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Easy Mother’s Day Printable Crafts For Kids

Mother's Day Crafts For Kids with flowers in each corner.
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There’s nothing more special than the sweet gifts we get from our kids on Mother’s Day but the personalized gifts that bring out their little personalities are absolutely the best. You just can’t go wrong with Mother’s Day printable crafts they can create and design themselves. So forget the last-minute run to the store with Dad for a bouquet of flowers and some generic greeting card. This time around let’s get crafty with Mother’s Day crafts for 3-5-year-olds. 

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Why Use Printable Crafts For Mother’s Day

One of the biggest benefits of printable Mother’s Day crafts is convenience. They’re so easy to download and print out the templates. If the kids want to get started the night before or the morning of they’re just a few clicks away. 

As I mentioned before another great thing about printable crafts is that the kids can add their own personal touch. Whether it’s getting help with a sweet message or picking out different colors and designs. The final look is all up to them. Each craft will be unique and special–just like Mama!

And let’s not forget about the cost-effectiveness of printable crafts. Your kids can create beautiful gifts without breaking the bank. The biggest plus of them all.

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Mother’s Day Printable Crafts

Mother’s Day Paper Craft Bouquet- These sweet Paper Craft Bouquets can be used as Mother’s Day crafts for grandma and mom alike. There are a few different ways your kids can use these. First, they have the option of colorful done-for-you flowers and vases or they can use the bouquet template and use the colors of their choosing.

What’s included:

  • (12) pages in total to include the cover page.
  • (2) pages of done-for-you colorful flowers and flower petals.
  • (1) done-for-you paper vase.
  • (1) coloring page.
  • (6) pages to design flowers, vases, flowerpot, and flower petals.
  • (1) instruction page.

This is the perfect Mother’s Day craft for kindergarteners.

Printable flower bouquet.

My First Mother’s Day Puzzles- The perfect Mother’s Day crafts preschool printables. This is for the bigger toddlers to help with motor skills, color identification, and matching all while celebrating Mama.

What’s included: 

  • (3) puzzles.
  • (1) instruction page.

I recommend printing on cardstock paper as well as laminating each puzzle for longevity.

Printable Mother's Day puzzle with a Koala.

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DIY Ideas

Here are a few more ideas to add to your Mother’s Day printable crafts:

1. Printable recipe cards for Mom’s favorite dishes, with space to write in your own special touch. 

2. Customized Mother’s Day coupons for things like a day off from chores or a homemade spa day. 

3. Personalized photo frames Mom can print and assemble herself, adding her favorite family pictures. 

4. Handmade card designs with heartfelt messages that you can print out and decorate. 

5. Printable scrapbook pages for creating a memory book filled with all of Mom’s favorite moments. 

6. Customizable planner pages for Mom to organize her schedule and keep track of important dates and appointments. 

7. Printable bookmarks with personalized messages to remind Mom how much you appreciate her love and support. 

8. Crafty projects like DIY jewelry-making kits or sewing patterns that Mom can enjoy creating on her special day.

Grab my set of 6 printable Mother’s Day cards. There’s even one for grandma!

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Mother’s Day printable crafts are a fun and thoughtful way to show appreciation for the special women in our lives. They allow our kids to express their love and gratitude in a creative way. So grab your scissors, markers, and printables, and get ready to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

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