10 Stylish & Functional Pool Bags For Moms

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Schools are out so let the summer fun begin. Your neighborhood pool has opened and your local park pools too but of course, you can’t head to the pool without the best pool bags for moms.

 One of my son’s favorite summer activities is going to our neighborhood pool for a day of splashing, playing, meeting some neighborhood kids, and getting better and better at his swimming skills.  

It’s the best, especially if you have nothing planned for the day. Pack your pool bag full of snacks, water toys, and the pool essentials you need for the kids and the grownups. Get a few strokes in yourself or watch them play. 

In this post, you will find a good pool bag for a family and functional pool bags for moms. And of course, if you have your kids in a swim school or you yourself are taking lessons you’ll need a bag for that too.

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 Best Pool Bags For Moms

Bogg Bag- If you are looking for a family pool bag consider the Bogg bag for its multi-use function. You can use it as a pool bag for all your pool day essentials or even a beach bag.

Later turn it into a grocery bag or fill it with goodies for your next road trip.

We know how messy things can get with our kids. This bag is entirely washable and it won’t tip over once packed to the gills.

  • It comes in lots of fun colors.
  • Two clear insert bags are included.
  • Durable.

Bogg bags aren’t just for the beach you can take them anywhere that includes any outdoor activities, not just that, make it your snack bag for school pickup, your grocery bag for small grocery runs, or make it your work bag. That is the beauty of the Bogg you can use it for just about anything. Oh, and remember you can wash it!

Why are people obsessed with the Bogg bag?

Because they come in an abundance of color patterns for just about everyone’s style. It’s waterproof and durable which is what you need for any water activities with kids. The best part no matter how much is in it, it won’t tip over. It remains standing tall.

As I’ve mentioned several times the Bogg bag is durable and pretty much because of the EVA material it’s made of it’s basically undestroyable. So everyone wants a Bogg bag.

Simply Southern Large Tote Bag- If you’re looking for a mom pool bag similar to a Bogg bag consider the Simply Sothern large tote bag. The perfect Bogg bag dupe, it’s machine washable and water resistant.

  • Comes in over 10 colors.
  • Straps and pouch are both removable.

Mark & Graham Waterproof Tote- The best large pool bag and the best pool bag for families is this Mark & Graham waterproof tote. Not only are they stylish but they come in an array of color options. From pool blue, and pink to forest green,

Use this water and tear-resistant vinyl carryall as a beach bag or a pool tote.

It’s available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. There’s also a waterproof and travel pouch to throw in your bag if needed. Both options can match your bag perfectly.

The dimensions for the large are 17” w x 7” d x 17” h. Have it personalized with your family name.

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Fruity Foldable Beach Bag- One of my favorite stores to shop for the whole family is Nordstrom. You can almost always find exactly what you’re looking for at a variety of price points. A cute mom beach bag is this Fruity foldable beach bag. When you’re done with it and it’s emptied fold it up and tuck it away.

This fun bag comes with a pouch and measures 24″ x 7.5″ x 14.75″.

Mega Go Tote- Let the Mega Go Tote be your go-to pool bag. It’s nice, large and an attractive tote to carry around. And as I always say, the best bags for moms are the ones that you can use for a variety of things.

Three color options are available to you. Black, blue and red.

  • Zip closure.
  • Top carry handles and side grab-and-go handles.
  • (6) exterior slip pockets.
  • Interior pocket.
  • Dimensions are 17.3″W x 19.3″H x 8.6″D.

Wellington Cabana Tote- Talk about stylish pool bags for moms. The Wellington Cabana tote is just that both stylish and functional with five options to choose from.  Everyone will want to know “where did you get that bag from”.

Large main compartment to store your items with a detachable pouch to keep sunscreen, chapstick, and so on.

The capacity and dimensions are 26L and 12.2″ H x 22” Top W /16.5″ Bottom W x 8″ D.

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All The Things Tote Bag- If the size is the top priority for you then the All The Things Tote bag just might be one of the best pool bags for moms. It’s huge! Pack everything you need for pool days in this one bag and then some.

If you have a child away at college, this is the perfect bag for them to bring back their dirty laundry too. LOL.

  • Dimensions 27.5” x 11” x 18.5″.
  • (4) Interior pockets.
  • Two sets of handles for on-the-shoulder carrying and hand-held.

JIANYA Beach Bag– An awesome family swim bag is the Jianya beach bag. A beach bag, pool bag, travel bag, or whatever you want to call it or use it for. The Jianya beach bag has an insulated cooler that is detachable and has a carrying handle.

  • Can carry 14 bottles in the cooler.
  • 9 pockets to store your items.
  • Waterproof and sand proof.
  • Comes in over 14 unique color patterns.

Striped Shopper Bag- A pool bag for moms that is both stylish and matches many swimsuits or a nice coverup is this Striped shopper bag from Mango.  It’s part of their swimwear collection.

There’s no small or medium just one size, large.

It’s 100% organic cotton, with one zipper pocket and double handle straps. Dimensions for the striped shopper by length, height, and width are 15.35 by 22.05 by 5.51 inches.

Yeti Camino 35 Carryall- I mean can you really go wrong with anything Yeti? Use the Camino carryall all-purpose utility bag as your waterproof beach tote.

  • The base is sturdy enough to keep the Camino upright.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes in 5 colors.
  • A phenomenal all-purpose bag for any adventure.

What to look for:

A waterproof bag- Foremost a waterproof bag will keep your belongings safe from beach waves and splashing at the pool. Having a waterproof bag will keep the bag from getting saturated as well as everything in it. Especially if you brought along extra dry items.

It will also come in handy for Waterparks and cruises too.

Cost- When purchasing any item you have to consider the cost and how much you’re willing to spend on what you need.

Size- Is the pool bag just for you or do you need one big enough for the family? Make sure it’s the right size to fit everything you may need for a day at the pool or a pool party.

Material- You have many options for material when picking a pool bag. Some materials that come to mind are burlap, vinyl, neoprene, straw, nylon, and mesh to name a few.

Pockets/Compartments- Are there enough compartments for the items that you will use the most while at the pool? Like your phone, sunscreen, a pocket for your keys, chapstick, or even your sunglasses? You will also need space to carry your wallet or some pocket change.

If you are packing your pool bag for the whole family you need a few compartments for everyone’s smaller items.

Style- Are you looking for something stylish or a basic bag that you will use for this one purpose?

Comfort- If you’re walking to your neighborhood pool like we do all the time then comfort might be very important to you. If you don’t have a pool in your neighborhood, wherever you go you may need to carry your pool bag a distance. Consider purchasing a comfortable bag as a priority.

The beach is nice and all but sometimes you may want to stay close to home and be free from collecting sand. The neighborhood pool or just an area with a fun sprinkler is just as exciting. But nonetheless, you have to bring along pool essentials for yourself and the kiddos for a good pool day.

I hope you find this post on the best pool bags for moms helpful and that you find exactly what you need. Enjoy the outdoors!

Don’t forget about the importance of swim safety.

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