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Inglesina Fast Table Review

Toddler sitting in the Inglesina high chair at a restaurant
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Inglesina Fast Table Review: Is it worth the hype? Why yes! Yes, it is! You can call it a travel feeding chair or a hanging high chair, but I call the Inglesina portable high chair one of the best we’ve used for our little man.

There are so many things on the market when it comes to baby products, and it’s difficult to determine what is useful and what is junk. Is it even of good quality to put my child in? How long will the product actually last?

In this Inglesina Fast Table review, I’ll give you all the details and tell you why this one is so great.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Safety

For starters, before putting your child into the Inglesina high chair or putting it on any table, read the instructions manual. The manual will provide step-by-step instructions to ensure proper placement and safety.

  • After you read the instructions manual from front to back, test it out at home. Be sure you know how to properly use it.
  • If you are out at a restaurant, DO NOT let anyone add a chair underneath. This happened to us while at brunch in Lisbon, Portugal. An employee slid a chair under the seat without asking. This is actually pretty unsafe, although it doesn’t appear that way. My son started trying to stand up. I didn’t want him to try to climb out, unbuckle his seat, or the seat somehow come undone from the table. I kindly removed the chair from underneath him.

Once you read the instructions manual before ever using the Inglesina table chair, you will see this is not recommended to do.

  • Avoid glass tables and wobbly tables. If the table does not meet the thickness requirements, don’t bother. Also, this hook on high chair does not fit a table with a lip.
  • The high chair has a 3 point harness for safety.
  • Follow age recommendations and be sure to never leave your child alone.
  • This portable high chair is for kids who can sit up without assistance according to the instructions manual.
Toddler at home sitting in the Inglesina Fast Table chair.
At home testing out the Inglesina high chair with tray.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Weight Limit

Per the manufacturer, the Inglesina high chair is recommended for a child up to 37 pounds, between 6 to 36 months of age. It also recommends using on tables that are 0.8 to 3.3 inches thick.  

The weight of the chair itself is 4.2 pounds. The dimensions when open are 14” x 17” x 11”.

Inglesina Fast Table Review

First off, the Inglesina clip-on highchair is relatively inexpensive when you consider the cost of all the other baby products you need to purchase. When thinking of the cost, consider other positives, such as being able to use this high chair at home and on the go. You literally can take this wherever you go! The Inglesina fast table chair is the best portable travel high chair to travel with. This is what I loved the most, its dual purpose.

The Inglesina is collapsible, so when it’s time to stow; it doesn’t take up much space and at 4.2 pounds it won’t weigh you down either. It’s also easy to put together with only 2 parts to assemble, the arms. The other pieces are already in place.

A storage bag is included which is nice. No need to spend more money on an essential item needed for the chair, especially if you travel with it. It’s also attached to the chair, so you don’t have to worry about losing the bag.

Navy blue Inglesina fast table with storage bag.
Pull the storage bag out from the bottom. As mentioned, it is attached to the chair.

If you are limited in space in your home, the Inglesina is a good choice because it is so compact, and as I mentioned it folds, so it’s very easy to stow. You don’t have to worry about where you will store a bulky, more traditional high chair.

Another great thing about this portable high chair is that it allows everyone to eat together at the dinner table. When you think about your more traditional high chairs, you can’t pull them directly up to the table and they are usually slightly higher than everyone else. With the Inglesina, it provides a greater feeling of togetherness.

Also, if it’s important to you for your home to flow in color scheme design, the table chair comes in 6+ different colors. Some stores have more color options and some have fewer.  

I will list buying options below so you will have more to choose from.

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We used this more on the go and on the occasion inside our home. With that in mind, we kept it in the car so we could just grab and go when we were visiting friends and family or eating out.

When traveling, we had no issues packing it in our suitcase, and once at our destination; I kept it in the storage bin of our Minu stroller. It fits nicely in my Neverfull LV as well.

There is a back storage pocket. This is where we kept some small baby toys for entertainment.  

Inglesina Fast Table Chair With Tray- The tray is very easy to use, it simply “pops” directly into the arms of the Inglesina chair. It’s also easy to clean and rinse food off.

There is a small gap between the chair and table where food can fall. For me, this doesn’t bother me so much because kids are messy and there’s no way of getting around that. The tray helps a little with this.

Now for us, the tray was easier to use in our home. We preferred not to carry this around and use disposable placemats instead. These are the same disposable placemats we pack in our toddler diaper bag with a toy car for entertainment.

It’s of great quality, so you will have it to use for a few years. Keep it for your next child or pass it on to a family that can make good use of it.

Washing The Inglesina Chair

The easiest way to clean the Inglesina high chair is to thoroughly wipe it down after each use with the chair completely intact.

But it can get quite messy, especially if you are traveling with it, using it at restaurants, or transporting it for use from house to house. To clean it completely disassembled:

  1. Unzip the fabric on the side to remove the metal arm loops.
  2. There is a “snap” button on each side. Push in to release the arms completely. Release and remove one side at a time.
  3. Remove the seat padding.
  4. Leave the backrest bar in place.

After these steps, you will just have the fabric and the backrest left. It’s recommended to hand wash only, so this is what I did. I like to remove the seat padding to clean because you never know how much, if any, food has gotten trapped.

After I was done cleaning, I laid it outside to dry. If it was cold outside, I just laid it out in the laundry room to dry.

 It is not recommended to machine wash, but some people do.

Inglesina fast table chair on the ground shown completely disassembled.
What it looks like when completely disassembled. Fabric > Arms > Backrest bar > Seat padding

Where To Purchase

I hope with my Inglesina fast table review you can tell how great and useful this chair is. It’s pretty popular, so it’s good to have more than 1 buying option. Below, I’ve listed a few other stores to purchase from.

I hope you found this Inglesina Fast Table Review helpful. It’s a great investment and so incredibly easy to use. Among all the baby products you purchase for your little one, this very well may become your favorite.

And as a reminder, read the instructions manual in its entirety.


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