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Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

Red stocking for toddler ideas
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One of our favorite things we started doing as new parents were coming up with Christmas stocking fillers. We waited until the toddler years so our son would have a better understanding of what was going on.

We would start brainstorming ideas at the end of summer, seriously! No mad dash to the stores on the hunt in the dollar section.  

The older he got, it became the highlight of opening gifts. We open our gifts first and then head over to our stockings.

I so enjoy coming up with stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers!  

Your stocking fillers don’t have to be and shouldn’t be junk. Good stocking stuffers for toddlers and kids, in general, should be meaningful. Items they can use for months to come.

Enjoy these Christmas stocking ideas for toddlers to get you ready for the holidays.

Wooden Cars– The cutest wooden Montessori-inspired cars you ever did see! Seven rainbow-colored cars would be the perfect stocking stuffer idea for a 2-year-old for open-ended play.   

This set also comes with three peg dolls.


  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Dark green
  • Blue
  • Orange

Multicultural Nesting Peg Dolls- Peg dolls are good stocking stuffers for toddler girls. They can spend hours enjoying open-ended play with a diversified set of dolls.

There are six peg dolls, six nesting pots, and a drawstring storage bag so she can carry them everywhere.

Mini Cutter- A loved toddler stocking stuffer in our house is this mini wooden cutter by Piccalio. My son got this in his stocking when he was 3 years old. It turned out to be one of his favorite Christmas gifts.

At three they’ve gained so much independence and want to do almost everything on their own. Let your little one cut their own snacks like strawberries and sandwiches they’ll be so proud of themselves.

And if they enjoy helping with meals, let them do that too. 

Preschool Watch- A unique stocking stuffer for preschoolers is the preschool watch. This has completely changed the game for us! Very few tantrums nowadays when it’s time to leave the park or a museum.  

I simply say, “son when the big hand gets to the rabbit and the little hand on the yellow it’s time to go.”

This watch is a fantastic way to teach your toddler the concept of time, continued practice of colors, and the fun of animals.

You can see ours in my LTK shop.

Name Crayons- Let them be the coolest kid at school with personalized name crayons. It’s one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for any toddler.

Personalize the crayons with their nickname or full name. Each letter is rainbow colors and handmade, so they will vary in color.

Another fun option for a toddler’s stocking is the donut crayons. Because who doesn’t love a good donut?!

Toothbrush- The perfect stocking stuffer for a 3-year-old that just can’t be bothered brushing their teeth. A battery-powered toothbrush!

Organic Wooden Camera- If you have a little photographer in the making this organic wooden camera should do the trick for all ages. Have it personalized with your child’s name on it.

Dimensions: 4.3 inches x 3.1 inches x 1.6 inches.

Bixbee Booties- Some of the best stocking stuffers for a 1-year-old or even babies are the ones that are most useful. My best friend bought a pair of these for my son to put in his stocking.  

While our winters are not terrible, it can get pretty cold here and these little UGG booties were just what we needed.

They are warm and cozy with an adjustable strap.

Comes in 4 colors:

  • Chestnut
  • Vanilla
  • Bubble Gum Pink
  • Charcoal

So Pure Teether- A smaller Sophie La Giraffe with two handles for babies’ little hands to hold on to. Sophie is almost always my go-to gift for baby showers, a baby gift for new moms in the hospital, or a just because gift.

Its dimensions are 4 inches by 4.5 inches and easy to wipe down for cleaning.

Jungle Tails Cloth Book- Excite the senses with this fun cloth book. Soft jungle animals, a colorful book, can work on motor skills by turning the pages and practicing animal identification.

Sunglasses- Sunglasses for the trendy kid. These come in three colors red, blue, and grey with full coverage UV protection and a strap to keep them in place.

Tiny Spoons- EZPZ’s set of two Tiny Spoons would make a functional stocking stuffer idea for babies. These beauties are designed to help your baby self-feed once they head into solids.

There’s a row of “bumps” on each spoon to help decrease gagging, and choking and stabilize the spoon.

  • For babies four months and up.
  • Nonslip grip.
  • Silicone.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Onesie- A sweet onesie for the littlest babe that says LOVED.

Banana- A cheap stocking filler for kids that will quickly turn into one of their favorites is the Baby Banana Toothbrush. You’ll have many many teethers and your baby will find the one they love the most. This one lasted a long time in our house.

Get started on the concept of brushing their teeth early.

Milk & Cookies Socks- Right on time for the holidays! A mismatched pair of milk and cookies socks. One sock with cookies and the other with milk.

Create Your Own Photo Flashlight- Let’s make memories! One of the best entertaining stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers is this photo flashlight.  

Your toddler can project images on any surface which is wonderful for the little ones that are learning to sleep in their rooms on their own. They do it by using the interchangeable reels that come with it.

Dinosaurs, space, and safari pictures are included but they can also create their own custom pictures to project.

Positive Affirmation Colored Pencils- Make art with your toddler and start the day with positive affirmations. Twelve colored pencils and each has its own affirmation written on it.

A few examples:

  • “I matter”
  • “I Am Important”
  • “I Am Loved”

Natural Play Dough- Play dough is always a good idea and natural play dough is even better which makes it a fantastic Christmas stocking idea for toddlers.

A preschool teacher who wanted to bring the endless fun of play dough into homes created the Dough Project. Made with ingredients like cream of tarter, organic wheat flour, sea salt, and vegetable oil parents won’t feel like they need to call poison control because their kid ate play dough.

The dough remains fresh for 4-6 months.

Baby Doll- A sweet baby doll always makes a good friend.

Water Bottle- Another useful stocking filler for both boy and girl toddlers is a water bottle. Use it to take to preschool or even daycare.

This one has a straw, is leakproof, and dishwasher safe.

Comes in a variety of patterns.

Washable Markers- A blank canvas and markers, washable of course will always make a great gift. To keep them busy using their imagination.

Sock & Wrist Rattle- Sock & wrist rattles are small stocking stuffers for babies that will keep them happy. They’re colorful, soft with velcro for the wrist, and make noise.

My son had these, and I primarily used the socks. His little feet would stay up in the air trying to get ahold of the animal on the socks.

Fruit Wrap- You can never go wrong with a little sweet treat as a stocking stuffer for children. My son loves these Trader Joe’s fruit wraps. Remember, fruit roll-ups from the good ole days?

Organic and low in calories.

I’ve put together a nice list of stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and I hope you find it helpful and have lots of fun with it.  

If you’re thinking why do you need stocking stuffers? You don’t. It’s not a must. If it’s something you’re just not into that’s ok gifts under the tree will do.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers FAQs

What do you put in a toddler’s stocking? 

There are so many options for a toddler’s stocking. Think of some of their favorite things and items that are useful.

Some ideas:

-Wooden cars or hot wheels.


-Mini cutter.

-Preschool watch

-Name crayons

-Electric toothbrush


-Washable markers

-Wooden Camera

-Natural play-dough


Do you wrap gifts in a stocking?

Typically, you don’t wrap the gifts you are putting in your stocking. But there’s no hard and fast rule so if you want to go for it.

How much should you spend on stocking stuffers?

Stocking stuffers are usually small gifts and are less expensive. The total amount you spend on fillers can be anywhere from $25-$50 or even less.

Determine your budget. Depending on how many stockings you need to fill this can add up rather quickly.

What do you put in a baby’s stocking?




-Sock & wrist rattles


-Banana toothbrush

-Cloth book.

What is the 4 gift rule?

The 4 gift rule is probably one of the best ways to teach children how to appreciate the gifts they get during the holidays. It is also a great way to cut back on buying things that they won’t ever go back to once open.

The 4 gift rule:

-Purchase something they want.

-Gift them an item they need.

-A gift that they can wear.

-Last, something to read.

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