The Ultimate Back To School Checklist

Back to school printable checklist
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Hey friends! As summer draws to a close and the school year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about getting back into the swing of things. Whether your little ones are heading off to preschool or gearing up for their senior year of high school, having a solid back-to-school checklist can help make the transition smoother for everyone. From healthcare needs and keeping check of parent-teacher conferences to everyday school reminders, I’ve got you covered with an ultimate back-to-school checklist to ensure a successful start to the school year. 

The start of a new school year is always filled with a mix of excitement and nerves. On one hand, there’s the thrill of getting back together with friends, meeting new teachers, and diving into new subjects. There’s also the anticipation of all the fun activities and events that come along with a new school year. The possibilities are endless. But let’s not forget about those butterflies in our stomachs. Will they be able to handle the new subjects? What if they get lost trying to find their classes? And don’t even get me started on those first-day-of-school jitters for everyone. The kids and the grownups, right?  But remember, we’re all in this together. Take a deep breath, put on your best smile, and your best first-day school carpool outfit, and embrace everything that this new school year has to offer. Let’s make it a great year.

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How Do Kids & Parents Prepare For The Start of a New School Year

Whether you’re headed back to in-person learning or homeschooling, it’s important to be prepared and ready. One way to ease any anxiety is to get organized. Together help your kiddos pick out their backpack, lunchbox, and school supplies. I think this helps not only make them feel more in control but also gets them excited about starting fresh. It’s also a good idea to establish a routine before the first day of school. Start going to bed earlier and waking up at the same time each morning to get into the swing of things. This will help make those early mornings a little easier once school starts. 

As for parents, preparing for the new school year can be just as hectic. Make sure all necessary paperwork is filled out and returned on time, such as emergency contact forms and medical information. Take some time to review your child’s schedule and familiarize yourself with any changes or updates including bus routes.  Try to stock up on easy-to-make breakfast items and healthy snacks for those busy mornings when everyone is rushing out the door. Check-in with your kids about their concerns or fears about returning to school. And remember to give yourself grace. 

So here’s to a successful start to the new school year. Let’s make this year one full of growth, learning, and fun memories!

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Back To School Checklist Printable

Using a printable back-to-school checklist is a simple and effective way to reduce stress and check that everything gets done before the first day of school. Having a checklist can help keep you organized and on track. With so many things to remember, from buying school supplies to scheduling doctor’s appointments, it’s easy to forget something important. A checklist ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Second, a printable checklist allows you to see what needs to be done and easily check off tasks as you complete them. 

Back to school checklist printable

What’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • Undated monthly schedule.
  • To-do list
  • Monday-Friday(before school, after school, and before bed) daily checklist.
  • Weekly schedule.
  • After-school reminders.
  • Before school reminders.

I recommend laminating each page on cardstock paper.

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Back to School Checklist for Parents

1. Don’t forget to stock up on school supplies like pencils, notebooks, and backpacks. 

2. A few new outfits for the upcoming year.

3. Schedule a visit to the dentist and doctor for a back-to-school checkup. 

4. Set up a designated homework area in your home with all necessary supplies. 

5. Make sure transportation to and from school is arranged, whether it be by bus, carpool, or walking. 

6. Update any necessary forms or paperwork required by the school, such as emergency contact information. 

7. Meet with your child’s teacher(s) to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the upcoming school year. 

8. When possible, plan out lunches and snacks to take to school each day. 

9. Create a daily routine or schedule for getting ready in the morning and doing homework in the evening. 

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1. Parent-Teacher Communication Apps: Most schools now use apps or online platforms that allow parents to easily communicate with teachers, check on assignments, and receive updates on their kid’s progress. Download any necessary apps to stay in the know. 

2. Email: Make sure you have an updated email address on file with your child’s school to receive important announcements, newsletters, and teacher updates. 

3. Phone Numbers: Keep a list of important phone numbers handy, including the main office at your child’s school, teacher contact information, and emergency contacts. 

4. School Website: Bookmark the school’s website for easy access to information about events, policies, and resources. 

5. Social Media Groups: Join parent groups or social media pages associated with your child’s school for other communication opportunities and community building. 

6. Have a designated spot at home where important papers and permission slips can be easily found and signed. 

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Healthcare Needs

 Be prepared and ready for all healthcare needs. 

1. Schedule a check-up with the pediatrician: It’s never a bad idea to get checked out before heading back to school and if their annual pediatrician visit is already scheduled even better. During this time you can address any health concerns and make sure your child is up-to-date on required vaccinations. 

2. Stock up on necessary medications: Refill prescriptions, have an ample supply of over-the-counter medications if needed, and have all required paperwork turned in to the school nurse.

3. Update emergency contact information: Make sure that the school has accurate contact information in case of emergencies. This includes phone numbers for parents, guardians, and other trusted individuals who you’ve signed off on in case of illness or injury. 

4. Stay informed about health guidelines at school: Familiarize yourself with the school’s policies regarding illnesses such as fevers and what steps you should take if your kids show symptoms or come into contact with someone who is sick. 

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It’s time to start thinking about transportation options for your kids. 

1. Check the bus schedule: Make sure you know when and where the bus will pick up and drop off. Double-check any changes that may have been made since last year. 

2. Review carpool arrangements: Confirm details with the other parents and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

3. Stock up on school supplies: Don’t forget to have all necessary items ready for your child’s backpack–including pencils, notebooks, and any other essentials they might need for their commute. 

4. Plan bike or walking routes: If your kids bike like many kids in my neighborhood or walk to school, map out safe routes ahead of time and remind them of important safety tips. 

5. Practice good habits: Encourage your child to always wear a helmet while biking, use crosswalks when walking, and follow bus rules when riding–safety first! 

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As you head into the new school year, armed with your back-to-school checklist printable, remember to embrace the chaos and unpredictability that comes with a new year. From missing socks to forgotten lunchboxes, there will always be some kind of issue along the way. 

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