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Fun Printable Winter Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Snowman in front of a building.
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Hey there, friends. Winter is upon us and so is a winter break for our kids, bringing along chilly mornings and cozy evenings. But just because it’s cold outside and our little ones aren’t in school doesn’t mean you can’t keep them busy with some fun printable winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers. 

In fact, these are winter activities for all kids of lower elementary ages. They are two of my favorite winter theme activities for preschoolers that can keep kids entertained indoors or out. Whether it’s playing a fun game building a snowman or going outside to learn about the life cycle of a snowflake. I’ve got you covered with some fun winter activities-printable style. 

Oh, and for the teachers out there, any of these winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers would make a great winter lesson plan for preschoolers and beyond.

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Winter Activities For Preschoolers

Snowman Building Fun: These printable snowman-building activity sheets will get everyone involved and excited about who will be the winner. In this game, the first person to completely build their snowman, which means a fully clothed snowman with a cute little face is the winner. Fun, interactive, and creative, right? They’ll cut out and assemble various parts of the snowman, the bonus is this all helps boost their fine motor skills while encouraging their creative side.

But first, they will have to roll the die to get started.

What’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Instructions on how to play the game.
  • A blank printable snowman.
  • Parts of the face to build your snowman. Like the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • One face page to represent what item can be placed on your snowman depending on the color you get after rolling the die. For example: if the die lands on green you can place eyelashes on your snowman.
  • Shoes and mittens to cut out and decorate your snowman.
  • One shoe and mitten page for rolling the die.
  • A hat page. Various styles of hats to decorate your snowman.
  • One hat page for rolling the die.
  • One page of cute buttons.
  • A button page for rolling the die.
  • Pick a scarf, any scarf. One page of scarves for decorating your snowman.
  • Scarf page for rolling the die.
  • Printable die to cut, fold, and glue or tape together.
Printable build a snowman winter activities for kids.

Finally, you won’t need snow to build a snowman, making this the perfect snowman activity for preschool. I recommend printing all pages on cardstock paper.

Snow Learning Unit: Bring the beauty of snowflakes indoors. This Snow Learning Unit includes the perfect school-age activities for winter from learning about the life cycle of a snowflake to counting snowflakes. They’ll learn some cool facts about snow too.

What’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Cool facts about snow.
  • The life cycle of a snowflake.
  • Name each cycle of a snowflake.
  • Types of snowflakes.
  • Snowflake matching.
  • Labels to cut out for matching and naming the life cycle.
  • Snowflake counting 1-10.
  • Free space to draw different snowflakes.
Snow learning unit study.

For this unit study, I recommend printing on cardstock paper as well and laminating each page.

Why use printables as preschool winter activities you ask? First, printables provide a wide range of educational opportunities. From enhancing motor skills to counting exercises, they allow kids to develop essential skills while having fun. Whether it’s practicing fine motor skills by cutting along dotted lines or learning about shapes and numbers through interactive worksheets, printables offer endless possibilities for teaching important concepts in an enjoyable way. 

Another reason printables are ideal for preschool winter activities is their convenience. With just a few clicks, you can easily find and download what you need. No need to spend hours searching for activity ideas or gathering supplies–everything is right at your fingertips. Plus, since most printables are very affordable, they won’t break the bank either.

Printables also foster creativity and imagination in young kids. Projects like a paper snowman encourage kids to think outside the box as they decorate and personalize their creations.

They promote independent learning and self-paced exploration, who doesn’t love that? They come with simple instructions or prompts that help kids work on tasks at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. 

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What Are Winter Activities For Toddlers?

If you are looking for some non-printable winter preschool activities here is a list of some fun ideas:

1. Building Snowmen: What better way to embrace the snowy season than by building a real snowman? Gather some sticks for arms, pebbles or buttons for eyes, and a nice thick carrot for a nose. This just might bring back memories from your childhood.

2. Sledding: Grab a sturdy sled and head to your nearest hillside or park that has safe sledding spots. At my house, we don’t get much snow so we’ve never actually purchased sleds. But we’ve been known to grab a trash bag or two and have a blast.

3. Ice Skating: Take them ice skating at an indoor rink or outdoors if you have one in your area. Holding hands or using supportive aids can help build their confidence.

4. Make Snow Angels: Who doesn’t love falling back into a pile of snow flapping your legs and arms to make an angel? For the younger toddlers, this just might be the perfect winter theme activity. It’s simple.

 5. Winter Nature Walks: Put on those cozy winter boots and go exploring outside with your toddler. Check out nearby parks or wooded areas where they can see icicles hanging from branches and spot animal footprints in the fresh snow. 

6. Indoor Obstacle Course: On especially cold days when venturing outside may not be ideal, create an exciting indoor obstacle course using cushions, blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows. 

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Make the winter season fun by letting your little ones get creative. With these printable winter activities for preschoolers, you can keep them entertained and engaged while playfully helping their growth. From building snowmen to identifying snowflakes, there’s something for everyone to do. 

So, whether you’re a preschool teacher or a parent seeking engaging winter activities for your little ones, printables are an absolute lifesaver. They offer educational value, convenience, creativity, independent learning opportunities, and–fun! 

Happy printing and happy playing winter activities for toddlers and preschoolers! Enjoy.

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Winter Activities For Kids FAQs

How do I keep my 3-year-old busy in the winter?

1. Indoor treasure hunt: Hide small toys or objects around the house and create a fun treasure map for your little one to follow. This can keep them engaged and entertained. 

2. Sensory playtime: Set up a sensory table with different materials such as rice, beans, or colored water. Let your child explore these textures and use cups, spoons, or funnels for added excitement. 

3. Arts and crafts: Create a designated arts and crafts area where your 3-year-old can let their creativity flow. Provide them with coloring books, crayons, washable markers, construction paper, glue sticks, and child-safe scissors to encourage imaginative artwork. 

4. Story-time: Choose some of your child’s favorite books and encourage them to act out the stories using puppets or stuffed animals as characters. 

5. Dance party time: Clear some space in the living room, put on their favorite music playlist, and let loose together! Dancing is a great way to have fun while staying active indoors during winter days. 

6. Baking: Involve your little one in simple baking activities like making cookies or cupcakes together. And don’t forget to let them lick the spoon! 

7. Building forts: Building a fort is always a good idea. Gather blankets, pillows, and chairs to construct a cozy fort in the living room.

 8. Puzzles and board games: Introduce age-appropriate puzzles or board games that your 3-year-old can enjoy with you or siblings. 

How do you teach preschoolers about winter?

There are so many ways to teach preschoolers about winter from vocabulary to everyday items that are worn during the winter months. Winter activities for toddlers are a great way to do this.

1. Winter Vocabulary: Encourage children to learn new terms like snowflake, ice, frost, snowman, mittens, boots, and sleds.

2. Sensory Activities: Plan sensory activities such as touching snow or ice cubes to familiarize preschoolers with the sensations they might encounter during winter outings. 

 3. Learn About Winter Animals: Preschoolers love animals! Take this opportunity to explore creatures that thrive during winter, such as penguins, polar bears, and arctic foxes.

4. Winter-themed books and Songs

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