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Best Essentials For A Breastfeeding Station

breastfeeding station essentials
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As you may remember from the Post C Section Recovery Kit, I was a planned c section, so I had time to think about what I needed for my breastfeeding station.

Like so many, I had all the same worries about breastfeeding. What if I don’t make enough milk? Or what if my baby doesn’t latch?

But I was determined to accomplish my goal of breastfeeding whether that meant pumping, hand expressing some nursing sessions in the beginning, or my child would have the perfect latch because either route is breastfeeding!

One thing to remember is your breastfeeding station can be anywhere in your home. It doesn’t have to be in the nursery. Or you could have more than one area where you set-up.

When you really get the hang of it and start breastfeeding like a pro, you’ll be moving all over the house while breastfeeding.

Here’s a checklist of what to put in a Baby Nursing Station or Breastfeeding station

Breastfeeding Station Checklist

1. Good comfortable nursing bra

2. Nipple ointment

3. Water bottle

4. Cooling gel

5. Ice/heating packs

6. Burp clothes

7. Breastfeeding app

8. Snacks

9. Pump and pump parts

10. Nature Bond

11. Nursing pads

12. Comfortable recliner or a comfortable spot on your couch or favorite chair

13. Caddy or Bin

14. Nursing pillow

15. Hand Sanitizer /Wipes

16. Trash can

17. Swaddle blankets

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Breastfeeding Station Must Haves

Frida Mom Breast Care Kit– Is the perfect kit for breastfeeding moms and a must have to keep in your breastfeeding station.


  • 2-in-1 lactation massager
  • Instant heat breast warmers
  • Breast mask for soothing and hydration

Breastfeeding Station Essentials

Nursing Bra

Suekaphin nursing bra in black and grey.

Your breasts are larger than usual now and possibly engorged. Some good supportive nursing bras are a must have. The best nursing bra for comfort is the Suekaphin. They are budget friendly, comes in 2 pack and are wireless. In addition, they provide easier access to nurse and to get your nursing pads in place.

Nipple Butter

Earth Mama nipple ointment in 2oz

While breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful, you will experience some soreness in the beginning. As you’re learning to get the baby latched on correctly and as your baby is learning what to do, it gets a little uncomfortable. This is the best nipple cream to apply in between nursing sessions and having one that you don’t need to wipe off prior to baby latching helps with discomfort and saves a little extra time. I’ve tried many, but Earth Mama Nipple Butter is my number one choice!

The container is small enough not to take up too much room in your breastfeeding station and small enough to toss into the diaper bag when you’ll be nursing on the move.

Water Container

If you didn’t bring your water container home with you from the hospital or need a better one on the go. The Hydro Flask is a great option. Staying hydrated is so important. It helps with your supply and breastfeeding makes you pretty thirsty.

Gel Pads

Breast gel pads for breastfeeding discomfort.

Gel pads provide soothing relief when your nipples are cracked and sore. They were a lifesaver in the first couple of days for me. You can use these for a couple of days, which is a bonus.

Ice/Heat Packs


You get 2 and 1 with Bamboobies. These were a lifesaver for me when it felt like I had rocks in my breast. I would add a little heat for soothing for a very short period of time. You can put these in the freezer to help with engorgement and nipple discomfort. You can use them warm to help with plugged ducts.

Burp Clothes

white Gerber cloth diapers for breastfeeding station

Gerber Birdseye are cloth diapers, but I used them for burp clothes and they were our all-time favorite. Because they have multipurpose use. They can be used for burp clothes or tucked under your breast to catch leaks once you’ve finished nursing. I kept more of these in my breastfeeding station than I did regular burp clothes. These are also very absorbent.

Good Breastfeeding App

Baby Nursing app allows you to keep track of which breast you last nursed on, baby’s measurements, a section for how many ounces pumped, diaper count, vaccines, doctor’s visits and more. You can also check out The Best Free Apps For New and Busy Moms and they are all free!

One-handed Snacks

There is no special diet for breastfeeding, but your body works hard to produce the milk you make. It’s a good idea to keep some healthy-ish snacks in your breastfeeding station bin or caddy. Preferably ones you only need one hand to eat. Some good options are Kind bars and LaraBars.

Pump and parts

It’s great to have your pump and parts nearby or setup within your breastfeeding station. I used Aeroflow to get my breast pump through my insurance. Everything is done for you!

Nature Bond Breast Pump

Nature Bond manual breast pump

When you use the Nature Bond while nursing you can collect milk. I could easily collect a couple of ounces from the other breast. I used my Nature Bond at every feeding until things settled down for 10 minutes or so.

The biggest downside to the Nature Bond is that it can lose its seal easily and fall off.

If you decide to use the Nature Bond manual breast pump, I would highly suggest you add some milk storage bags. Kiinde twist pouches are the best milk storage bags by far. You can collect your milk, then store it in the Kiinde storage trays and use the same storage bags when it’s time to move on to puree foods.

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Nursing pads

Organic reusable nursing pads in a variety of colors.

Nursing pads are another must have for your breastfeeding station. They keep you nice and dry. No wet bras, no stained shirts, yours or your partners!

Whether you use disposable or reusable is a personal choice. I used both, but primarily used the reusable nursing pads. Considering you have to purchase so much for the arrival of a new baby, Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads are the best nursing pads budget wise. You have a set for each day of the week, they are washable and organic. The only downside to the reusable pads I found was they do not stay in place.

Good Seating To Nurse

Beige Wingback chair for a breastfeeding station

To get each session off to a good start, it’s important for mom to be comfortable and in a good position. This could be in your nursery glider or on your couch.

Breastfeeding Station Basket

Beiage storage and organizing bins
I used these and continue to do so for organizing.

Breastfeeding Station Caddy

A portable caddy or organizing bins are good options to store all of your supplies in your breastfeeding station. Neither takes up too much space. And if you wanted to move your station, it’s easy to do so with your caddy or bin.

Best Nursing Pillow

Boppy nursing pillow

Boppy is good to have in the early weeks as you and baby get used to breastfeeding. It’s helpful to use a nursing pillow when trying different breastfeeding positions to help support the baby.

You can later use the Boppy as your baby begins trying to sit up or hang out during tummy time.

Hand Sanitizer/ Water Wipes

Organic hand sanitizer

Water Wipes are my all-time favorite wipes. They have minimal ingredients and great for sensitivity. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are great to have in your bin for quick use to keep your hands clean. If you need to break baby’s latch or clean your hands before and after a snack it’s all there for you.

Small Trash Can

Simple put a small trash can to throw anything used away and keep the area clean.

Swaddle blankets

Hedgehog 100% cotton muslin swaddle blanket.

We both had a good blanket to cozy up with. Swaddle blankets serve multiple purposes you can use as a blanket for babies while nursing, a nursing cover if you need it in or outside of the house. I always kept one in my breastfeeding station and one in the diaper bag.

For more nursing bras and hands free nursing bra options, head to my page!

FAQs About Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding Stations

What are the dos and don’ts of breastfeeding?


-Get into a comfortable position and use your nursing pillow for support.

-You can expect some cluster feedings, which is when your baby nurses more frequently for shorter periods.  This helps increase milk supply.

-Nurse often, this supports milk production and decreases the chance of breast engorgement.

-Burp after each feeding. Breastfed babies don’t always need to burp, so don’t worry if nothing happens.

-Be sure to monitor the amount of feedings in a 24 hour period and dirty diapers.

-Eat some extra calories while breastfeeding, remember to keep extra snacks in your breastfeeding station.


-Try not to introduce a pacifier too early.  Give time to let your baby learn how to latch and nurse unless you are instructed to introduce a pacifier early.

-Don’t take any medications that are not prescribed while breastfeeding without talking to your healthcare providers or lactation consultant.

-Don’t get discouraged.  Breastfeeding can be tough in the beginning because you and baby are both learning what to do.  But you got this mama!

-Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a lactation consultant.

Should you wear a bra to bed when breastfeeding?

In the beginning, it’s probably a good idea to wear a bra due to milk leakage and support from discomfort you may have from fullness or even engorgement

Breastfeeding Stations in Airports/ Where can I breastfeed in the airport?

Senator Tammy Duckworth sponsored the Friendly Airports For Mothers Act of 2015, which was passed with bipartisan support.

In summary, they define the lactation area as a room:

  • Shielded from the public
  • Has a locked door
  • An area to sit, a flat surface such as a table and an electrical outlet
  • Can be used by individuals with disabilities
  • The lactation room cannot be in a restroom
  • For large and medium-sized airports, the lactation rooms will be at each passenger terminal building of the airport behind security screening.

Are there public breastfeeding station?

Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton sponsored the Fairness For Breastfeeding Mothers Act of 2019.

Within this bill, certain public buildings that are open to the public and have a public restroom need to provide a lactation area, other than a bathroom.  It has to be sanitary and available to the public to express milk. Also, the nursing room must be private, and include a chair, a working surface, and an electrical outlet (if able).

A public building can be excluded if it does not have a breastfeeding room for employees already and does not have the space or financial ability  to create an area and cannot provide privacy. 

Does leaky breast mean good milk supply?

Leaky breast is a significant sign that your body is doing its job to produce milk.

How do I prepare for breastfeeding? 

Preparing for breastfeeding is just as important as preparing for everything else newborn related.  It provides a better understanding of what to expect, and the experience can vary from person to person.

*Take a breastfeeding class if possible.

*Check with your hospital to find out how they assist moms who plan to breastfeed.

* Use resources such as Le Leche to learn about breastfeeding.

* Later join breastfeeding groups that you can attend for support.

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