Cool Backpacks For Moms With Toddlers

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So you’ve made it to the toddler years and you’ve quickly learned the importance of keeping your hands free. And now you’re looking for a few cool backpacks for moms with toddlers to choose from, right?  

During toddlerhood they want to bring all the things for a day out and, well, we pick our battles. Any parent can tell you during the toddler years you might want to proceed with caution to prevent those tantrums.

Depending on whether you have a younger toddler or an older toddler, the size of the backpack and the number of compartments matter significantly.  

Consider size as well. If you have one child, there’s a lot less you need as they get older. But if you have multiple children, you may still want to go with a larger backpack to accommodate everyone, including your things.

There are backpacks for moms with toddlers that range from small to large.

If you’re a mom on the go, the quality is just as important. It needs to be of good quality. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time looking for a new bag and spending extra money because what you purchased didn’t last very long.

Something else to consider when choosing a mom backpack. Can you still use it well past the toddler years, if you wanted to? As long as you have children, there’s always something that needs to be brought along. Keep durability in mind.

What type of backpack are you looking for? Do you want something you can carry as a purse? Are you a family that loves to travel? Do you have multiple toddlers or a toddler and older children? Consider your needs and pick accordingly.

In this post, you will find a wide range of toddler backpacks for moms, from backpack purses for moms to stylish backpacks for moms for every budget.

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Backpacks For Moms

BabbleRoo Backpack- The BabbleRoo is a fantastic option for moms with younger toddlers or multiple toddlers who still need to carry around a little extra. There are so many compartments there will be room for mom’s things as well. The downside to this mom backpack is it is on the stiffer side.

  • Comes in 4 different colors.
  • A pacifier case or a case that can hold a ziplock bag full of snacks.
  • Space for bottles or sippy cups.
  • Waterproof zipper pocket.
  • Carrying handle.

Skip-Hop Forma Backpack- Skip-hop has been around for a long time and its products are of good quality. The Forma backpack is no different. It’s a multi-function backpack, so you could certainly start with it and still have it for the toddler years.   

It’s lightweight and made of soft quilt material. Mesh cubes are included, which is great for the extra clothes and socks you need to bring along for your little one.

  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • (2) Packing cubes.
  • Able to attach to a stroller if needed.
  • Space for a laptop.

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Fisher-Price Diaper Backpack- What’s so cool about the Morgan is it has an insulated front pocket which is huge for us moms of toddlers considering we always have to lug around loads of snacks.

  • (12) pockets in total.
  • Pockets for laptops and cellphones.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • A changing pad.

Personalized Backpack For MomTo stand out from the crowd, you can have your mom pack personalized with your name on it or your child’s.

  • (3) Color options.
  • Monograms and no monogram fonts to choose from.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Multiple external and internal pockets.

Columbia Diaper Bag BackpackBackpacks for moms with toddlers that can be worn by both mom and dad is this Columbia diaper backpack. A reasonably priced backpack for the active mom.

Comes with:

  • Changing mat.
  • Pockets on each side.
  • Compartment for laptop.
  • Attachable for strollers.

Faux Leather Mini Diaper Backpack- A backpack to consider if you have one toddler or if it fits your needs overall is a mini backpack.  

  • Zip closure
  • Front pocket and 2 side pockets.
  • A carrying handle.
  • Changing pad.

Quilted Diaper Backpack- We go through lots of mommy backpacks trying to find the best one. Starting off with a solid quality backpack is truly necessary and the 7 AM Quilted diaper backpack is a really good one to get you there.

It’s soft, spacious, and lightweight.

  • Changing pad.
  • Zip closure.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • (2) side pockets and 1 front pocket.
  • Internal pockets.

London Diaper Backpack- The shiny black backpack that will draw attention. The London has zip-top closure with a sizable front pocket and two side pockets.

  • (2) Insulated pockets.
  • A compartment for a laptop.
  • A travel backpack for moms who need to slip their backpacks onto their luggage.
  • Changing pad.
  • A separate caddy for diapers and bottles or sippy cups and snacks.
  • Stroller hooks.

UppaBaby Backpack- The Upppababy we all know and love. Like really LOVE added to their collection of fabulous strollers. A diaper-changing backpack. It’s sleek, pairs well with the Vista, and comes in 3 colors. We have both the Vista and the Minu and I can tell you Uppababy does not cut corners on their products!

  • It’s compact.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Changing pad.
  • Water-resistant.
  • (2) Main compartments
  • External and internal pockets.

Paperclip Willow Convertible Backpack- A wonderful option for moms of younger toddlers because of its roll-out changing station with sidewalls. Yup, the changing pad rolls out completely while still attached to the diaper bag. Which is a major plus for traveling moms.

If you are looking for something that is environmentally friendly, they made this diaper bag from water bottles. The Paperclip Willow comes in two colors: blue and black.

  • Carrying handle.
  • Flap closure.
  • Wet-bag pocket
  • External and internal pockets.
  • Space for a laptop.

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 Backpack For Traveling Moms

We absolutely love traveling with our now 4-year-old. He’s rough and loves running wild. So having good quality and sturdy backpacks for moms with toddlers is a must.  

We took him on his first international trip when he was 18 months to Lisbon, Barcelona, and Rome. We’ve been hooked ever since. Roaming around Europe for a few weeks, I stuffed my backpack to the gills and roughed it up a bit, but it held up like new. A quick wipe down here and there, and it lasted for a few years.

Here are some of the best traveling backpacks for moms.

City Backpack- If you’ve been around for a bit, then you know I talk about this backpack a lot. The Honest Company City backpack is one of my favorites and I had it for a few years before moving on to the Indi Diaper Backpack.  

If you have more than one child, the amount of space this backpack provides makes it a fantastic option to take care of everyone’s needs. For me, the Honest City was the best mom travel backpack when traveling with my toddler and an outstanding backpack for new moms. 

  • Vegan leather.
  • Extremely functional.
  • Spacious.
  • Compartments for bottles and snacks.
  • 5 pockets
  • Changing mat with zippered pocket

Herschel Settlement Backpack- If you are looking for a carry-on backpack, then surely you’re a mom who enjoys traveling. A good carry-on backpack for moms is the Settlement Sprout. The Settlement is not only trendy with 6 different styles to choose from, but it’s also an ideal backpack for moms on the go.

Depending on the style you choose, there wouldn’t be any need to get dad a separate backpack. This one will work for both of you. 

The Strand Duffle Sprout is an excellent carry-on as well. Throw it on crossbody, on the shoulder, or on your stroller.

What’s included with a Sprout:

  • 26L capacity and the duffle is 28L.
  • A changing pad that is rather large, making it perfect for toddlers.
  • Space for wipes, bottles, and toys.
  • External and internal pockets.

These two are the best Herschel bag options for moms.

Indi Diaper Backpack- Another multi-functional favorite backpack of mine is the Indi backpack. It’s an incredible everyday backpack to use and the best for moms needing to upgrade their backpacks.

The Indi comes in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large, and 4 colors with seasonal colors thrown in. But when the seasonal colors are gone, they are gone! 

The small or medium is a good choice for moms with toddlers. The large might be best for moms with multiples or still in the newborn phase.

  • Washable zipper bag.
  • (2) External front zipper pockets.
  • Insulated bottle holder.
  • Inside pockets with magnetic closure and velcro.
  • Luggage sleeve.
  • Clips for stroller attachment.
  • Mesh changing pad.
  • A Scout pouch for smaller items.

There is also the Wade tote made by Dagne Dover. It comes in the same 4 colors as the Indi. The only size Wade comes in is a large one. It has all the same prominent features.

  • Washable water-resistant bag.
  • Stroller attachment clips.
  • Bottle holder.
  • Luggage sleeve.
  • Exterior phone pocket.
  • Scout pouch.
  • Mesh changing pad.
  • (2) Key leashes.
  • Exterior and internal pockets.

25L Wunderlust Backpack- The Wunderlust backpack isn’t exactly a diaper bag, but it’s a cool bag for traveling moms. Large enough to hold everyone’s items and of course, it’s Lululemon so it’s of excellent quality.

What’s included:

  • Side pockets for water bottles or toddler cups.
  • Pockets for organization and wet and sweaty clothes.
  • Exterior pocket for a laptop.
  • Straps to secure jackets or travel accessories.
  • Comes in 2 colors.

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Designer Backpacks For Moms

Caraa- Cute luxury active backpacks for moms with toddlers is the Caraa baby bag. This one can function as a purse or even a carry-on bag for moms with its slip-through luggage sleeve. It’s a beauty and multi-functional.

Wear it 3 ways, like a backpack, crossbody, or on your stroller. And who doesn’t love a diaper bag you can throw in the washer? Yes, please! There is plenty of space for your toddler’s item and mom’s.

  • A removable caddy with labeled windows to stay organized.
  • (12) pockets.
  • Hooks for pacifiers and toys.
  • Vegan leather trimming.
  • A good backpack for working moms with space for a laptop.
  • Insulated to keep things hot or cold.

CoachA designer backpack for moms that is complete for everyday use. Use it as a diaper bag for your toddler or to simply make life easier for the busy mom.

It’s another versatile beauty with leather trim.

  • Carrying handle.
  • Changing pad.
  • (2) stroller staps.
  • Removable pouch.
  • External and internal pockets.
  • Comes in black.

Gucci GG Plus Diaper Bag- If you are looking for a diaper bag that also functions as a purse for mom, the GG Plus diaper bag is it. Wear it crossbody or on the shoulder. Considering there’s less you need to carry around during the toddler years, the GG is suitable for that.

Side pockets for the items you need and a changing pad. The straps are adjustable with stroller snaps. Fold-over flap closure and wipe clean.

Burberry Changing Backpack- A backpack for the trendy mom is the Burberry changing backpack for moms to go out in town in style. A backpack that can be used for years to come.

  • Eternal drawstring pockets on each side.
  • (2) Internal pouch pockets.
  • Changing pad.
  • Flap closure with drawstring.
  • Leather trimming.
  • Comes in black.

We need a fair amount of new items headed into the toddler years from traveling potties, and new toys to keep them engaged to new backpacks for moms with toddlers.

Determining what type of backpack you need as your little one grows comes with a little trial and error. I hope this post helps and you find it useful. You got this mama!

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