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Creative Summer Preschool Worksheets

A photo of a play dough mat worksheet with 2 tubs of play dough.

Whether you send your child to preschool or wait for kindergarten, it’s never too early to start working with some fun and creative summer preschool worksheets to help them get ready for their newest journey of making new friends and learning an abundance of cool things. You can also turn these printables into a preschool-to-kindergarten summer packet pdf for those sweet babies that are moving from preschool to kindergarten.

You might think seriously. They are four and five years old. I know and I hear ya. But summer worksheets for kids are supposed to be fun and kept light for your kids to enjoy. We don’t give up on playtime. Let them get outside and savor those hot summer days and nights because they can learn a lot through play.

Some other important reasons for summer learning for preschoolers and kindergarteners are summer learning keeps them engaged and they can go at their own pace. Your kids can work on their preschool summer packet at their own pace and decide what they want to work on from day to day.

Summer printables for preschoolers can help keep the routine going, build confidence, and help them with independence.

I’m sharing some worksheets for both preschoolers and kindergarteners they will all enjoy not just for summer but during any school break and road trips too.

If you’ve been around for a bit then you know our son goes to an accredited Montessori School, there’s no homework or test which I love. So I’m preparing for school break with these same summer activity printables.

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They include play dough, the ocean (think beach worksheets for preschool), counting for kindergarten worksheets, reading, and a busy book that involves learning the days of the week and weather.

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 Let’s get into it.

Preschool Summer Worksheets

Reading Journal For Kids- First Up is a reading journal template for kids. This reading journal consists of six colorful star pages including the cover page.

What you will find:

  1. Book list-keep track of the authors, book title and start and end date.
  2. Book review- rate your book with star ratings or tell everyone how the story was using emojis. Describe the book by drawing pictures or writing about it.
  3. Draw your favorite characters and your favorite place in the book.
  4. Your child can create their own ending to the book and tell you about their least favorite part.
  5. Share the best parts of the book and add a few notes.

With your reading journals, you can start a book club and/or start your own read 100 books before kindergarten. Remember, you can print these as many times as you need them.

Reading journal for kids printable cover page with orange owl on the front.

Solar System Learning Pack- In my opinion, STEM learning can and should start at an early age. This solar system learning pack makes the perfect interactive kindergarten summer worksheets. Create a busy book or binder so you can take it from place to place.

Like many of the printables listed, I recommended laminating this one and using velcro dots.

What you’ll find:

  1. What you’ll find after the cover page is “match the planets”. You’ll cut out your planet designs and use the velcro dots to put them in their proper place.
  2. Another matching game only this time their knowledge get tested a bit more. Your kids will place the name and the planets in the right place.
  3. A coloring page. Here your kiddo can color the planets and write out each name with your help.
  4. Planet cards. Eight planet cards with a picture and description of each.
  5. Another matching game to test their knowledge. Draw a line to the name of the planet.

Within this pdf packet, you will also receive an answer key for you to check your kid’s work or from them to check their own work.

Solar system learning pack.

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Summer Play Doug Mats- The cutest summer preschool worksheets you ever did see. Truly, they are so darn cute and if your little one loves play dough, this makes these an even better choice.

Can you make a beach, watermelon, or even a cup of lemonade? I bet they can with these summer activity sheets for kids. All you need is play dough which you might already have somewhere around the house and your worksheets.

Be sure to laminate. You can cut each square to separate the designs if you like or keep them on one page.

What you’ll find:

  1. Seven pages total including the cover page.
  2. Six pages will have four designs on each to create their design with play dough.
  3. Under each design, your preschooler or kindergarten will practice letter recognition and trace the letters of the words of each design.  
Summer play dough mat cover page and a page with four mat designs.

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Busy Book- This busy book comes in three different designs: cupcakes, trucks, and dinosaurs. This kindergarten and preschool worksheet packet pdf is one of my favorites. Why? Because this pack helps children learn to tell time, the days of the week, and the weather.

What you’ll find:

  1. One cute cover page.
  2. “My name is” page.
  3. What day is it today? Here your little one will place the day of the week, month, day, and year.
  4. How is the weather today?
  5. A calendar.
  6. Build a rainbow.
  7. What time is it? A clock for them to place the hands in the right place based on the time of day.
  8. A cut-out page to put all your items together. 
  9. Rainbow cut-out page.
  10. Days of the month, years up to 2025, and words to describe the weather.

You’ll need to have these pages laminated, scissors, and velcro dots

Printable busy book for kids with trucks on the cover.

Count and Clip Cards- Memorial Day counting for kindergarten worksheets. These festive count and clip cards will help your kids count and identify numbers up to twenty.

What you’ll find:

  1. Six pages including the cover page.
  2. Four number cards on each page.
  3. Patriotic shapes and items such as combat boots and ribbons to count.

You can keep the cards on one page or cut them to make individual cards. I also recommended laminating the cards.

Memorial Day count and clip cards 1-20.

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Ocean Animal Pack- This one is for all the little ones that love the ocean and everything in it. These summer worksheets include it all, beach worksheets for preschool, summer tracing worksheets, and counting.

What you’ll find:

  1. A beautiful under-the-sea cover page.
  2. Four-piece puzzle cards. They will have fun with this summer theme by putting together a sea turtle, crab, starfish, and a few others.
  3. Letter recognition and tracing the words of each ocean animal.
  4. Ocean animal counting cards with the number and the word of the number. For example, 7 and seven. Counting cards go up to twelve.
  5. Trace. This page helps your kiddo work on pre-writing skills.

So fun, right?

Ocean animal learning printable pack showing 6 out of 10 pages.

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Benefits Of Summer Preschool Worksheets

There are so many wonderful benefits of preschool summer printables/worksheets such as improving fine motor skills, strengthening their cognitive abilities, and working on communication and language skills.

They also help prepare them for kindergarten by practicing the basics like shapes, colors, and numbers and helping them develop reading and writing skills by tracing letters and letter recognition.

How to make the most out of your worksheets:

Have fun with your worksheets and involve your kids in choosing what activities they want to do for the day. If you would like and feel it will work for your child, create a reward system to keep them excited about doing their worksheets.

You will laminate the worksheets so you can use them indoors or outdoors. Take them to restaurants, on planes, to grandma’s house, or bring them along on road trips. If you homeschool, these will make a great addition to your learning material.

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Summer preschool worksheets are a great way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged during the long, hot months. Whether they’re learning about shapes, colors, or counting, these worksheets are sure to have them laughing and learning all at once. So why not give them a shot? 

Incorporating educational activities into their routine can help prevent learning loss and promote academic growth and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two yourself! 


Important details:

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