Cozy Postpartum Pajamas For Your Hospital Stay

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If you’re wondering what kind of pajamas to wear after giving birth, you’re in the right place. Most new moms are more than ready to change into their own clothing after birth. Faster than they can move. In the fifteen years, I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse, very few mothers want to remain in a hospital gown after delivery.

I’ve put together a list of soft and cozy postpartum pajamas for your hospital stay. Some of the best postpartum clothes for the hospital. From breastfeeding pajamas, and postpartum loungewear to postpartum robes.  

But first, let’s talk a little about what to wear for giving birth.

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What To Wear When Giving Birth

You can indeed wear whatever you want to wear to give birth. You see a hospital maternity gown on the bed when you walk into the room and no one usually asks if you brought your own labor gown to wear. The goal is always for you to be comfortable and have the best experience possible.  

The staff that takes care of you just needs to have easy access to you. Here are a few maternity gowns for the hospital you could choose from.

  1.  The obvious. You could wear a hospital delivery gown. It’s free and provides easy access. No worries about what happens to it during delivery.
  2. Option 2 for a labor outfit is going nude. Many mamas seeking to go naturally do this. They want to be free and not feel restrained by pulling gowns and cords.
  3. Maternity Gownie An excellent pregnancy gown for the hospital is a Gownie. It provides great access. There are buttons down the back, and front, and has pockets. The front buttons would also make this a great nursing gown for nursing nightwear. And simply perfect for skin-to-skin.
  4. Labor and Delivery Gown– The Universal labor and delivery gown by Kindred Bravely comes in S-L and XL-XXL. It comes in 6 different colors and has lots of wiggle room, access for epidural placement, breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, and nurse checks. This birth gown opens to the front and back, it also has snaps at the shoulders. The Universal also makes a great nightgown for after delivery.

I hope you find this small section on hospital birth gowns helpful and know that you can wear whatever you like to bring some familiarity and comfort during your hospital stay. You got this mama!

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Best Postpartum Pajamas For Hospital

What to wear after giving birth in the hospital? Once you can get up and shower on your own, it’s the perfect time to change into comfortable clothes from home if you like.    

Wearing comfortable easy access pajamas for your hospital stay is best, but I will also list below a few options for regular clothes to wear after giving birth.

Shorts Pajama Set- A soft and comfortable postpartum pajama set is this animal print from Target. The softness is what I love most about it. I would definitely size up postpartum or not.

  • Button-down shirt, which also makes it a perfect nursing pajama set.
  • Elastic waistband.
  • 2pc pajama set.

Long Sleeve Pants Set- If you are looking for a soft set of pajamas for after surgery, including pajamas for your hospital stay after a c-section this drawstring set will help keep you comfortable by being able to adjust the waistband for your desired comfort. 

I purchased the rose-pink set for my mom and she has been obsessed with it ever since.

  • 6 color options.

Nursing Pajama Set For Hospital- If you plan to breastfeed some of the best pajamas for new moms are nursing pajamas. They make great post-delivery pajamas because, during those middle-of-the-night feeding sessions, it’s so easy to lift a small section to access your breast to nurse.

For me, cluster feeding started in the middle of the night going into day 2. Even though cluster feeding was helping bring my milk in, I was so exhausted. Nursing pajamas were helpful.

Nursing Nightgown- The Kindred Bravely sleep shirt works well for pregnancy and beyond. Another good pajama option for nursing mothers.

  • Botton-down postpartum nightgown.
  • Pockets.
  • Comes in 2 different colors.

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Best Pajamas For Hospital After C-Section

What pajamas you wear for your hospital stay after a c-section is all about your comfort level. I preferred not to wear a gown once up and showered. I just didn’t want to walk around the unit in a gown, but so many patients do, and it’s totally fine. Remember it’s all about your comfort level.

I wore high-waist loose pajama pants. Once home, I only wanted to wear tight leggings because they provided more support. I lived in my Spanx leggings and still do. LOL But once home, some moms can’t tolerate tighter-fit clothing for a few more days. 

Here’s a list of both pajama pants and gown options so you will have a variety to choose from based on your preference.

Short-Sleeve Postpartum Nightgown– For c-section mamas, postpartum pajamas for your hospital stay need to be comfortable to not irritate your incision.

The Ekouaer nightgown is flowy, breathable, and comes in a variety of colors. You can add pajama pants or leggings if you’d like when walking the hospital halls.

Postpartum Pajama Pants & Nursing Top- High-waist PJ pants and a nursing tank top will work well as pajamas for a c-section. You don’t need a pair that will sit on your incision site. These are soft and should go well above your incision.

A nursing tank for breastfeeding mamas allows for easy access postpartum pajamas during your hospital stay. You can also quickly unsnap with one hand.

If you are not breastfeeding, these 2 pack Amazon tanks will do the trick.

Bamboo Pajama Set- Pajamas for labor and delivery or c-section that will keep you cool and work as nursing PJs is this bamboo pajama set from Kindred Bravely.

  • For pregnancy and beyond.
  • Button-down top.
  • Elastic waistband for better comfort.
  • Pockets.
  • Comes in 3 colors.

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Luxury Maternity Pajamas

If luxury is your thing (wink wink) Spanx, the HATCH Collection and Storq are all superb choices to purchase all things maternity from nursing attire, pajamas, and everyday stylish maternity wear to even wear as postpartum clothes in the hospital.

Spanx Mama Nursing Bra- We all know and love the greatness of Spanx, right? The Mama Nursing Bra is no different. It comes in 3 colors from Xtra Small to Xtra Large.

  • Clip down with one hand.
  • Racerback straps.
  • Made without wire.
  • Stretchy fabric to adjust to the growth.
  • I don’t know about you, but I always hated it when my nursing pads moved around. The Mama Nursing Bra has pad pockets to keep your nursing pads in place.

Sleep Nursing Dress– A nursing nightgown that can also work as maternity hospital pajamas. The Sleep Nursing Dress can take you through pregnancy and beyond. Making nights of breastfeeding a little easier.

Postpartum Robe and Pajama Set- A complete postpartum outfit for the hospital with mid-rise pants, a button-down tank, and a robe. A wonderful option for all new moms, both c-section and labor, postpartum and beyond. It’s the best postpartum pajama set.

This also will make the perfect gift for new moms in the hospital or a gift for a newly pregnant friend.

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Delivery Robe For Hospital

Robe For Hospital Stay- Don’t forget to pack a robe for your hospital stay.

Maternity Robe And Swaddle Set- The perfect matching maternity robe and swaddle set for a newborn photo session during your postpartum hospital stay.

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Postpartum Loungewear For New Moms

Mix and match between postpartum pajamas for your hospital stay and postpartum loungewear. These are some of the best postpartum clothes for the hospital.

Everyday Lounge Joggers- During the day, if you prefer to wear loungewear after giving birth, these joggers are soft and comfortable. They can also work as part of your leaving the hospital outfit.

  • Comes in 8 different colors.
  • Drawstring to give a snug or loose fit.
  • Pockets.

The 24/7 Feeding JumpsuitBoth jumpsuits are must-have nursing loungewear for new moms. The best part, each can be worn long after the postpartum period.

Nursing & Maternity T-shirt- A good top for nursing loungewear for new moms after birth is this bamboo Everyday Nursing and Maternity Tee. What’s so great about this one is not only does it serve its purpose, but it doesn’t look like your average nursing shirt.

More like your basic tee instead of the regular nursing top with the flap at the chest.

Furry Slippers- Why I love these indoor/outdoor slippers. One, they work great for late pregnancy when your feet are good and swollen, but you still want to look cute. Two, pack them in your hospital bag and wear them in the hospital and beyond. Three, they’re inexpensive.

Postpartum Underwear- Wirarpa is probably my favorite postpartum underwear because of the support they provide. They come in a variety of colors, high-waist, and a pack of 5.

Postpartum Nursing Bra- Suekaphin two-pack nursing bras from Amazon are a less expensive option for nursing bras.

Postpartum Maternity Bra – The Maternity Lounge bra is a fantastic option to pack in your hospital bag for comfort and even lounging around at home.

  • Wireless.
  • Removable padding.
  • Pullover like a sports bra.

Helpful “After The Baby Arrives” information from the CDC.

Investing in comfortable and practical postpartum pajamas for your hospital stay can make a world of difference in your recovery and overall experience. You’ll feel more at ease during this vulnerable time and you’ll also be able to focus on bonding with your new baby without worrying about uncomfortable clothing. So whether you’re all about that soft and cozy life or prefer to keep it chic and stylish, remember that comfort is key when it comes to recovering from childbirth.

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Postpartum Pajamas For Your Hospital Stay FAQs

What are postpartum pajamas? 

Postpartum pajamas are made specifically for the postpartum period (after baby). Brands make most items with more stretchy material to accommodate the changes our bodies go through.  

They also design postpartum pajamas to make breastfeeding easier and a little less stressful as you and the baby are trying to figure it all out.

It’s all about a comfortable design for both c-section mothers and labor moms. 

What do you wear postpartum?

  • You could wear a hospital gown your entire stay if you like.
  • Postpartum pajama sets for comfort.

Can you wear a bra while giving birth?

You can wear a bra while giving birth. If you plan on breastfeeding, wear a nursing bra. Also, if you do plan to get an epidural, make sure your bra is unsnapped in the back for epidural placement. Ultimately, it’s best to go without one.

What size should I buy postpartum?

Size up at least 1 size.

Do I need nursing pajamas?

No, you don’t have to purchase nursing pajamas. You just need pajamas that will provide easy access. Non-maternity button-down pajamas work just as well. However, nursing pajamas will make life a little easier, especially during those late-night sessions.

What are the best pajamas for the hospital after delivery?

The best pajamas for your hospital stay are pajamas that are breathable and provide comfort.

  • Kindred Bravely Bamboo Sleep Shirt.
  • Target Soft Short Pajama set.
  • Kindred Bravely Bamboo Short Sleeve Pajama Set.
  • Target Soft Pajama Pants Set.

How many nursing PJs do I need?

Two to three sets with a few nursing tanks should be all that you need.

I hope you enjoyed this list of cozy postpartum pajamas for your hospital stay.

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