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Oh Crap Potty Training: Boys are easy

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Oh Crap Potty Training in 3 days, boys are easy! It is totally realistic and possible!  I started the potty-training process when Joakim was around 20 months he was showing signs of readiness, but the first time around was not successful.  For starters I was not consistent.  He went to the potty in the AM and PM, I would put a diaper on in between those times.  If he threw a complete tantrum and did not want to go potty, I put a diaper on, and we went on about our day.

Ok, so I’m going to share my potty training tips and our experience using the Oh Crap Potty Training method.

Now let me explain how we did it.  Firstly, I discovered Oh Crap! Potty Training.  The book is gold!  Second, we ditched the potty seat because he never wanted to use it anyway and purchased what has become one of the best potty chair we’ve used.  These two items were a game changer!

grey and white potty training chair

We purchased two potty chairs one for downstairs and another for upstairs.  We take one everywhere we go!  I say the potty chair was a game changer because it gave him a sense of independence.  It allowed him to take the initiative.  He did just that!  By the end of day 1 he was telling us he had to go “potty” the only thing he wanted from us was to stand nearby.  By day 2 he was going to the potty without telling us he had to go.  He would just walk directly to it and do what he needed to do.

Breaking down how to potty train in 3 days by the book and our experience.

Oh Crap Potty Training Book

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Before You Start Your Successful Journey

I am no expert in potty training, even though I felt like one after reading Oh Crap! Potty

Training. LOL Everyone is going to have an opinion about whether your child is old enough to start.  Only share it with the people who are involved with the process.


With Oh Crap Potty Training, rewards are not recommended.  We followed this and did not give rewards.  We praised our son every time he went to the potty, especially when he went without needing prompting or needing to tell us he had to go.  For that, we felt he deserved great praise.

Potty Training Boys

We heard it over and over again, potty training boys is hard to do.  Somehow they are so much harder than girls.  While I have never potty trained a little girl, it wasn’t by any means difficult for us to potty train our son.  We had no challenges at all, like none!  I’ve come to the conclusion that boys are harder truly is a myth.

Boys do need to start off in a sitting position on their potty chair in the beginning and using the big toilet may be a bit much to start unless you are using a potty seat.

Overtime, with a little direction and help, they will learn how to use the bathroom in the standup position.  They will also gain more interest and confidence in using the “big potty”.   Our son now lets us know his preference for the “big potty” or the potty.

Oh Crap Potty Training Method Age

According to the author potty training is easiest between the ages of 20 and 30 months.  Twenty-four months is ideal.  Twenty-four months is when we restarted with Joakim.  I must say the process was so easy with him for 2 reasons.

  • Ty and I were able to tag team and we both were committed.  So much so we set a date of when we were going to start, and we did not leave our house during that block of days.
  • He was seeking independence at this age, so it was perfect. I consider this to be the primary reason we were able to potty train in 3 days.
Toddler sitting in potty chair.


Get rid of the diaper!  No bottoms of any kind except for nap time and bedtime.  The author also recommends going commando for about a month we followed this advice as well which meant no underpants under pants/shorts.  We stuck to easy access clothing because he did not need to wear anything that was too restrictive or difficult to get off an on when he was learning how to go potty.  After one month of commando we purchased these training pants.  These were great because accidents happen, and they are much thicker to hold in small accidents.

3 pack boy  potty training pants in blue and white strips


Here you have two choices.  Do night and daytime together or tackle daytime separately but be sure to address nighttime no later than 3 ½ yrs. old.  We did day and night together and if I am being honest this one was hard because who wants to get up in the middle of the night?!  NOBODY!!  We took turns with one eye open and one eye closed we got him out of bed to potty around the same time every night. On the third night he started telling us whether he needed to go or not once awakened.  From there he would wake up in the middle of the night on his own to tell us he needed to go “pee pee”.


There is an entire chapter dedicated to poop because it is that big of a deal for them.  Hurricane Jo held his for 2 days!  Ty was ready to put a diaper on just so he would go but I was able to talk him out of it because I was certain it would hinder our progress.  We had made great strides in just 2 days putting on a diaper would mean we were headed down the path of inconsistency.

To make him feel a little more comfortable we chant “get out my belly” “get out my belly” and it worked and still does! 


  • Know your daycare’s policy or your nanny’s opinion on assisting with the process.
  • Learn your child’s pee and poop patterns in order to provide this information to your child’s care provider.
  • Determine a phase that your child will use at home and in daycare when they have to go potty.  Potty was our word.  We would say do you have to go potty? Or Joakim would say potty mommy/daddy.
  • You may need to bring a diaper or pull-up for daycare.  Check with your daycare.
  • Be sure your child knows which daycare provider will assist them with the potty.
  • Have a discussion about your child’s privacy.

Tip:  Any and everything you can think of is covered in the book!  You must be committed and consistent.  If either of these pose a challenge, then you should wait until you can give it 100%. 

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Oh Crap Potty Training FAQs

What age should you start potty training your child?

The age range between twenty and thirty months is great.  As I mentioned above, 24 months was a good age to start for us.  Kids are looking for more independence. They are eager to learn and be outstanding little helpers.  They want applause for everything they do, and like the author states, they are much more interested in pleasing their parents around this age.

Does the 3 day potty training method work?

Whether your child will be potty trained within 3 days totally depends on your child.  It can certainly take longer than 3 days.  But Oh Crap Potty Training 3 day method absolutely works, it gives all the tools you need to have a successful experience.  It’s a step-by-step guide and everything that you can think of or didn’t think of is there for you.

We had great success and our son was potty trained in 3 days.

Why is potty training so hard?

In my personal opinion and experience, potty training can be difficult because of inconsistency. If you are not dedicated to the process and consistent, it’s a hard task to complete.

Is a 4-year-old too old not to be potty trained?

You may run into some trouble with daycare and preschools.  Many preschools want your child to be potty trained around this age.  The author of Oh Crap Potty Training talks a lot about having to deal with behavior issues at the age of 36 months and older and your child gaining and wanting much more independence which can in turn create “power struggles”.

What is the Oh Crap Potty Training Method?

The Oh Crap Potty Training Method is a realistic no nonsense step-by-step guide to tackling potty training in 3 to 7 days or however long it may take your child.  Because every child is unique!

Should you punish your child when potty training?

No, you shouldn’t punish your child when potty training.  Accidents will happen and they need your guidance and direction.  It is our job to watch our toddlers like a hawk while they are learning.

What should you not do when potty training?

  1. You shouldn’t have a full schedule while potty training
  2. Don’t rush your child
  3. No need to punish them
  4. Pull-ups are not needed
  5. Don’t leave the potty chair behind.  Take it with you even for outside play.  When they have to go they have to go!
  6. Don’t be impatient! 


  • Amanda Hallman
    July 6, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    No where was this when I was teaching LJ! It would have saved me many headaches! That kid did not want to poop in a potty to save his life!!

    • Mo
      July 7, 2020 at 12:34 am

      It is gold! There is so much I never even thought about. I can now completely understand why it may take longer if you don’t have some type of direction or guidance.


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