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8 Best Montessori Books For Toddlers

Montesori books for toddlers
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You may remember from Montessori-inspired gift ideas for toddlers we were applying to the only accredited Montessori school in our area.

Here’s an update. He got in!

If I know nothing else I know that the best Montessori books for toddlers are the ones based on reality, about nature and discovery, inclusion, and diversity.

Save the fairytales for later.

But don’t think it limits your options because there are so many Montessori-friendly book options.

There are books about the weather, beaches, family, cooking and so much more.

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Montessori Books For Toddlers

Fry Bread by Kevin N. Maillard– The book Fry Bread is a Native American Family story. It’s one of my favorite books to read to my son.

Grandparents share family traditions and stories about their lives. At the end of the book, there are many tribes listed and a recipe for fry bread.

Recommend for ages 2-6 years old.

So Much by Trish Cooke– A book about family love and gathering. So Much, is one that can quickly remind you of your own family gatherings full of good food and laughter.

Family members come over one by one and each has a different way of showing their love for the littlest member of the family.

While they all wait to surprise dad for his birthday.

Recommend for ages 1-5 years old.

This is my son’s all-time favorite book!

My Body by Rebecca Jones- If you’re looking for an interactive board book My Body is one of the best Montessori books for toddlers.

Their little fingers can push, pull and slide the tabs to see the digestion of an apple and learn the connection between the heart, activity, and the brain when you’re thinking.

A Montessori-friendly book recommended for ages 1-4 years old.

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My Heart Fills With Happiness by Monique G. Smith- My Heart Fills With Happiness is one of the sweetest children’s books about the simple things in life that makes us happy like dancing.

This book is also available written in both English and Plains Cree.

It’s easy to read with beautiful illustrations. Recommended for babies to 2-year-olds.

You Matter by Christian Robinson- You Matter is a simple and great read to show children self-love. No matter how small, big, near, far, or how different you may look “you matter”.

Recommended for ages 2-6 years old.

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Breathing Makes It Better by Dr. Christopher Willard- Help your child navigate their big emotions like anger, anxiety, or sadness using breathing.

Breathing Makes It Better helps children breathe through their emotions.

Recommended for ages 3-6 years old.

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All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold- All Are Welcome was a gift given to my son by his school and we read it in heavy rotation in our house. 

Learning about other cultures is a huge piece of the Montessori puzzle. As well as accepting people as they are and welcoming them in like family. You’ll find Montessori is rich in culture and diversity and it’s a beautiful thing.

This book is a great option to help teach acceptance. One of the best Montessori children’s books.

Recommended for ages 2-6 years old.

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?: A Guide To Daily Happiness For Kids by Carol McCloud- “Be a bucket filler. Be kind.” Have You Filled A Bucket Today? Teaches kids about kindness and shows how easy it is to spread love instead of being mean.

Recommended for ages 3-6 years old.

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Best Montessori Books For Parents

The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies- An awesome way to introduce Montessori at home for toddlers is starting with The Montessori Toddler or even The Montessori Baby.

If you are looking for books on Montessori for a one-year-old and up this is it!

This will guide you in setting up your home, adjusting your mindset, and viewing things through your child’s eyes.  

And if you plan on sending your child to a Montessori school, this will give you an idea/understanding of the Montessori classroom setup and why it’s structured the way it is.

Both are excellent books on Montessori.

Positive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelson- No matter how you slice it parenting can sometimes be extremely challenging. My son’s lead Montessori teacher highly recommended Positive Discipline.

This book helps guide you through the struggles of talking back, attention-seeking behavior, chores, school issues, and loads more. 

I hope you enjoy this post on the best Montessori books for toddlers. We personally own these books and love them all and I’m sure you will too.  

Some we already had as part of our son’s collection and a few we discovered from class.

There’s truly no comparison to a Montessori education these Montessori-inspired books deserve a permanent place in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a book Montessori-friendly?

Montessori-friendly books are books that are based in reality. 

What Montessori things can I do with my 1-year-old?

There are so many Montessori-inspired activities you can do with a 1-year-old. Provide them with a blank canvas and let them go wild with age-appropriate paint. Take walks and enjoy nature.

Go to the playground and work on colors and the names of objects. A children’s kitchen set or a play sink that has running water to work on practical life skills.

There are also some balance bikes for one-year-olds. Dolls and small wooden cars are also great for open-ended play.

What does Montessori means?

Montessori is a child-focused education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori education focuses on the whole child-emotional, social, physical, and cognitive.

It’s different than a traditional school structure. Montessori learning is student-led but guided by the teacher.

When can you start Montessori at home?

You can start Montessori at home from the very beginning.

How do you speak Montessori style?

Speaking Montessori style includes respecting your kids in the same way you expect it from them. Encouraging independence and teaching grace and courtesy are all a start. 

What is a Montessori Mom?

I’m not exactly sure where this term came from or who coined the phrase “Montessori mom” but I am a mother and my son goes to a Montessori school so maybe that makes me a Montessori mom.

I believe in Dr. Maria Montesori’s philosophy and we follow it the best way we can.

What age does Montessori end?

Lots of Montessori schools start between 12 and 18 months and between 12 and 14 years old.  There are just a few schools that go until high school.

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