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Best Travel Gifts For Moms

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My guide of the best travel gifts for moms who love to travel. The beauty of this list is not only can these items be used solely for travel, but they are just as good for everyday use.

Not just that, if you are gifting her with a gift for Christmas, her birthday or just because they are all essentials for travel moms, which means she will actually use them!

The ultimate guide for travel gifts for moms and women who love to travel!

Gifts For Travel Lovers

Calpak Mini Clear Cosmetic Case- This cosmetic case makes for a really great gift for traveling, especially for the mom who loves beauty and skin care.

  • Carrying handle.
  • (2) Zippered compartments.
  • Can be used strictly for travel or for everyday use.

Soma Glass Straw & Travel Case- A glass straw for mom to take on her travels which comes with a travel case and a squeegee to keep clean.

Travel Outfit- Another good travel gift idea for women who travel the globe is a comfortable loungewear set for those long traveling days.

Fanny Pack- One of the best fanny pack options to give as a gift for women who love to travel is the Everywhere Belt Bag from Lululemon.

For the traveling mom, you can easily fit a small card wallet like this one, keys, passport if needed, charging cord and I can always add my Bose earbuds.  

For the mom traveling with a toddler, I can get a few snacks, a ziplock bag with wipes, card wallet and our passports if we need them.

It’s a sturdy fanny pack that can carry a fair amount of items and it’s water resistant. I have the black one on here.

Passport Holder- If you are looking for a simple but usable travel gift, a passport holder is an excellent choice. The Mark & Graham passport holder is leather and can be personalized.

Homesick Candle- One of the best gifts for moms that travel a lot and may get home sick on her travels is a Homesick Scented Candle.

There are many states and places to choose from, including grandma’s kitchen. LOL. Some others to choose from are San Francisco, Chicago, Hawaii, New York City and a sweet Homesick Thank You, mom candle.

Anker Power Case- We take this portable charger on all of our travels and pack it in one of our bags while out and about. We have had no issues with it and it charges our phones pretty darn quick.

It’s lightweight and compact.

Packing Cubes- Packing cubes are perfect either for long vacations or weekend getaways. The Calpak set comes with 5 pieces in 5 different sizes. There’s over 10 designs to choose from to fit your personal style. They are durable and water-resistant.  

My husband and I both have a set and it makes life a little easier for us because we pack our toddler’s items in these as well.  

You can see them here on one of our staycations.

Safety Alarm- For the traveling women in your life, a personal safety alarm can give a little reassurance that they can grab someone’s attention by setting off an alarm if they are in harm’s way.

  • A loud siren with flashing strobe-light.
  • Can be heard up to 100 feet.
  • Replaceable batteries.

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen- If you’re traveling and missing some of your favorite streaming apps, the Google Chromecast is a good option to take care of some of your Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime needs.

But remember, if you don’t pay for a particular streaming app, you won’t be able to use it. Also, remember every country is different with streaming availability.

With the Google Chromecast, if there’s a t.v. with a HDMI port and power, it will connect.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers- A handheld rechargeable warmer that’s great for winter adventures.

  • Comes in black & pink.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Quickly heats.
  • Three temperature range. Low, medium and high.
  • Double sided heating.
  • Can be used for 4-8 hours.
  • Takes 2-3 hours to charge.

Sunglasses- For mom’s next beach vacation, you just can’t go wrong with a good pair of sunnies. Quay sunglasses are a cool travel gift for mom. There’s a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

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Unique Gifts For Mom

Power Up To USB Tassel Key-Chain For the traveling moms to keep their phones powered up and ready to use.

PocketTalk- One of the best travel gifts for moms, especially women traveling solo, is a Pocket Talk.   Having your own voice translator is certainly a luxury travel gift for her.

Why is this so fancy you ask? Because it can translate 82 languages in real time.

Fun Travel Gift For Her

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer- A fun travel gift for mom is a pocket photo printer. You can print directly from your phone using the app. It prints 2×3 size images.

From the app, you can add text, emojis and filters. The photo paper has to be purchased separately. These photos only “stick” to a surface.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Printer- Another fun photo printer option is the Fujifilm. You can print directly from your phone and it works with movement to zoom in and out, has a “fun mode” and mom can make a collage with her photos. Comes in 5 colors.

Welcome Mat (Okay but… Did You Call Or Text First)- One of the best gifts for women who love to travel is a welcome mat with the saying “Okay but… Did you call or text first?” (… and did we answer?) The best, right? LOL We need a day or two to recover from our travels, so make sure you let mom know you’re stopping by before you actually stop by!

I have the 18 x 30 inches you can take a peek at here.

Worldwide Snack Mix- A variety of treats from around the world. All boxes contain at least 10 snacks and can be a variety of candy, chocolate, biscuits or wafers.

World Flavors Seasoning Collection The perfect Christmas Gift for mom to enjoy over Christmas dinner. A set of 15 world flavors from air-dried tomatoes, za’atar blend to minced garlic.

Map Gifts For Moms Who Love To Travel

Personalized USA Photo Map- One of the sweetest gifts for mom is a travel photo map of all 50 states. Capture the best memories and hold on to them by adding them to this frame map. They can personalize it with names and dates. As you visit each state, add your favorite photo to the map.

There are 3 different frames to choose from or you can go without a frame. You will also have 4 color options to pick from.

Coloring Map Mug- A travel gift for moms that pair well with a good cup of coffee and a pretty awesome Mother’s Day travel mug is a coloring map mug

Scratch Off World Map

  • Handmade
  • 24 x 18
  • Comes with a pick to scratch your destinations off.

Engraved Map Glasses- The perfect Mother’s Day travel gift idea and a way to show mom a lot of thought went into her gift is this customizable glass set.

You simply provide a US address. This could be mom’s childhood neighborhood or her favorite neighborhood she traveled to in the United States. The area is engraved on the glasses as a map with a compass to pinpoint the location.

Amazon Travel Gifts For Her

Amazon Fire 10- A great travel gift for her is the new 2021 Amazon Fire tablet to browse the web, to ask Alexa for directions or to connect with family and friends while she’s on her travels.

  • 32GB or 64GB of internal storage.
  • Battery lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Will fully charge within 4 hours.
  • Comes in 4 different colors.

Mobile Hotspot Router- When thinking about travel accessories for mom, a mobile hotspot may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s a great way to make sure mom can stay in touch with loved ones.

  • Works with all smartphones.
  • Comes with wide-angle lens, macro lens, lens grip and rechargeable LED light.

The best part, no SIMS card is needed, and no contract required.

  • Global coverage in 140 countries.
  • International 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Pay as you go.

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit- When traveling it’s a must to get the best photos possible and if there’s a day when mom leaves her camera in her hotel room she’ll have her phone camera lens to do the job.

Travel Plug Adapter- Once you travel, you quickly realize how important travel plug adapters are. These are substantial gifts for men and women who love to travel. Works with European countries, Brazil, USA, China and Canada.

Another option is the Flight 4-in-1 adapter.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker- One of my favorite things to do when traveling, especially while on camping or beach trips, is to bring along a bluetooth portable speaker to play my favorite tunes.

JBL speakers, the Extreme and Charger, are both excellent options. It’s wireless, clear sounds including incoming calls, waterproof and 15 to 20 hours of playtime.

Welly Human Repair Kit- The good thing about Welly Human Repair Kit is it’s not only great for travel but it’s also great to have on hand at home. It makes for a good Christmas travel gift to tuck away in mom’s Christmas stocking.

  • 30 Bandages
  • (3) Antibiotic ointment
  • (3) 1% Hydrocortisone ointments
  • Latex free bandages

Travel Pillow- Everyone needs a good travel pillow when traveling. I know I, for one, can’t board a plane without one. This is a simple gift, but one she will use.

  • Memory foam
  • Machine washable pillow cover.
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs
  • Carry bag

Sleep Eye Mask- Another travel essential gift for moms who love to travel is a sleep eye mask. This is soft, washable by hand, memory foam and does a great job blocking out light.

Face Mask HolderWell because COVID!

Luxury Travel Gifts For Her

Splurge gifts for moms that are worth the extra dollars.

New Balance- New Balance sneakers are currently all the rave and they’ve earned the praise. From vibrant colors and comfortable style, there is nothing like a good pair of sneakers while you explore your latest town.

Nespresso- Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation and nothing can help us get ourselves back together like a good cup of coffee. I promise you the VertuoPlus coffee maker with frother is not just the perfect gift for moms who travel but it will also make the best Mother’s Day gift for travelers.

You can throw mom’s old coffee maker out because it just won’t produce such high quality coffee as this can. It may even disappoint you on how much money you’ve spent at that coffee shop on every corner.

You can see my VertuoPlus here and the organizer I use to store my pods.

Rothy’s- Looking for a cute travel gift for her? A pair of Rothy’s loafers or sneakers is a nice present for mom.

The best part about Rothy’s is not only are they comfortable and stylish, they are washable. After a trip full of sightseeing, walking for miles with a pair of quality shoes that are washable is a fantastic option for women’s travel gifts. 

Vanity Set- Beautiful travel gifts for moms are absolute! The Vanity Set is a must-have gift for the traveling woman.

  • A set of 2, small & large.
  • Comes in 8 colors.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Machine washable.
  • Perfect for mom’s travel essentials like make-up, skin care, sunscreen or lip balm and accessories.

A bonus gift for someone who travels a lot for work. The Commuting From Home mug is a great gift idea for women traveling and you will get a good laugh.

If you have some travel items you can’t live without let me know in the comments!  I hope you find this list of the best travel gifts for moms helpful.

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