The Best Beach Bag For Moms For Summer

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Some of our best days are spent relaxing at the beach, soaking up the sun, and watching our kids live their best lives, right? But before we even get to that point we have to load the beach bag, the cooler, all the other bags we need, and then the car for a weekend getaway.

So of course we need the best beach bag for moms to ensure the entire family is covered with bathing suits, flip-flops, sunscreen, towels, toiletries, and all the snacks we’ve prepared.

It takes time to get everything and everyone ready and out the door. Especially if you are headed out after a long work week, if hanging out at the beach is something you and your family love to do during the summer months, I would say, it never hurts to keep a family beach bag packed and on the ready. 

 It will save you some time and one less thing you have to worry about.

So what is a beach bag for mom, anyway?

It can be a large family beach bag because we all know if mom is headed to the beach there’s a good chance there’s a crew of little people at her heels. Therefore mom’s bag has to be a large one.

It can also be a small straw tote for mom’s weekend getaway with friends.

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We often wonder what bag should I bring to the beach. Honestly, you can never go wrong with an oversized beach bag. Spending an hour or two at that beach very well may turn into a full day. With an oversized bag, you can pack all the things. Like an abundance of snacks, an extra towel, and some electronics.

In this post, I’m sharing the best beach totes for moms and some of the best beach bags for families. And if cute beach bags are a must, you’ll find a few here too.

What to look for:

Packability– Can you pack everything you need in your beach bag and transport it from place to place? Whether you’re headed to the beach alone or with the kids, determine your needs. How much you can actually pack is important depending on who’s coming.

Durability- Any grown-up with kids can tell you how essential it is that the items you purchase need to last. Mom’s beach bag is no different it needs to be durable.

Mesh or No Mesh- Determine whether you want a mesh beach bag or a waterproof beach tote. With mesh, you bring a lot less sand home but of course, you won’t leave it all behind.

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Best Beach Bags For Moms

Mesh Beach Handbag- A pretty popular Amazon beach bag is this relatively inexpensive mesh handbag which comes in over 10 colors. It is multifunctional too. Take it to the beach, bring it along to the grocery store or use it as a snack bag for outings.

Hoxis’s mesh bag is lightweight. The straps are thin so take that into consideration with the number of items you pack.

Big Mesh Mummy Backpack- One of the best beach backpacks for moms is the TYR Big Mesh Mummy backpack because it’s spacious and allows you to keep your hands free while lugging the cooler down to the beach.

  • Large main compartment.
  • Zipper compartment.
  • Water bottle pocket.
  • 14L capacity.

Oversized Ribbon Straw Beach Tote- Mark & Graham’s Oversized Ribbon Straw beach tote is both stylish and a large beach bag for moms. Of course, in true Mark & Graham fashion, you can have it monogrammed too.

  • Dimenisions 18″w x 7.5″d x 12.5″h.
  • Comes in 5 colors.

The size alone makes it one of the best family beach bags.

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Graham XL- Probably one of the best beach bags, if you’re heading to the beach with a toddler, and a good pool bag for moms, is the Graham XL by STATE.

It’s a hybrid of a tote and carryall luggage. The Graham has a capacity of 42L so it’s large enough to fit everything you need.

  • Spot clean when needed.
  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • If you need a beach bag for travel, there’s also a slip sleeve in the back to add to your luggage.
  • (2) interior pockets

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Personalized Beach Bag- A super cute personalized tote made from burlap. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to your favorite beach lover.

Oversized Canvas Beach Tote- I don’t know about you but I love a bag that you can use for multiple different things. This oversized canvas beach tote is just that.  

It comes in both large and jumbo. You can also have it personalized with a name or saying of your choosing. Multiple options for text color so pick your favorite.

Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote- Quick-drying and machine washable. A win for us all. The Neoprene bag comes in large and extra large. There’s a removable board and you can detach the shoulder pad.

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Yeti Camino 35 Carryall- I mean can you really go wrong with anything Yeti? Use the Camino carryall all-purpose utility bag as your waterproof beach tote.

  • The base is sturdy enough to keep the Camino upright.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes in 5 colors.
  • A phenomenal all-purpose bag for any adventure.

There’s also a Camino 20 if you are looking for something a little smaller.

Beach Please Tote- A colorful tote that says “Beach Please”. Large enough to get all of your beach essentials into it. There’s one size for this bag and the dimensions are 20″ width x 13″ height x 9″ depth.

Caparica Zip Eponge Tote- A cute tote for the beach is this Caparica Zip Eponge tote made of terry towel. Zip closure to keep everything together.

Amazing size for those moms who need to bring along the whole family with dimensions at 22 inches by 14.5 inches. Comes in blush and white.

F-color Mesh Beach Bag- For those who prefer to take mesh to the beach this F-color mesh bag is probably the best beach bag for moms for many reasons. For starters it’s affordable and its large capacity.  

It can hold up to 160 pounds. You can pack 4-6 beach towels which should cover the whole family or come really close.

  • 8 exterior pockets.
  • Lightweight.
  • (4) exterior rings to hold keys, toys, and bottles.

Bogg Bag- The popular Bogg bag is great for its multi-use function. You can use it as a family beach bag for all your essentials or even a pool bag.

Later turn it into a grocery bag or even fill it with goodies for your next road trip.

We know how messy things can get with our kids this bag is completely washable and it won’t tip over once packed to the gills.

  • Comes in lots of fun colors.
  • Two clear insert bags are included.

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Accessories For Mom’s Beach Bag

Cabana Stripe Velour Towels- Large soft and durable high-quality beach and pool towels that are 100% cotton. These cabana beach towels also come in a pack of 4.

Lightweight and quick drying.

Water Bottle- Once upon a time the Stanley was primarily used by campers now it’s a huge favorite among mothers.

Why are Stanley cups so popular? 

 Because they come in a variety of beautiful colors, the Quencher can hold up to 40 ounces, there’s a side handle for easy carrying and it can fit in a car’s cupholder.

Use it for outdoor activities, working out or simply to stay hydrated.

You can sip on this thing for hours!

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Reusable.
  • Your drink will stay cold for hours.

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Hydro Flask Bowl- It’s always nice to eat out at the surrounding restaurants while at the beach but it’s even better to save a few bucks and bring your own food and snacks.

The insulated stainless steel Hydro Flask bowl comes in three sizes to keep your food warm or cold. Three, five, and nine-quart bowls.

Tatami Beach Chair- This beach chair will have you feeling like you’re the coolest kid on the beach. A collapsable beach chair that makes for easy transport.

  • Ground-level seat.
  • Comes in four colors.
  • You can use it at the beach, poolside, or while watching your kids play with their water toys.

Sunscreen- You just can’t leave home without it.

WiHoo Portable Fan–The WiHoo is battery or USB powered. It has a flexible tripod design which makes it very versatile. You can stand it up or wrap it around a chair, stroller, or wherever you need it.

Whether a clip-on or a tripod, a fan is a beach must-have.

During the summer months, we take this fan just about everywhere to stay cool. Although my little one tries to keep it all to himself.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker- You can’t go wrong with a portable Bluetooth speaker when thinking about what to bring to the beach.

JBL Clip 3 is:

  • Waterproof.
  • 10 hours of play.
  • Noise-canceling.
  • Wireless streaming.

We have several JBL speakers throughout our home and we love them.

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Straw visor- Can you really go to the beach without putting a sun hat in a beach bag for mom? A hat that provides sun protection, and is stylish makes for the best of both worlds

This straw visor is:

Wide brim


UPF 50

Sunglasses- There’s nothing like a good pair of Quay sunglasses.

Mesh Beach Shell Bags– If you are taking the kids then of course you have to look for some hidden treasures, right? Collect all the seashells in these smaller-sized meshed bags and leave a little sand behind.

  • A pack of three, orange, yellow and blue.
  • Carry it on the shoulder or crossbody.
  • Dimensions are 9.4″L x 8.6″W x 3″H.

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Beach Hacks

Spray Bottle- If you are looking for a good beach hack for moms or on any hot day, purchase a cheap spray bottle and fill it with water. Use it as a mist to keep everyone cool on hot summer days or while at the beach.

Grocery Bag- If you have no interest in purchasing a beach bag a reusable grocery bag will work great too. You can decorate it if you want and make it your permanent best beach bag for moms until it can longer hold up.

Whether you are headed to the beach with girlfriends or with kiddos in tow, I hope you have the best summer ever! Let this post on the best beach bag for moms be your guide to finding the perfect one for your style and needs.


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