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So often when we think about gifts for expecting moms and new mother’s, baby items often make their way into the conversations. Our bodies go through many changes while pregnant and our postpartum body is another change to get used to. I solely created this list of gift ideas for expecting moms with the mom-to-be in mind.  

They make for the best mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts for the expectant mom and baby shower gift ideas to show the soon to be mom she should be showered too or for any partner looking for gifts for their pregnant wife.

Since I work with pregnant moms, I often get asked what are the best gifts for expecting moms. Here’s my gift guide which covers a wide range of options for mom.

Personalized Pregnancy Gifts

The Mama Collection- The mama collection provides two options of a hammered coin necklace or bracelet with “mama” written on each charm.

Mama Necklace- The “mama” necklace comes in yellow gold, rose gold or silver. They can dress it up or down to add a spark to mom’s look! Another option for a personalized gift for expectant moms is a custom necklace with your baby’s name.

Sentimental Gifts For Expecting Mothers

Baby Countdown Scan FrameAllows you to take your baby’s first photo and frame it along with a countdown to the day you get to meet your little one. A sweet card can also be added. Be sure to check the shipping details.

Letters to my baby- Letters to my baby provide three “prompts” with 12 letters which can be filled with memories and messages to your baby to seal, date and give to your little one at your selected date.

Heartbeat Necklace- The customizable heartbeat necklace is created by a sonogram photo or scan of the sound-waves.

These all make for the sweetest mom to be Mother’s Day gifts.

Gifts For Moms To Be

Mama Sweatshirt Comes in two colors with colorful letters on the front for an over-sized look. Some other mama sweatshirt options.

Pregnancy Affirmation CardsThese affirmation cards are what every expecting mom needs as a reminder she is doing great and to trust herself and her body as the pregnancy goes along. Be sure to check shipping.

The Doula Deck For Expecting & New Moms- The doula deck includes 78 cards that take you through pregnancy, delivery and the beginning of mom life. The cards provide daily affirmation, meditation and exercises.

Nespresso Deluxe Coffee Maker- Lets face it, mom life is hard and we are often running on little sleep and coffee. The Nespresso machine makes it quick and easy to pop in a coffee pod to get the day started.

Ember Coffee Mug

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smart LED
  • Temperatures range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Birkenstocks- A huge pregnancy surprise body change for me was my feet growing a whole size bigger! As mom’s belly grows, the last thing she will want to do is bend over and tie her shows. Having a pair of sandals that support mom’s growing feet and are easy to put on is a must have gift for expectant moms. Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals are a less expensive waterproof sandal which is even better for summer.

Pregnancy Gift Basket

Sunflower Motherhood gift box comes with a 

  • belly support band, 
  • nighttime belly cream
  • pregnancy tea
  • morning sickness drops
  • nausea relief drink mix
  • pregnancy deodorant
  • foot cream
  • candle 

These are all wonderful gifts for expecting moms whether purchased together or individually.

Bump Box- Another great mom-to-be gift set is the bump box. This gift set for expectant moms covers the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s filled with a water bottle, fruit and veggie stickers that illustrate the baby’s current size, a nausea band, bath bombs and essential oils.

Hatch-To-Hospital Box

  • Organic bamboo brief
  • Organic bamboo nightgown
  • Organic bamboo robe
  • Cozy socks

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 Self-Care Gifts For Expecting Moms

The Sleep Stone- Is a lotion bar that you warm by rubbing in the palm of your hands. It melts on contact then massages into your skin. It’s made with raw cocoa butter, lavender and chamomile.

Milk & Honey Milk Bath Soak– Simply add a few tablespoons to warm running bath water and enjoy! It’s made with coconut milk, vanilla and lemon peel oil.

Pajama Set– This set would be great to pack in your hospital bag for your hospital stay and also makes for easier access if you are breastfeeding.

Heat Pillow– Pregnancy can be tiring and down right exhausting and as your baby grows so does the aches and pains. A heating pad used safely can help provide some comfort. Some hospitals no longer provide heating pads to patients so this is also great to have if you wanted to make sure you could use one in the hospital.

Face Moisturizer– A natural hydrating facial moisturizer to add a glow to your skin. You can use my code: VIRGINIA15 for 15% off.

Razor Kit– At some point shaving becomes a challenge, am I right? The Billie razor is encased with charcoal shave soap to make for a smooth glide and I promise the cream is even better.

Slippers- Soft fleece slippers.

Pregnancy Gifts For First Time Moms

QueaseEase- QueaseEase was my all time go to for nausea. I wanted to avoid using any medication if I didn’t have to and this made all the difference for me. I carried one everywhere! In pockets, my purse, work-bag, bedside table and even one in the bathroom.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Drug Free
  • All Natural

Bracoo Maternity Belt– The Bracoo was recommended to me by my OBGYN and is a pregnancy must have for expecting and first moms. It’s adjustable, and it helps lift your belly up to provide better back support. It’s also one size which fits up to a size 20.

Body Pillow– Another pregnancy must have and a necessary gift for expecting moms is the Leachco Total Body Pillow. Often you hear expectant moms talk about their struggles to sleep at night and the inability to get comfortable. The body pillow can be positioned in so many ways to provide comfort. The cover is also washable.

A good pair of denim jeans– I think we all can admit maternity clothing is not always the most flattering or provides the greatest fit. I found the brand Luxe Essential to be one of my go to for maternity jeans.

Free Apps For New Moms

Belly Balm– To help soothe mama’s stretched skin and to help with stretch marks, two of my favorites are Burt’s Bees belly balm and Earth Mama belly balm.

A nourishing Prenatal Vitamin- Every soon to be mom needs a good prenatal vitamin to take during pregnancy. My husband and I do not use any other vitamins but MegaFoods. I took these throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum and continue to take them now. Three years after delivery!

They are made with whole foods and the active form of folic acid, methylfolate.  This is not medical advice so please be sure to check with your provider on which prenatal vitamin is right for you.

Maternity Fold Over Panties

Cute Animal Booties A sweet congratulation gift for the expecting parents.

Mama’s Resting Socks

A Labor & Delivery Gown/ Night Gown

Trust me, these are all mommy to be gift ideas she will actually use!

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Pregnancy Books For First Time Moms

  1. Big Activity Book: The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant PeopleThe activity book has quizzes, mazes, fill in the blanks and journal pages.
  2. Safe Baby Handling TipsA funny way to guide you through taking care of your new baby safely.
  3. Mom & Me & MomAward-Winning Author Maya Angelou details her relationship with her mother. Sent to live with her grandmother at 3 and years later learning to build a relationship and feelings of abandonment with her mother.
  4. 1000 Questions About Your Pregnancy– Written by a Board Certified OBGYN, Dr Thurston answers 1,000 of the most commonly asked pregnancy questions. This book will keep new parents informed and can become your go to resource guide.

Mommy & Me Books

Everything Is Mama

Mommy And Me Don’t Match

Mommy & Me

Just Me and My Mom

Luxury Gifts For Expecting Mothers

If you’re wondering how to dress the bump, Free People has beautiful dresses to make you look stylish while pregnant. Their clothing runs on the bigger side so they were always my go to dress the bump for a more stylish look without wearing actual maternity clothes. Two favorites are the Edie Dress and the Feeling Groovy Maxi.

Golden Goose– A cool distressed pair of luxury sneakers when the expecting mom wants to switch out her heels for a pair of comfortable sneakers. Or a cute pair of Veja sneakers.

Budhagirl Bangles– Nine bracelets in a set, waterproof, soundproof and each created to represent an intention for your day. 

Fedora Straw Hat- A nice straw Fedora hat is always a good idea for summer baby moons!

Gifts For Expecting Mothers From The Husband

  • Book a prenatal massage but be mindful some businesses will decline to perform a massage during the first trimester. Check out the benefits of a prenatal massage.
  • A maternity photography session.

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Gifts For New Moms After Birth

  • Celebrate with mom by gifting her some goodies from the famous bakery, Milk Bar.
  • Cleaning service.

Some extra gifts for expecting moms

For more gift ideas you can follow along on my LTK Creator page!

FAQ- Gifts For Expecting Moms

What should a pregnant mom buy for the first time?

  1. New bras to adjust to the change in breast size. Motherhood Maternity.
  2. Pregnancy/body pillow
  3. QueaseEase
  4. Compression socks
  5. Maternity belt
  6. Maternity denim jeans
  7. Belly balm

How do you pamper a pregnant woman?

  • Spa day
  • A maternity photography session. Add on a beautiful dress, hair and makeup.

How can I pamper my wife during pregnancy?

  • Cook a nice meal.
  • Send her for a manicure and pedicure.
  • Give her flowers.

What makes pregnant women happy?

  • Lots of compliments.
  • Love and affection.

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