18 Stylish Bags For Moms With Toddlers

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At some point, you want to move on from lugging around a diaper bag and move up in the world and look into the best bags for moms with toddlers so you can snag one.

There’s a lot that gets lost once we start our families, and that includes ourselves. It isn’t easy to look good and feel good while doing all the things that being a mom requires of us. And once we get past the infant phase and head into the toddler years, we can do a little more for ourselves while carrying a lot less.

If your appearance is important to you don’t feel bad about it. I mean like at all!

Have you ever heard that saying that goes, “You’re not fully dressed unless you have on makeup”? For some leaving the house without a full face of makeup is not an option.

There’s another group that doesn’t feel fully dressed without the latest and greatest tote bag for moms.

I’m cheering on both groups! I truly am. There’s nothing better than a well-dressed mama who looks and feels good about herself. Even if it’s just for a day.

Whether you are looking for handbags for moms with toddlers or the best day bags for moms with toddlers, you’re in the right place. You’ll find a wide variety of everyday bags for moms at varying price points including some of the best designer bags for moms.

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How To Choose The Best Bags

Some things to consider:

Budget- First and foremost determine your budget. Are you looking for luxury handbags for moms or a more reasonably priced handbag? You may also want to consider waiting until your favorite bag goes on sale or even purchasing a used one.

Quality- We have to purchase what we can afford but sometimes we get what we pay for and we end up spending more money in the end because we purchased an item of poor quality.

With little ones, we want a mom bag that will last us for years to come. Something that can withstand our kids dropping it on the floor while looking for snacks, stepping on it, and being hauled around to every after-school activity there is.

Style- Are you looking for a clutch, tote, crossbody, handbag, fold-over, or shoulder bag to name a few?

Size- Will a size small do? Or do you have multiples and need a medium or large handbag for toddlers?

Maintenance- How easy is it to keep your bag in good condition? Is it easy to clean? Not too many bags for moms can be thrown in a washer machine. Make sure whatever you purchase wipes clean easily.

Color Pattern- Some of the most popular purses come in a wide variety of color patterns. Think about whether or not you would prefer a neutral color that will go with just about anything.

Or are you a mom who prefers to switch out purses often, matching the right bag with the right outfit?

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The Best Bags For Moms With Toddlers

There are so many styles and different-sized purses at every price point. It seems that there is a new woman’s handbag coming out on the market daily. And a lot of them whether or not they are made for moms are suitable for us to use for our everyday toddler essentials.

The Transport Flap Shoulder Bag- If you have one toddler and they are already potty trained you have to carry around even less. Nice right?

A small to medium-sized crossbody purse like the Transport Flap shoulder bag is something to consider when thinking about bags for moms with toddlers.

Put them in charge of their water bottle or sippy cup so they can start learning how to be in charge of their items (of course we have to look out for them too) and keep a wet bag in the car with extra clothes for the just in case.

For everything else you need like snacks and other essentials, drop them in your crossbody. 

Strand Duffle Bag Sprout- If you’re looking for the best travel bags for moms with toddlers the Sprout Strand duffle is one of them. Inside there are pockets to keep things organized and there’s also a changing pad if you still need one.

  • Wear it on the shoulder or attach it to the stroller.
  • Front storage sleeve.

Kånken Water Resistant Backpack- If you prefer to carry around a backpack instead of a purse or a nice bag. FJÄLLRÄVEN makes great quality backpacks, lightweight and not bulky like a backpack diaper bag.

  • Zip closure.
  • Top handles for carrying.
  • Adjustable backpack straps.
  • Interior and exterior pockets.

Kånken Water Resistant Backpack comes in over 20 colors.

Backpack Purse- A multifunctional backpack purse or satchel for moms to use as a work, travel, or toddler mom bag. You can wear this one as a backpack or on the shoulder with the extra strap, which is also a removable strap.

The Zocilor backpack purse comes in over 15 colors.

  • Made with vegan leather.
  • Exterior and interior pockets.

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Best Designer Bags For Moms With Toddlers

Ella Tote Bag- Can you really discuss designer handbags for moms without including Tory Burch? A tote bag for moms to look chic, and carry all of their toddler must-haves and their own.

You can use the Ella Tote as an everyday bag or one to take on weekend getaways.

  • Lightweight.
  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • Snap closure.
  • A front and back pocket.

Ophidia Gucci Shoulder Bag– A good designer crossbody bag for moms made of excellent quality and has been a classic for years is a Gucci shoulder bag. Wear it crossbody or on the shoulder and pair it with just about anything.

For all the small items you may need when on the go with your toddler.

The Tote Bag- The ever-so-popular Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag will give you all the room you need as a designer bag for moms with toddlers. Not only does it come in a variety of color patterns but it also comes in mini, medium, and large.

The Jacquard medium tote bag additionally comes in three different colors, merlot, warm sand, and black.

The beauty of a good tote bag is that it can be used for so many outings. The Marc Jacobs tote is no different. Pack everything you need for the day.

You can wear it as a handbag, on the shoulder, or crossbody with a removable strap. 

  • Zip closure.
  • (2) interior zip pockets.
  • (2) slip pockets.

Drawstring Bucket BagMZ Wallace has some of the best designer crossbody bags for moms and is beautifully made too. And of course, if you’re a mom that likes to stay on trend then you know a good bucket bag is in.

Wear it as a bag for moms with toddlers or for a date night out on the town with the other grown-ups. You just can’t go wrong.

  • Comes in 5 colors.
  • Interchangeable straps.
  • You can also adjust the length of the strap.
  • Three interior pockets and one exterior pocket.
  • Lightweight.

Fendi Diaper Bag- A luxury bag for moms that can last for years to come! This Fendi logo bag may have been designed as a diaper bag but once that phase is over you can use this one as your everyday bag.

Like some of the other top designer bags, out there when it comes to quality, Fendi will not let you down either.

Wear it across the body, on the shoulder, or attach it to a stroller hook, your choice.

  • Comes with a Fendi logo-changing mat.
  • Exterior zipper pocket with logo.
  • Snap stroller straps.

MZ Wallace Metro Medium Deluxe Tote- The MZ Wallace Metro Deluxe is both a functional travel bag and a tote bag for moms. There are over 10+ plus colors and patterns to accommodate anyone and everyone’s sense of style.

Do you need room for your laptop, a wet bag full of clothes, snacks, wallet, keys, and a few toys? There is plenty of space and pockets for anything you need.

  • (5) exterior pockets.
  • (6) interior pockets.
  • Luggage sleeve.
  • Adjustable strap to wear crossbody.
  • Detachable pouch.

Joan Stripe Canvas Shoulder Bag- The Joan Stripe Canvas shoulder bag is a SEE by Chole bag. Cheaper than a Chole bag but still on the pricey side.

A bold and colorful stripe pattern that will have you standing out from the crowd. Carry it as a handbag or on the shoulder.

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The Best Diaper Bags For Moms With Toddlers

Capri Diaper Tote- Remember one thing to consider when purchasing your next bag is maintenance. The 7 AM Capri diaper tote is washable, making it one of the best bags for moms with toddlers. Yes, ma’am, you can wash it. The Capri comes in a few cool colors too.

The Capri is lightweight and is made with cushioned shoulder handles.

  • Interior pockets.
  • An interior zippered wallet pouch.
  • 2 hook and loop D-rings for stroller attachment.

Wade Diaper Tote- The Wade Diaper tote, is for mamas with younger toddlers who still may need a few extra things. If you’re a mom that loves to travel this would be the perfect carry-on option to house your little one’s items.

The Wade comes in size large with five colors to choose from.

Comes with:

  • (2) stroller clips.
  • Water-resistant, washable zipper bag.
  • Changing mat.
  • Small pouch.
  • (2) key leashes.
  • Insulated bottle holder.

Plenty of interior pockets to keep all the baby and toddler essentials organized. You won’t need to purchase an additional insert for this one.

Organic Cotton Convertible Diaper Bag– For my organic moms looking for a neutral color organic diaper bag for toddlers, this is it. Wear it as a crossbody bag for moms with toddlers, backpack or a shoulder bag.

  • Machine washable changing mat.
  • Detachable stroller clips.
  • Pockets for diapers and wipes.

Beaba Diaper Bag– The Beaba will take you from the newborn stage, toddlerhood on to travel with kids. It’s clean, modern and comes in four colors.

  • Zip closure.
  • Carry handles.
  • Changing pad.
  • Stroller clips.
  • Interior & exterior pockets.

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The Best Tote Bags For Moms With Toddlers

Vegan Leather Tote Bag- For the minimalist mamas. This cute vegan leather tote you can find on Amazon. A handbag made by weaving and made of vegan leather. Not the cheapest on the list but cheaper for the quality and stylish look it offers.

Included with this tote is a small pouch to have a separate space to carry your phone, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, and some other small items.

Leather Shopper Bag- One of my favorite brands to shop for women’s clothes and accessories is Mango where you will find this leather shopper bag. It’s available in one size and comes in three colors. Black, silver, and fuchsia.

Wear it as your everyday mom handbag or the occasional tote bag to run errands either way it’s a bag big enough to carry your toddler’s stuff and look stylish while doing so.

  • Shoulder strap.
  • Magnetic button closure.

Suede Shopper Bag- A purse for moms of toddlers that will make a statement is the suede shopper bag with a double chain strap. There are two colors available, sand and black.

  • Inside pocket.
  • Zip and one button closure.

Puffer Tote Bag- A puffer tote to switch out your regular bag during the winter months.

Multi-Pocket Tote Bag- Lululemon, where you can find attractive and functional items for your day-to-day outings and working out too.

The mult-pocket tote bag is on the simple side and an awesome grab and go for moms on the go. It’s lightweight with straps on each side so you can cinch it in when you need to.

An exterior and interior pocket.

Another option but smaller is the All-Night Festival Bag which is a 5L bag. While it is smaller, it allows you to keep your hands-free with a strap to wear it on the shoulder or crossbody.

Accessories For Mom Bags

Wet bag- Wet bags are diaper bag essentials for toddlers and babies. They hold in smells and leakage, so if you are changing a diaper in a pinch with nowhere to toss it, just throw it in your wet bag. 

Soiled underwear or wet clothes, no problem toss them in your wet bag and into the laundry once home.

We were once a cloth diaper family and quickly discovered how genius these bags are. We almost never leave home without one.  

Snack Bag- May we never leave home without a bag full of snacks! The snack bag is big enough to stuff all your favorites inside and the letters are big and bright so it can’t be missed when you’re hunting for it.

It doesn’t just come as a snack bag but there’s one for “mama”, “baby”, “stuff”, “beach” and a few others.

To give you an idea of the actual size you can see ours on my LTK shop.

Stashers- Another cool snack container you can use to keep in your purse is stashers. They are made of silicone so they are fantastic for hot food on the days you’re out of the house on the go or to fill with any snacks for a day out.

I even send these to school with my son for snack time.  

They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Fill them with all your favorites like a sandwich, nuts, fruit, or some popcorn.

Purse Insert- For some tote bags, you may need a purse insert to keep things organized. While tote bags are great to make sure you bring along everything you need they can easily turn into a bottomless pit where you can’t find a single thing.

The Felt purse organizer comes in a few sizes: medium, slender medium, large, slender large, and extra large.

There are pockets all around the inside and a few on the outside of the insert.

Stroller Hooks- For the days spent shopping or your mom bag is just way too cool to be placed on the ground then don’t forget a set of stroller hooks. 

The Uma stroller clips are universal meaning they will work on a wide range of strollers, one-handed opening and non-slip.

Wipes- I highly suggest carrying around wipes to keep hands and faces clean. You could put some in a small stashers container or add some to a ziplock bag and refill as you need to.

So there you have it, some of the trendiest bags for moms with toddlers for every budget. Moms of toddlers need things like a few diapers or potty-training underwear, snacks galore, sippy cups/water bottles, and lots of their favorite toys to keep them occupied.

The days of bottles, pumping equipment, and cans of milk are gone. With that in mind, you don’t need the largest bag on the market. You need one for the essentials.

There will be some trial and error when it comes to finding the perfect one and you may even feel the need to purchase multiple bags (I’m definitely guilty of this).

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bag should I carry with my toddler?

One that will provide you with the room you may need to carry all your toddler essentials and your own with room to spare.

The style of bag you choose is completely a personal preference. But since you need to carry around less with a toddler, you can get away with anything from a tote, shoulder bag, or backpack.

What should every mom have in her purse?

Some essentials every mom should have in her purse are:

  • Snacks
  • Wipes
  • Homemade first-aid kit either kept in your purse or your car.
  • A few small toys.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Tissue.
  • Small water bottle
  • Feminine products
  • Chapsticks
  • Small wet bag with extra clothes.

What bags are trendy now?

  • Belt bags
  • Bucket bags
  • Tote bags
  • Sherpa bags, both fanny packs, and handbags.

What bags are best for moms?

Tote bags and backpacks are usually the best for moms because they provide the most space and allow you to put a lot of items inside.

Backpacks also allow you to keep your hands free while out and about with your little one.

What are mom bags?

Mom bags are bags large enough to carry everything you need whether you have a newborn or a toddler. They have enough pockets, and compartments or easily fit and insert inside to make sure no essentials get left behind.

It can be a tote bag, backpack, or even a fanny-pack diaper bag. As long as it provides the room you need to carry the day-to-day essentials for you and the kids.

Does a 3-year-old need a diaper bag?

Generally no. With older toddlers, their needs are different. While you’ll still need stuff to carry around, it is not as much. They are much more active and some of the most amazing little explorers at this age.

But there is nothing wrong with continuing on with a diaper bag especially if you are not ready to purchase a new one. You can take out the changing pad or anything else you may not need for this age.

Can you use a tote as a diaper bag?

You certainly can. Traditionally tote bags provide more than enough space to carry the items you need. Depending on the number of pockets the particular tote provides you may need to purchase an insert to keep your stuff organized.

Of course, a diaper bag is designed to provide the space you need for baby items including a changing pad. But it’s not a deal breaker if you choose something different.

At what age do you stop needing a diaper bag?

Around 24 months, you’ve more than likely started trying to potty train. While you need extra clothes for accidents, you won’t need a bag full of diapers to carry around.

In addition, once your child heads into the toddler years you no longer need to carry around every single thing they need. You can carry around much less.

What can I use instead of a diaper bag?

Tote bags and backpacks are phenomenal diaper bag alternatives. They usually provide more than enough space for all your baby and toddler items.

They are also a great alternative because you can continue to use them well after the baby years instead of purchasing something different once you no longer need a diaper bag.

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