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The Best Cake Smash Theme

cake smash burrito cake

First birthday cake smash

cake smash photography session
Photo credit– Mal Jack Photography

I decided on a Cake Smash photography session for Joakim’s first birthday!  At this time there were two things he absolutely loved.  They were avocados and balls.  Yes, you read that right! Lol.  His two favorite things were avocados and balls. Once I narrowed down a photographer, we bounced ideas off one another with those two things in mind. 

Our theme

Based off of Joakim’s favorite things, Mallory, our photographer came up with the cake smash idea of a “Chipotle” theme photography session.  I loved it!

It’s showtime

The day arrived and I was so excited to get started.  Mallory set up in or living room as I picked out outfits supplied by her for Joakim to wear.

Lights, camera, action!  It was time to get the show started.  Y’all! Joakim wanted nothing to do with it.  NOTHING!  We made it through the first set of photos with his first outfit.  It was time to change and get into his cake smash outfit.  Once he saw the cake, we had his attention.  His curiosity had kicked in. He had never had cake before (photos were taken prior to his birthday) apart from a small piece to test out a couple of days before the photo shoot. 

The setup

There were so many props around him from cake to nachos to the banner in the background the photographer was able to keep his attention and click away. His cake smash cake was a chicken burrito, in keeping with theme. The entire cake was completely edible! He did not hesitate to let us know he was done, and the photo shoot was over.

I was not sure how many good photos Mallory was able to capture considering at times he did not want to participate.  But she nailed it and so did Joakim just with his personality.  We have some outstanding photos that will last a lifetime.  If you can do a cake smash session I would highly recommend because your child’s personality will shine in these photos.

Has your child done a cake smash session?  What was your experience?

cake smash photography session
Photo Credit-Mal Jack Photography
first birthday cake smash
Photo Credit– Mal Jack Photography
cake smash photography session
Photo Credit-Mal Jack Photography

Tips: 1.To pick the best cake smash ideas think about what your child currently enjoys the most. 2. Share ideas with your photography to come up with best theme. 3. Ask questions about what’s included with your session. Are outfits and props provided? Do you obtain the cake or does the photographer? What’s included in the price and how many photos will you receive?

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