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Travel Stocking Stuffer Ideas They’ll Love

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It’s been a long two years around the globe, and as things start to settle down and folks are on the move again, whether, by air or car, it’s time to get back at it and enjoy life.

In this post, I’m sharing some of the most helpful travel stocking stuffer ideas the travel lovers in your life won’t stop thanking you for!  You can use these ideas for stocking fillers as well as birthday gifts.

Whether they’re beach lovers, hikers, or you’re looking for a unique gift there’s something for everyone.

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Suitcase Cover-  We all know how our luggage gets thrown around and scuffed up at the airport requiring us to buy luggage more frequently because of the damage it goes through.

A suitcase cover is a good option to help prevent scratches and other damage.


  • 20 inches.
  • 24 inches.
  • 28 inches.
  • 30 inches.

Passport Holder-  Can you really look for travel stocking stuffers without considering a passport holder?  Out of all the travel-themed gift ideas listed this one just might get used the most.

It functions as both a passport holder and a vaccination card holder with lots of colors to choose from.  Considering most places you travel to including some cruises require proof of vaccination it’s good to have a safe place to put it so it won’t get lost.

Luggage Tag-  A beautiful luggage tag made of vegan leather.  You can have one of the three colors personalized with a foil-stamped monogram for your favorite traveler.

Tech Organizer-  Whether you’re taking a local trip or an international one a fantastic and extremely useful stocking stuffer for travelers is tech organizers.

I don’t know about you or your traveler friend but once upon a time, I was notorious for throwing my chargers and any other cord into a bag and walking out the door.  And of course, everything was always tangled together.

The Arlo Tech Organizer doubles as a toiletry bag as well.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Use it for portable chargers, cords, and plugs.
  • Airmesh pocket on the back for extra storage.
  • Comes in sizes small and large.
  • Also comes in five different colors.

Hand Sanitizer–  Because nowadays we don’t leave home without it.

Sleeping Mask-  Memory foam sleep mask to get good sleep on a plane or their next road trip.  The contoured cup helps prevent the mask from applying pressure on your eyes.

Portable Charger-  Another good option for a travel theme stocking stuffer is a portable charger.  No need to carry around multiple cords for your devices for them to get tangled and/or lost.

  • Portable charger for iPhone.
  • Wall plug.
  • Lighting cable to charge your phone and a USB cable.

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Apple AirTag and Loop-  With the current air travel nightmare continuously happening in airports around the U.S. amazing stocking stuffer ideas are Apple AirTags and Loops to keep them in place.

AirTags started out as extremely useful in helping you find your keys or lost pet.  

But now if you can’t carry only a carry-on and need to send luggage through it’s wise to drop an AirTag just in case your things get lost.

Keep track of your belongings using the “Find My” app.

It also comes in a pack of 4.

First Aid Kit-  No traveler should leave home without a First Aid Kit especially if you are traveling with kids. A travel-size stocking stuffer filled with everything you need is this 110-piece mini first aid kit.

Leave it in your car for road trips, and pack it in your luggage or in your backpack on hikes.

  • Water-resistant.
  • Compact and weighs 0.35 pounds.
  • A few items included: safety pins,  disposable gloves, saline solution, and an emergency blanket.

Pocket Blanket–  Perfect for a spontaneous picnic or rest after a long day outdoors.

Measurements: 63 inches by 43 inches.

Adventures Essentials Survival Kit-  Your survival kit while out in the wild!  One of the best stocking stuffers for travelers who enjoy camping and hiking.  A small but mighty survival kit.

All of the supplies are stashed inside a military-grade LED flashlight in small containers.

What’s Included:

  • Mini medical kit.
  • Rope.
  • Razor blade.
  • One-liter water bag.
  • Beeswax candle.
  • Wire saw.
  • Fishing tackle.
  • Fire starter kit.
  • Bamboo cloth.

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Pocketalk Language Translator-  Useful travel stocking stuffer ideas that will always make a good gift are something that makes it easy to communicate when traveling to different countries.

While it’s true you can almost always find someone who speaks English if you’re an English-speaking tourist.  But having a language translator is gold when traveling.

  • Translate 82 languages in over 130 countries.
  • Small and compact.

Toothbrush Carrier & Case- A travel case for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sunglasses Organizer-  Loop closure sunglasses organizer for those fun beach trips. Fits three sunglasses to prevent scratches and keep your shades protected.  It’s small and compact to take up very little room.

Velvet Personalized Jewelry Box-  A beautiful travel gift to add to a stocking is a soft velvety personalized jewelry box.  Have it personalized with their name on it or initials.

The best size to keep their jewels organized while traveling.

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Hat Holder-  Wanna look fancy as you’re walking through the airport?  The absolute worst is putting one of your good expensive hats in your suitcase for it to get crushed.

The Top Tote has a magnetic closure to keep your hat in place while it’s attached to your handbag while on the go.

Toiletry Bag-  Store your toiletry items in a water-resistant durable bag that can hold plenty.

  • Comes in small and large.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Removable mesh pouch.

State Postcard Puzzle-  If the traveler in your life has a goal to see all 50 states give them the gift of a Vintage State Postcard puzzle.  It could be the last state visited or the one they are headed to.

  • The artwork of each puzzle has each state’s most historic sights within the puzzle.
  • 144 pieces to put together.

National Parks Notebook-  National Park notebooks are awesome stocking stuffer ideas for travelers who love nature.  

The notebooks come as a set of 3.  A few options to pick from are Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier, Joshua Tree or Glacier, Hawaii Volcanoes, and Everglades.

Journal your way through National Parks.

Airpods- What’s a good airplane Christmas stocking gift? Airpods!  Roadtrips, gate-to-gate listening to audiobooks, music, or watching movies whatever you prefer.

  • Wireless AirPods.
  • Sweat and water resistant.
  • Charging case included.
  • Noise-canceling.

Apple Airpods are so good I tried to take my husband’s but of course, he wasn’t having it.  LOL.

iPhone Charger- You can never go wrong with an extra long charging cord.

In Flight Phone Mount-  A universal phone mount to use in flight or even use to entertain your littles while picking up groceries.

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LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle-  For the traveler that enjoys traveling to the middle of nowhere the LifeStraw water filter bottle may come in handy.  If you need to fill up from a river the advanced water filtration removes microplastic, reduces chlorine, removes parasites, and more.

  • BPA Free
  • Can hold up to 22 ounces.

Cash Money-  Cash always rules!  Give them cash money they can use on their travels.  Let’s be honest traveling isn’t cheap but it can certainly be done on a budget. 

Stuff a little cash in their stocking to help pay for local transportation, meals, tipping, or money to bring back souvenirs.  You could also add airline and hotel gift cards.

State Cheese Board-  A unique travel stocking filler is this state cheese board for hosting or get-togethers.  Pick from all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, or a cheese board of the USA.

A Travel Book-   “She Explores”  is a travel book about forty women taking you through their travel journeys by sharing their stories, and experiences in nature and photography.

Portable Door Lock-  A portable door lock that may give you some peace of mind if you’re traveling solo or with little ones.

  • The Addalock will work on most doors but test it out first.
  • Insert the claws into the strike plate.
  • Once you close the door the Addalock will be held in place.
  • You’re all done!

Infinity Scarf-  Wear a scarf on travel days when you want to keep your hands free.  Hidden zip packets are built-in to keep your passport, cash, and credit cards secure.

Wear it as a scarf, wrap, or blanket.  The Infinity scarf comes in five colors.

The world is open again thank goodness, right?  Celebrate and let’s get back to living life while enjoying our family and friends.  Give them a gift or two from this list of practical travel stocking stuffer ideas they will absolutely love.


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