Fun Baby Shower Games Printable For Your Next Celebration

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Welcome to the wild world of baby showers, where pregnant women are celebrated, diaper cakes reign supreme, and taste-testing baby food becomes a competitive sporting event. But despite all the chaos and excitement, one question remains: why on earth should we use baby shower games printable? 

In today’s digital age, there’s a creative alternative that’s taking the baby shower game scene by storm – printable baby shower games! No to scrambling days before the shower to find physical game supplies or worrying about costly shipping fees. With printables at your disposal, you can easily add fun and entertainment to your event while keeping things budget-friendly. 

Let’s get into it!

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Why Use Printable Baby Shower Games

First, let’s talk about why printable baby shower games are so much fun to use at baby showers.

1. Convenience in Preparation:

Printable baby shower games eliminate the hassle of searching for physical game materials or making last-minute arrangements. With just a few clicks, you can easily download and print out various game templates right from home. This saves you time and also makes sure you’ll have everything you need for a fun celebration.  

2. Icebreakers:

Often guests attending the baby shower may not know each other well. Printable games can act as icebreakers, creating conversations and fostering relationships between people in attendance. As they go against each other in a little friendly competition or discuss answers on their game sheets, they naturally start to bond with one another. 

3. Entertainment:

There are various types of printable baby shower games like trivia quizzes, charades, word searches, mad libs, and guessing games – there’s something for everyone. You won’t have any issues keeping your guests entertained the entire time.

4. Memorable Keepsakes:

Many printable baby shower games offer options for guests to leave their creative mark or share heartfelt wishes for the parents-to-be. From advice cards, wish lists, and memory keepsake pages. Some of these you may even want to frame.

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Baby Shower Games Printable

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Bundle- Everything you need for a fun baby shower event is right here in this Winnie the Pooh bundle. Sixty-six pages of goodness.

So what’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Welcome to baby shower page.
  • Invitations(print out the amount you need).
  • Baby shower game instructions.
  • ”Don’t Say Baby” name tags.
  • ”Which Parent” questionnaire.
  • Baby shower Bingo.
  • Guess the price game.
  • Baby shower alphabet game.
  • Word scramble baby shower game with answers.
  • Birthday predictions.
  • Food label.
  • Cake toppers.
  • Napkin wrappers.
  • (5) Utensil holders.
  • Bag toppers.
  • Water bottle labels.
  • Tent cards.
  • Baby shower banner with all letters of the alphabet and spacers. Create your own message or slogan.
Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Printables.

If you plan on doing a Diaper Raffle you can take a look at these honeycomb raffle tickets.

Baby Shower Games Pack- These 5-inch x 7-inch downloadable baby shower games are the perfect size to put the entire pack at each guest seat during set-up so they’ll be all ready to play along when the time comes.

What’s included:

  • ”Guess Who?”
  • Word Scramble.
  • Name Race.
  • Baby Scattergories.
  • Dirty Diaper-name that poop.
  • Pacifier Hunt.
  • Name That Song.
  • Hopes & wishes for baby.
  • Guess the gender(print as many as you need).
Printable Baby Shower Games.

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Other Baby Shower Game Ideas

1. Guess the Baby Food: Blindfold guests and have them taste different flavors of baby food, asking them to guess what each one is. 

2. Diaper Change Challenge: Have guests race against the clock to see who can change a diaper the fastest (using dolls or baby items). 

3. Name That Baby Tune: Play snippets of popular lullabies or children’s songs and have guests guess the name of each tune. 

4. Who Knows Mom Best?: Create a quiz about the mom-to-be, including questions about her favorite things, childhood memories, and pregnancy facts. 

5. Memory Game: Fill a tray with various baby items and let guests study it for a few minutes before covering it up. Then ask them to write down as many items as they can remember. 

6. Onesie Decorating Contest: Provide plain white onesies and fabric markers for guests to decorate their own unique designs for the new arrival. This one is so fun and creates an everlasting memory.

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Tips For Using Printable Games At A Baby Shower

1. Choose the Right Games: When selecting baby shower games to print, consider the interests of your guests. Would they prefer trivia quizzes or interactive activities like word searches? Pick a mix of games that cater to different tastes so there’s something for everyone. 

2. Print in Advance: Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure you print out all the game materials well in advance. This way, you can avoid any unexpected tech glitches or running out of ink when it matters most. The worst, right?

3. Stock Up on Supplies: Ensure you have enough writing materials such as pens, pencils, markers, or colored crayons available for your guests to use during game time. 

4. Decide on Prizes & Favors: Determine what prizes winners will receive for each game you play. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It can be something as small as a 5-dollar gift card from Starbucks.

5. Capture Memories with Photos: Plan to take lots of photos to remember this day. You’re the guest of honor so if you can have a family or friend ready to capture moments of the day.

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Printable baby shower games offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for hosts looking to add entertainment and fun to their celebrations. There’s a wide variety of options. Whether it’s a classic bingo or an interactive quiz, these games can easily suit any baby shower theme. The convenience of printing them at home allows for flexibility in last-minute preparations. Printable baby shower games are certainly worth considering to add some extra fun to the occasion without breaking the bank.

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