The Best Gifts For Expecting Dads

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The best gifts for expecting dads! Do expectant fathers celebrate Father’s Day? They absolutely should! A man steps into his role as a father from the very beginning. It’s an achievement and one of life’s greatest accomplishments. That bond that’s established between mother and unborn baby, the soon-to-be dad, is a part of that bond as well.

But for the calendar day, we often wonder what Father’s Day gifts for expecting dads we should even buy.

So often once a couple finds out they are expecting all the attention usually goes to mom and dad is often left out. From the very beginning, we should celebrate the expectant father in the same way we do, mom. Every day should be Father’s Day for the hardworking dad.

These are exceptional gifts for expecting fathers, Christmas gifts for expecting dads, and any other time you want to put a smile on his face.

Here’s a list of some of the best gift ideas for expecting dads. You can also follow along on LTK for more gift ideas.

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Gift Ideas For Expecting Dads

We all know as new parents, we are exhausted in the beginning stages. We are functioning on very little sleep and surviving on coffee.

AirTag- Now and again, we very well may forget where we placed our keys. When thinking about useful expecting dad gifts or electronic gifts for dad, the Apple Airtag comes to mind.  

They can help keep us all on track and find what we are looking for. If the Airtags are attached to your phone or even your wallet, the “Find My” on your iPhone can take you right to it.

You can play a sound to lead you right to your keys and the app will show you the exact distance and what direction to head in.

Works well with iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

To attach your Airtag to your phone, the Airtag Loop is one of the best options. The OtterBox Rugged case provides better protection.

Yeti Rambler- Another useful present for daddy is a Yeti cup. We have a few different Yeti cups and they are by far my husband’s favorite!

They will keep the new dad’s drinks (hot or cold) at the perfect temperature for hours. This is important when you have a new baby and it’s taking you hours to finish that one cup of coffee. LOL, The lid stays secure so the chances of you losing your drink are slim.

A practical gift for dad!

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Man Crate–The Man Crate gift box makes an awesome birthday gift for an expecting dad. The Man Crate has a variety of options from a Beer Can Chicken Crate, and Moscow Mule Crate, to a Pit Master Barbecue Crate. The best part is the crates need to be opened with a crowbar.

Father & Baby Bombas Socks- The cutest expectant father gifts are a set of Bombas slippers for the new dad and baby.  

  • Sizes for the dad are medium to Xtra-large.
  • 6-12 Months for baby.
  • Half slipper, half sock with grips at the bottom.
  • With each purchase, they donate a pair of slippers to a homeless shelter.

New Balance- Good expecting dad gifts will always be a pair of running sneakers because as the baby grows which is rather quickly dad will spend most days chasing after his little one.

Best Dad Slippers- A good first-time dad gift is a pair of “best dad” slippers to keep his feet nice and comfy.

Gun Massager- Finding out you’re going to be a new parent can be scary and stressful. Gift the daddy to be with a handheld massage gun.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker- When some dads find out, mom is expecting, they suddenly are eating for two as well. When thinking about a gift for the expectant father, this is it. LOL The dual breakfast sandwich maker!

Letters to My Baby–With letters to my baby dad-to-be, can write a sweet message and later add memories to give to your child at a later date.  

All 12 letters begin with a sweet prompt such as “my wishes for you are”, dad can fill in the rest! One of the best gifts for expecting dads that is sure to make them smile.

Cool Gifts For Expectant Dads

The Dad Hoodie-If you think dad wouldn’t be interested in carrying around a diaper bag of any kind, The Dad Hoodie is the next best thing! It provides 6 inside pockets with mesh lining to carry items such as a few diapers, a pacifier, a small snack, a toy or 2, and a sippy cup. Talk about cool gifts for expectant dads and unique gifts for dad, the best!

Promoted To Daddy Whiskey Glass–You’ve created a little one and now it’s time to let everyone know when his role as dad was established, with a whiskey glass as a gift for an expecting father.

Dad’s Sippy Cup Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Adulting is hard! Parenting is hard, and every now and again, a spirit is needed.

These are also the best gifts for expectant dads who want nothing and dads who have everything!

Best Books For Soon To Be Dads

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide For Dads-to-Be

The Expectant Father covers everything from what your partner is going through, both physically and emotionally, the development of your baby to deliver, your transition into fatherhood, and how you as the dad-to-be can get involved and stay involved.

We’re Parents! The First-Time Dad’s Guide To Baby’s First Year.

We’re Parents take you through the first year of your baby’s life to set you up for success from the very beginning. It’s an easy read and provides charts to help you with each milestone, a simple task like burping your baby, and tips for how to help around the house.

A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

Give a few corny dad jokes books as gifts for daddy-to-be. I have to admit, “A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes” is full of cheesy dad jokes that actually make you chuckle.

Diaper Bag Backpack Gifts For Soon To Be Dads

Active Doodie Dad Diaper Bag– Macho diaper bag, anyone? This diaper bag has it all! The bag includes a changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, stroller straps, and plenty of compartment space for toys, snacks, and all the extras babies need. It’s an expectant dad gift he would be proud to carry around!

Quinton Backpack- Some dads like to carry around the bare minimum and if a “manly” baby diaper backpack is not his thing, purchase a backpack he’s willing to use. Backpacks with enough storage for some baby items and dads are exceptional gifts for an expecting father. The Quinton backpack is stylish in design and large enough to carry what’s needed for baby.

  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • 2 Front pockets.
  • The inside has 2 small pockets and a pocket for a computer.

New Crew Backpack- Another good father’s day gift for expecting dads is the New Crew backpack.

  • Outside pocket for a water bottle which can be exchanged for a baby bottle and later for a sippy cup.
  • Outside zipper pocket.
  • Pocket for a laptop.
  • And an interior pocket for all other new dad essentials.

Father’s Day Gifts For Expecting Dads

Expectant Daddy Gift Box– A soon to be dad father’s day gift is this daddy gift box which includes a water bottle, What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting book, “Hello My New Name is Daddy” Socks, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon, and Nivea Men hand cream. 

You can also purchase gift wrapping for the expectant dad. 

Dad Sweatshirt- A meaningful, expectant father gift from Etsy is an established dad sweatshirt. You can have it personalized with the year the sweet dad will be officially a father.

  • Sizes small to 4x in men.
  • Available as a crewneck or hoodie.

A less personalized sweatshirt with just “DAD” written across the center with two color choices is also an option.

Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo T-shirts- For dads who want to take part in skin-to-skin bonding time. The Banderoo comes with a velcro strap that allows you to easily make adjustments for skin-to-skin contact and keep your baby warm. A sentimental gift for the expecting dad.

Turntable & Speakers Matching Set

You Can Do This Dad Onesie

Baby and Papa Bear Matching Set

What to get expecting dads? A matching t-shirt and onesie for the father-to-be and newborn baby or a onesie full of words to boost dad’s confidence.

Towel Warmer- A fabulous father-to-be father’s day gift is a towel warmer. When it’s time for the new dad to bathe the baby, he can be sure to keep his new bundle nice and warm.

  • Auto shut off.
  • Large capacity.
  • Can hold oversized bath towels, robes, throw blankets, and pajamas.
  • Items may be heated for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes before it automatically shuts off.
  • Cord storage so no one will trip and fall.
  • Indoor use only.

Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine

When you become a parent, the days are long, and the nights are even longer!

If you’re a coffee drinker, having that fresh cup of coffee to start your day is one of the most important things you need to get going after a long night. When you have to leave the home, you’ll have your “dad fuel” coffee mug and portable coffee maker cold or hot to keep you going.

Dual Charger- What’s a better soon-to-be dad gift than a dual charger to make sure dad’s phone is always on the ready when mom needs him.

Funny Gifts For Expectant Dads

Can Cooler- The best funny gifts for expectant dads is this can cooler which reads, “It’s Not A Dad Bod, It’s A Father Figure”. This can cooler is hilarious and a great way for dad to have a good laugh.

New Parent Decision Coin- Flip a coin to decide if it’s daddy’s turn or mummy’s turn to do the next diaper change, feed, or who’s going to burp the baby. 

Engraved Spoon- Dad’s Cereal Killer Spoon–This is a great funny gift for new dads. There are other sweet and cool engraved statements for the expecting dad.

Dadvil–You can order a box or a bottle and fill it with dad’s favorite candy. Fill the Dadvil bottle with candy that resembles medicine.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty ApronOne of the most helpful things a new dad can do is learn to change diapers and be in control of diaper duty. These are some hilarious and creative gifts for dads to be options that have everything he needs.

Some items included:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Clothespins
  • Face mask

Best Books For Expecting Dads & Child

One of the sweetest bonding moments for a new dad and his new child is storytime. It’s an unforgettable time spent that will eventually turn into a nightly routine that your child will grow to look forward to. Children’s books are some of the best daddy-to-be gifts.

I Love You, Daddy

Just Me and My Dad

My Dad is Amazing!

Daddy’s Arm

Budget-Friendly Baby Carrier For Dads

As new parents, you will quickly learn the importance of having your hands free. The Infantino Baby Carrier is affordable with multiple ways to wear it and a great starter gift idea for expectant fathers.

  • The weight range is 8-32 lbs.  
  • It’s also washable.  
  • The downside to this carrier, was our son was a butterball, he outgrew this one rather quickly.

Christmas Gifts For Expecting Dads

Pregnancy Announcement Mug- The perfect gift for the dad to be from their wife is the boyfriend, fiance, husband to dad mug. 

With each milestone of your relationship, they can place the established date on the mug.

  • 11 oz white ceramic mug.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.

This would also make the best Valentine’s gift for expecting dads!

Baby Sonogram Photo Frame– The proud father can place a photo within his workplace to show off his new bundle. Makes a great sentimental expectant father’s day gift.

Ultrasound Ornament- Another personalized pregnancy gift for dad is a baby ultrasound ornament. It’s ceramic, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches tall with a sweet message on the front.

Personalized first-time dad gifts

If you are unsure what to get a new dad after birth, personalized first-time dad gifts are some of the best gifts to give.

Face Pajama Pants- Another way to congratulate the expecting dad is by gifting him a pair of pajamas with the mom or baby’s face on them.

You can see my husband’s on my LTK page.

Face Mug–The face mug is one of the ultimate gifts for expecting dads to serve as your reminder to keep going!

Face Socks– My husband loves these socks and tells anyone who will listen they should get a pair. These Divvyup socks come in a variety of colors and are of outstanding quality. You simply upload a photo of your choice. This can be done from your mobile too and the rest is taken care of.

Gourmet Gift Baskets– Shower the new parents with a gourmet gift basket filled with treats they love!

Home Chef Meal Delivery Gift Card– You can purchase a gift card for the parents to be. The last thing exhausted parents want to have to worry about is cooking meals.

Gift cards can be purchased in the amounts of $65, $125, and $250. The most popular amount is $65, which covers 3 meals for 2 people!

Prime Membership/Amazon Fresh

Prime membership is a wonderful gift to give to new parents, especially with having the option to grocery shop via Amazon fresh. Never having to leave the house with a 2-hour delivery. Convenience is a lifesaver for new parents and anything that can help make the adjustment as new parents a little easier is needed.  Not only is shopping for everyday items an option but you can also stream movies and t.v. shows with your prime membership.

You can choose 3 months or a 12-month plan for the expectant parents. 

Wine Subscription– Gift a wine subscription for 1, 2, or 3 months!

Phone Sanitizer- Phone soap 3 UV Smartphone– The phone soap is another significant gift for expecting mom and dad to have, considering the times we are in. We wash our hands, and Clorox every item in our home. Why not sanitize our phones too?!

  • Sanitizes all smartphones.
  • Cleans smartwatches and headphones too.
  • USB port and USB C port for charging.

Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera

As new parents, you’re going to want to take photos of every single thing.  To you, every little thing will be photo-worthy.  First bath at home, picture!  New facial expression, wait I need a picture! The Canon is a great option to document life and capture all the beautiful moments.  It will all fly by so quickly.  Capture all those adorable moments you don’t want to forget!

Gifts For Expecting Dads FAQs

How does Amazon Fresh work?

  • Grocery delivery and pickup service in select cities.
  • Shop groceries and essentials.
  • Local 2hr delivery.
  • Many brands to choose from for food items including 365 by Whole Foods.

What should you stock up on before having a baby?

  1. Meals- We didn’t do this and boy, do I wish we had.  Make meals you can freeze to eat later.  You are exhausted most days. The last thing you want to do is cook.
  2. Stock up on your favorite foods
  3. Kitchen stables
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Burp cloths

How can a father prepare for his first child?

  1. Attend birthing classes– You will learn various labor techniques and how to support your partner through labor and delivery.
  2. Attend parenting classes- In parenting classes, you will learn the basics of caring for a newborn such as changing diapers, feeding, and bathing.
  3. Breastfeeding classes-Are an excellent opportunity for parents to ask questions about breastfeeding and try to prepare for it.  Things you may learn-nursing positions, feeding cues, diaper count, when to seek help, and plenty more.
  4. Attend as many appointments as you can.  This will keep the dad in the know, and he will be able to see what the baby is doing in the womb on ultrasound and mom will feel supported.
  5. Learn how dads can support breastfeeding
  6. Help determine your child’s pediatrician
  7. You may also enjoy 7 things no one tells you before having kids

What do you get expecting parents for Christmas?

These are some of the best gifts for expecting parents for Christmas! I listed the full details of each item above.

What to get an expecting father?

  • Letters for dad to write to his baby.
  • Sonogram photo frame.
  • A whiskey decanter globe set.
  • A cigar whiskey glass.
  • Dad’s own personal sippy cup.
  • A budget-friendly baby carrier.
  • A Kangaroo shirt for skin-to-skin.
  • Matching t-shirt and onesie.
  • Books for dad to read at bedtime.
  • Diaper duty apron.
  • Face socks with a photo of his new bundle.
  • A man crate.

What should be in a daddy survival kit?

  1. All his favorite snacks
  2. A red bull
  3. A cigar
  4. A message of motivation
  5. Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  6. Small bottle of lotion
  7. An extra diaper
  8. An extra pacifier
  9. A notepad
  10. Dad’s pregnancy handbook
  11. Dad survival kit bag

Do the fathers go to the baby shower?

Fathers can absolutely go to the baby shower. Co-ed baby showers are a great way to include dad in the joys of becoming a new parent. It is also a great way for the expecting dad to thank guests for their generosity.

I hope you find this list of gifts for expecting dads helpful! Dads deserve more than a tie. 😉 Enjoy!

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