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DockATot Alternatives For Every Budget

Snuggle Me Organic DockATot alternative.
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For quite some time now, DockATots have been all the rave for new moms on the hunt for baby products—a baby lounger in particular. But truth be told the DockATot is a pretty pricey item for a lounger.

So I can’t blame you if you’re looking for DockATot alternatives I did too!  

The goal here is to share portable baby loungers similar to DockATot but a cheaper version of DockATot. Each one listed is suitable for a wide range of budgets and if you are ok with gently used items don’t hesitate to ask a friend that is no longer using theirs if they are interested in passing them down to you.

What Is A DockATot?

Its founder describes the DockATot as a multifunctional docking station for babies 0-8 months. While under supervision you can use it for tummy time, on a flat surface such as the floor when you need to keep your hands free and for babies to discover their newly found toys.

They made it to mimic the womb.

It comes in various patterns and designs to fit your unique style.

Can you put a DockATot in a bassinet?

No. You shouldn’t put your baby in a DockATot and into a bassinet for sleep. The DockATot is a baby lounger and shouldn’t be used for sleep.

Is a DockATot necessary?

The DockATot or any other baby lounger is not a necessity to have but they are helpful as well as convenient to have. It can make a world of difference to have your baby in a soft well cushioned lounger while you get things done around the house.

What can I get instead of a DockATot?

  • Swaddle Me Organic
  • Mamibaby Baby Lounger
  • Mestron Portable Baby Bed
  • Organic Newborn Baby Nest
  • CuddleNest Toddler Lounger
  • Skip Hop Baby Nest
  • Organic Baby Nest
  • CosyNation Lounger
  • Lulyboo Travel Lounge

Is DockATot a safe co-sleeper?

The DockATot shouldn’t be used for co-sleeping, sleeping in a crib or bassinet, or napping.

Why can’t babies sleep in the DockATot?

Babies shouldn’t sleep in a DockATot or any lounger for risk of accidental suffocation if the baby’s face gets too close to the bumper, and it obstructs their breathing or if the baby rolls and their breathing becomes obstructed.

Some housekeeping. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently updated its baby-safe recommendations and continues to recommend babies are placed on their backs for sleep.

It’s recommended to use a firm flat surface. The AAP also advises not to use products for sleep that are not made or marketed for sleep.

Many parents use baby loungers for sleeping but the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) do not recommend this.

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Alternatives To DockATot

Snuggle Me OrganicHands down Snuggle Me Organic is probably the best alternative to DockATot and one of the best loungers for a baby. If you are looking for a more minimalist less flashy style, this is it.

It’s truly a beautiful baby product.

The Snuggle Me is what we finally decided on and we couldn’t have been happier including our little one. I went with the bare and never purchased a cover for it. It was fine just the way it was and cut down on cost.  

The lounger comes in one piece so there’s no assembly required. Just placement of the cover if you decide to purchase one.  

  • Comes in 7 gorgeous colors.
  • Created to hug your baby’s full body.
  • Organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic.
  • You can throw the lounger in the washer machine as needed.
  • Ideal for babies 0-9 months.

The downside: They outgrow it rather quickly.

Is Snuggle Me Organic safe for sleeping?

No, it’s not intended for sleeping or to be placed in a crib or bassinet.  

Is the Snuggle Me Organic worth it?

It is totally worth it and makes a great infant floor seat as well. It keeps them nice and snug. The raised sides make it great for tummy time and playing with toys as they are learning to sit up.

Can you put Snuggle Me in the dryer?

After every wash, I placed the Snuggle Me in the dryer on low heat with no issue.

What is the difference between Snuggle Me and DockATot?

DockATot vs Snuggle Me

DockATotSnuggle Me
Light Weight
Recommended Age0-8 months0-9 months
Item Weight4.54 pounds3.19 pounds
Raised sides
SpaceSpaciousNice and snug

Mamibaby Baby LoungerA budget-friendly DockATot knock-off is the Mamibaby baby lounger. This one won’t break the bank. It’s portable with a handle, machine washable, breathable bumper to keep sides raised, and comes with a reversible cover.

The Mamibaby baby lounger checks all the boxes for an all-around good infant lounger.

The downside:

There’s a cord to adjust the size and a zipper closure for the pad that can possibly be damaged over time.

Mestron Portable Baby BedMestron is ergonomically designed to provide head, back, and leg support. It’s shaped like a peanut to form to the baby’s body. They advertised the adjustable elevated leg roll to help support digestion.

The Mestron is recommended for usage from 0 to 24 months with 3 different adjustments for comfort.

Portable and lightweight for travel and comes in six different colors. This one is much more affordable than most. It may not be the best of all the DockATot alternatives but it is a good option.

The downside: Hand wash only.

Organic Newborn Baby NestThe closet lounger to a DockATot Amazon dupe is the Organic Newborn Baby Nest. A DockATot alternative that’s organic and less expensive. Breathable and thermoregulating fabric to keep the baby comfortable.

  • Recommended for ages newborn to 12 months.
  • Double handle for portability and ease.
  • Comes in eleven colors.
  • Two bottom buckle straps that can be adjusted or undone to accommodate growth.

The downside:

The outer cover is the only item that can go into the washer machine.

CuddleNest Mighty Toddler LoungerA good DockATot Grand alternative is the CuddleNest Mighty toddler lounger. The toddler lounger comes in six different colors and you can use it for ages 9-36 months. Similar to the DockATot toddler lounger it is a genius way to start the transition into their big boy bed when the time comes.

Your toddler can use this for play and quiet time, lounging, and to travel.

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Machine washable.
  • Raised sides.
  • Portable.
  • Dimensions are 45 inches by 25 inches.

The downside: Pricey but cheaper than the DockATot Grand.

Skip Hop Baby NestA safe alternative to DockATot is the Skip Hop baby nest which grows with baby in two stages. Recommended for ages newborn to nine months. Stage 1 is for infants 0-6 months used with an infant insert and stage 2 is for babies up to nine months used without the cushioned insert.

Breathable mesh insert and a water-resistant base. While your baby is in the nest, they recommend they are always placed on their back and propped up.

There’s also a toy arch for entertainment.

  • Not supposed to use for sleeping, co-sleeping, or napping.
  • Carrying case for travel.
  • No assembly is required.

The downside: They will outgrow it rather quickly.

Organic Baby NestIf you are looking for a water-resistant lounger the Organic Baby Nest is a good choice. It’s easy to wipe clean, and odor and stain resistant too. Perfect for the joyful messes.

  • Certified organic.
  • Machine washable.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • The travel bag is included.
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Comes in four different colors.

The downside: Longer babies may outgrow it quicker.

CosyNation Baby LoungerThe CosyNation is suggested for ages newborn to 12 months old. The bumper and mat are water-resistant which makes for easy cleaning while the cover is machine washable.

Two handles to make portability easy and a drawstring to adjust the bottom opening for baby’s comfort. The bonus, it’s much cheaper than the DockATot. CosyNation comes in six colors.

Use during supervised play time, lounging, and tummy time.

The downside: The cover is the only machine washable item.

You may have trouble with the zipper.

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Lulyboo Travel LoungePerfect for parents who love getting out and exploring with their kids. The Lulyboo is made for indoor and outdoor use. Bring it to a friend’s house for a get-together or playtime at grandma’s house.

The cool design allows for this lounger to transform into a backpack for carrying with a pocket for baby’s essentials. The base is waterproof with a removable cover.

What’s included:

  • Activity bar.
  • Soft toys.
  • Removable canopy.
  • Two changing pads

As stated by Lulyboo use the lounger to actively engage with your child. It is not a sleeping device and shouldn’t be placed in a crib or bassinet.

What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Lounger


Consider the design of the baby lounger you choose. Be sure the lounger does not incline more than 10 degrees and has a flat and rigid surface for safety. CPSC.

Note that the FDA has not cleared any infant sleep positioner claiming to reduce or prevent the risk of SIDS. While they have cleared some positioners to help with GERD (acid reflux) or flat head syndrome.

Safety- No matter what the age recommendations are if your baby starts to roll independently you no longer want to continue using the baby lounger. There’s a risk of suffocation if the baby gets caught up within the bumper or raised sides or rolls and they can’t roll themselves back.

Do not use any baby lounger for sleeping, co-sleeping, or napping, and always keep it on a firm surface. It is also not recommended to put one in a crib or bassinet.

Always put baby back to sleep.

Maintenance and Care

I don’t know about you but I truly don’t have time to wash many things by hand. With most baby loungers, it’s the cover that is machine washable. What I loved so much about the Snuggle Me Organic is that it is one piece so I threw the whole thing in the washer.

Washing the cover only and a shake here and there for the other pieces may suffice. But when thinking about baby blowouts and spit-up that may very well seep through. Keep that in mind when considering maintenance and care.


For parents on the go, most loungers will come with a carrying case or you can purchase one. There are a few on the market that folds as well. Most of these DockATot alternatives do come with a carrying case.

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Start by considering your price point and how much use you can get out of it.

These DockATot alternatives listed cover a range of price points all being cheaper than the DockATot itself. A budget-friendly option doesn’t mean it is of lesser quality.


Is it important your lounger match your personal style and/or your home decor? There are a variety of patterns out there from flashy to sweet and simple determine what suits you best.

I hope you find this post on DockATot alternatives useful as you are navigating this thing called motherhood. We need all the baby products to make our day-to-day just a little easier while keeping our kiddos safe. Enjoy the journey mama!

Be sure to read the product description prior to purchase for safe usage.

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