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Printable Penguin Activity Pack For Kids

Penguin activity pack with penguins shown.
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If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity to keep your kids entertained, I’ve got you covered with a printable penguin activity pack. Penguins are fascinating and extremely cute little creatures that grab the imaginations of both kids and their grown-ups alike. There are various types of penguin activities but in this post the focus is on a printable penguin activity pack that’s filled with matching games, a maze and a word search game to keep the kiddos thinking. An easy penguin activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners. 

Penguins, those lovable creatures of the icy Antarctic regions, are not only adorable but also exciting subjects for kids’ activities so let’s get into it.

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Why Penguins?

A Fascination for Children

I mean seriously, isn’t the one creature that never fails to grab a kid’s attention the penguin? It must be the waddle and their adorable appearance. Or could it be the fascination of penguins’ natural environment in Antarctica and other cold regions? 

Either way penguins show social behavior that is very similar to a tight-knight family and if that is something our little kids are used to it will definitely resonate with them. 

Another big factor contributing to the fascination with penguins is they have made their way into everything from movies, cartoons to stuffed animals. Does “Happy Feet” come to mind? I even loved that one. LOL.

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Penguin Activity PDF

Penguin Arctic Animal Matching Games: Learn about the anatomy of the Emperor and King penguin. Then play a fun matching game and match up various penguins like the Gentoo or the Southern Rockhopper penguin.  

What’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Emperor and King penguin anatomy.
  • (8) Various penguin species flash cards.
  • (16) Flash cards for matching games.
  • Penguin maze with answer key.
  • Types of penguin word search with answer key.

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Interesting Facts About Penguins 

Here are some interesting facts about penguins that make them intriguing and educational for kids.

  • Social Birds: Penguins are highly social animals; they live in large colonies called rookeries or colonies. Kids can learn about teamwork and cooperation by studying how penguins work together to protect themselves from predators and harsh weather.
  • Parenting Skills: Unlike many other birds, both male and female penguins actively participate in parenting duties. Male penguins take turns incubating the eggs on their feet while females go off to hunt for food.
  • Diverse Species: There is actually a wide variety of penguin species with unique characteristics and appearances.
  • Dive Masters: Penguins are excellent divers! 
  • Special Tuxedo-Like Appearance: The distinctive black-and-white feathers of these flightless birds serves multiple purposes–it camouflages them underwater from predators below, while their white bellies blend with sunlight when viewed from above, protecting them from air threats like seabirds.
  • Waddling Walks: Helps them conserve energy and maintain balance on slippery ice. 
  • Fast Swimmers 

Want more penguin facts? Check out World Animal Protection.

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Other Penguin Activity Ideas

Have some fun with these other penguin ideas.

1. Penguin waddle race: Set up a course and have everyone try to waddle like penguins from one end to the other. 

2. Fish toss game: Use stuffed fish toys or cutouts of fish and have the kids try to toss them into a hoop or container, imitating how penguins catch fish. 

3. Penguin art craft: Provide materials for kids to create their own penguin artwork using paper, paint, and other craft supplies. 

4. Penguin dance party: Play upbeat music and encourage participants to dance like penguins with flapping wings and waddling movements. 

5. Freeze tag with a twist: Play freeze tag but instead of freezing when tagged, players must lie down on their stomachs and pretend to be penguins sliding on ice until they are unfrozen. 

6. Penguin relay race: Divide all the kids into teams and set up a relay race where team members take turns running with an egg (or ball) between their feet, mimicking how penguins carry eggs on their feet. 

8. Build a cardboard igloo: Provide cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, and markers for kids to work together in building life-sized igloos that resemble those used by penguins for shelter. 

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The printable penguin activity pack is an excellent resource for engaging and entertaining children. With a variety of activities that promote learning, creativity, and fine motor skills development, this pack provides lots of educational fun. From matching games to word searches. The convenience of printing these activities at home allows parents and educators to easily incorporate them into penguin lesson plans for kindergarten or keep the kids entertained during travel or downtime. The printable penguin activity pack is an awesome tool that combines education with entertainment.

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