For Kids

Here’s my list of cheap fun activities for kids in the summer. Most of the items needed can be found at the Dollar Store and some ideas are free.

1. Water balloon fight: A water activity that will never get old. A good old-fashioned water balloon battle. Head to your local Dollar Store and grab a bunch of colorful balloons, fill them up with water, and let the splashing begin. Just set some ground rules so things don’t get too out of hand.

2. DIY obstacle course: Turn your backyard into an epic obstacle course with items like hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, pool noodles, and whatever else you can find lying around. Challenge your kids to race through the course as fast as they can – bonus points for creative twists and turns!

3. Trash bag water slip n slide: We all have a large kitchen trash bag around the house. Take it outside, lay it in the grass, and turn on the water hose. Let the kids run, slide, and have a blast. This is a great summertime activity for kids of all ages.

4. Create some frozen eggs: More colorful balloons to grab from the Dollar Store. While you’re at the Dollar store, grab a variety of small toys. Add them into the balloons, fill each balloon with water, tie them, and let them freeze overnight.

Gently cut the balloons open peel them outside and let the kids hatch each frozen egg. Let them slowly melt for an amazing sensory activity for the little kids and use “kid-friendly tools” to hatch them with the older kids.

5. Nature scavenger hunt: Send your kiddos on a mission to explore the great outdoors with a nature scavenger hunt. Give them a list of items to find (think pinecones, butterflies, or even a four-leaf clover) and watch as they excitedly search high and low. This summer outdoor activity for kids is fun and will keep them active.

6. Homemade ice cream party: Cool off on a hot day by making some yummy frozen treats – extra sprinkles are always a good idea.

7. Bike parade down the block: Deck out those wheels with streamers, balloons, and anything else that screams ‘summer fun’. Perfect for the last day of school too.

8.  1000 Books before Kindergarten: Get started with your kids by reading a 1000 books before kindergarten. Repeating their favorite book counts too.

9. Mini golf tournament: Set up an impromptu mini golf course in your backyard using household objects as obstacles for some friendly competition.   A good at-home summer activity.

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10. Picnic in the park: Pack some sandwiches, fruit, and snacks for a relaxing picnic at your local park with games like frisbee or kickball.

11. Bike ride adventure: Go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood or nearby trails for exercise and fresh air.

12. Attend a kid’s workshop- To add to the list of free kid’s summer ideas sign up for Lowe’s free kid’s workshop. This is an indoor activity.

13. Outdoor movie night: Set up an outdoor movie screening in your backyard with blankets and snacks for a fun evening under the stars.

14. Pool days: Pack a lunch or Uber from your favorite restaurant and spend the day having a blast at the pool.

15. Let’s play tag: One classic summer activity that never gets old is a good old-fashioned game of tag. My kid’s favorite game. Whether it’s freeze tag, flashlight tag, or plain old regular tag, chasing after friends in the warm sunshine is a surefire way to work up a sweat and get a good night’s sleep. 

16. DIY bird feeders: Help kids make simple bird feeders out of recycled materials like milk cartons or pinecones, then hang them outside and watch the birds come flocking.

17. Roger the Rock Snake: Start building Roger the Rock Snake(or give it a new name) on your neighborhood trail. Collect smooth rocks from your backyard or a nearby park and paint them with vibrant colors and fun designs. 

18. Nature collages: Encourage kids to collect various natural materials like flowers, twigs, and seeds to create intricate collages on cardboard or canvas boards.

19. Museum bingo: Create a bingo card with different objects or themes found throughout the museum for kids to mark off as they explore.

20. Science experiments: Head to your nearby science museum and watch a science demonstration related to topics such as archaeology, astronomy, or natural history.

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Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, learn, and have fun. With so many activities to choose from, there is something for every child to get into. Whether it’s splashing in the pool, going on nature hikes, or trying out a new sport, summer is a time for making memories that will last forever. So don’t waste a minute of this sunny season – get out there and make the most of all the amazing opportunities summer has to offer!

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