Minimalist Diaper Bag For The Minimalist Mom

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When you’re a first-time mom getting prepared for your newborn’s arrival you think you have to pack the entire house into the diaper bag in order to be prepared and have a successful day out. Because after all, we don’t know what we don’t know, right?

You don’t. I promise.

Yes, there are things that are a must that you need to pack in your minimalist diaper bag or you’ll instantly regret ever leaving the house in the first place. And of course, if you have multiples you’ll need their things too but you still don’t need everything you own.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mindset you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink to survive outings but as time goes on and you learn your kid’s habits you’ll quickly realize you can get by with the bare minimum diaper bag necessities.

Ok so here’s your diaper bag list:

  • Diapers
  • (1) change of clothes
  • Diaper cream (this one is questionable)
  • Wet bag
  • Changing pad
  • Snacks
  • Blanket
  • Items for formula feeding
  • A toy
  • Pacifier & clip

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Best Minimalist Diaper Bag

Indi Diaper Backpack- If you’ve been around for a little then you know I love a good Dagne Dover bag. A favorite bag of mine is the Indi backpack which makes the perfect minimalist diaper backpack. 

It’s an incredible everyday backpack to use and the best for moms needing to upgrade their backpacks.

What makes this the best minimalist diaper bag? The Indi comes in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large, so if you are looking for a small diaper bag you’re covered with three options to choose from. It’s simple but sleek and available in 4 colors with seasonal colors thrown in. But when the seasonal colors are gone, they’re gone! 

The small or medium is a good choice for moms with toddlers or the minimalist mama. If you have multiples, you can get large and still keep things to a minimum.

  • Washable zipper bag.
  • (2) External front zipper pockets.
  • Insulated bottle holder.
  • Inside pockets with magnetic closure and velcro.
  • Luggage sleeve.
  • Clips for stroller attachment.
  • Mesh changing pad.
  • A Scout pouch for smaller items.
  • (2) Key leashes.
  • Exterior and internal pockets.

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Capri Diaper Tote- As a minimalist, something you should consider when purchasing a diaper bag is its maintenance and care of it. The 7 AM Capri diaper tote is washable!  It’s compact so you should be able to get just what you need in it.

You can also wear it crossbody or carry it as a tote.

The Capri is lightweight and made with cushioned shoulder handles.

  • Interior pockets.
  • An interior zippered wallet pouch.
  • 2 hook and loop D-rings for stroller attachments.

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Kibou Vegan Leather Bag- Call it what you want a belt bag for moms or a diaper bag, your choice. But the Kibou is definitely a fanny bag that takes the place of a bulky diaper bag.

Wear it as a crossbody pack or around the waist and take it everywhere and look stylish and be the minimalist mama you’re trying to be while hands-free.

There’s a built-in waterproof pocket to hold lots of wet wipes and a detachable changing pad.

  • Comes in 8 colors.
  • Vegan leather.
  • Key or pacifier hook.
  • Space for cash and credit cards.

A major plus with the Kibou diaper bag is it leaves no one behind with its size inclusivity. You can adjust the straps from XS to XL or add the belt extender for up to 3XL.

Beis Diaper Backpack Tote- The cutest little versatile diaper bag is the Beis diaper backpack tote. Not only is it a stylish minimal diaper bag but you can use it later as a work, travel, or gym bag.

You can wear it as a tote with the top handles or as a backpack and the strap is removable.

  • Zipper closure.
  • Front zipper pocket.
  • Insulated bottle pockets.
  • Large changing pad.
  • Luggage sleeve and stroller straps.
  • Interior laptop pocket.

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Minimalist Diaper Bag List

Diapers- Of course the most obvious on the list are diapers. Whether you use disposable or cloth, you can’t leave home without them. Pack enough for every 2-hour diaper change. But if you know you won’t be out for long bring at least two diapers and you should be good.

Diaper cream– There are two camps with diaper cream being a diaper bag essential. There’s one group that believes you need to put diaper cream on at every diaper change.  

There’s another who believes you use it when you need it. I’m in this camp. If you don’t need it, then it truly doesn’t need to take up space in your diaper bag.

Wipes- No need to bring along a full pack of wipes. Use an on-the-go wipes dispenser. It will take up much less space.

Wet Bags- I swear by wet bags. You don’t need a large one, a small or medium size will do. The wet bag is where you can put the extra clothes until you need them or you have to put dirty items in the wet bag.

They hold in smells and prevent anything else in your bag from getting dirty because the soiled items are sealed and covered. If there’s nowhere to throw away a disposable diaper put it in your wet bag. If you use cloth diapers, put everything in there, dirty diapers and dirty clothes. Everything can go in the wash once home. Put your clean wet bag back into the diaper bag.

If you don’t have a wet bag and you don’t want to purchase one, then bring along a ziplock bag. But you’ll have to bring a new one every time.

Changing Pad- If your diaper bag does not include a changing pad you’ll need one to bring along or you can use a blanket.

Pacifier- If your baby uses a pacifier pack it along with a holder and a clip. The holder is optional but without a clip, you will lose a lot of pacifiers.

Baby Blanket- Either a muslin or a receiving blanket. You can use it either as a changing pad, car seat cover, burp cloth, or nursing cover if you need to. And of course to cover your baby.

When you want to carry around a simple diaper bag, you get creative and use what you have without having to bring everything with you.

Food/Drinks- You’ll need to pack a few snacks and a good water bottle for yourself. If you have a toddler, they will need their own snacks and a sippy cup.

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Breastmilk/Formula- If you’re a breastfeeding mom you won’t need much in the way of supplies for feeding. If you prefer to be covered while nursing put the muslin or receiving blanket to use.

For formula, bring along your ready-to-use milk. When using powder, to save space pack a formula dispenser and put the exact amount of formula you need in it. Save space for water and a bottle or a bottle with water already in it.

A few extras:

  • Bring along any medicine for yourself and your little one that you may need while out.
  • Sunscreen and hand lotion for hot days and dry hands.
  • You can add hand sanitizer if you prefer but you could also clean your hands with baby wipes that are already packed away in the diaper bag. If they are good enough to clean your baby’s bottom they are good enough to clean your hands.
  • Toys and/or a teething ring to keep your little one happy.

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Kiinde Compact Travel Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk- If you have any Kiinde products then you know it’s a great brand. With the Kiinde compact travel bottle warmer, you don’t need any electricity or batteries to use it.

You can pour hot water into the insulated container, and it will remain hot all day. You can warm both milk and food in Kiinde pouches or food jars.

Tommee Tippee Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer – Like the Kiinde the Tommee Tippee can store and keep hot water hot for when you need it but for a lesser price.

It’s designed to hold Tomme Tippee closer to nature bottles but can warm a wide range of baby food jars and pouches.

They are both great for parents on the go.

That’s it. That’s my list for a minimalist diaper bag for the minimalist mama. Feel free to let me know if you would add or take out anything.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of a diaper bag?

While diaper bags are ideal for carrying around your children’s necessities they are not a must. What you can use instead of a diaper bag is a tote bag, backpack, or even your favorite purse. As long as these bags can fit everything thing you need for you and your kids.

How do you pack a minimal diaper bag?

You can pack a minimal diaper bag by packing only the essentials. Instead of packing every single thing you can think of only pack the necessities for a day out.

Can you just use a regular backpack as a diaper bag?

You can use a regular backpack as a diaper bag. Just make sure there’s enough room to fit the items you need in it.

What is the most functional diaper bag?

A backpack diaper bag is one of the most functional diaper bags because it allows you to keep your hands free which is much needed when you have little ones. There’s usually plenty of space, pockets and a changing pad included.

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