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Lunchbox Notes Positive Affirmations For Kids Printable

Colorful Kids Positive Affirmation Lunchbox Notes
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You know how we add little sweet treats to our kid’s lunch boxes? Well, here’s a colorful and cute confidence builder to add as well. Whether they’re going to school, summer camp, on a road trip or just need to start their day off right add these affirmations pdf. These positive affirmation printables for kids are a playful way to help boost your kid’s confidence and self-esteem. 

Let’s help our kids develop a positive mindset and believe in themselves. Sprinkle some positivity all over their day because the sky is the limit.

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positive affirmations for kids printable with astronauts and dinosaurs.

Lunchbox Notes Positive Affirmations For Kids Printable

These simple and colorful notes can be a great way to remind your child how amazing they are and keep them encouraged throughout the day. Feel free to get creative with these by adding stickers, drawings, or even personalized messages on the back from you. They’ll love finding these sweet surprises in their lunch box each day.

What’s included:

  • Cover page.
  • (40) cards on 11-inch by 8.5-inch paper.
  • (6) pages total.

I highly recommend printing on cardstock paper. You can also laminate each card if you like for longevity.

Digital download positive affirmations for kids.

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List of Positive Affirmations For Kids

So how can you add positive affirmations into your kid’s daily routine? You can start by choosing a few simple phrases that may inspire your kids such as.

1. I am loved and valued just as I am. 

2. I am capable. 

3. I choose kindness and compassion. 

4. I am unique with special gifts to share.

 5. I believe in myself and my abilities. 

6. Challenges help me grow stronger and more resilient. 

7. I am smart. 

8. You are a problem solver. 

9. It’s okay to make mistakes, they help me grow. 

10. I am kind.

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Importance of Teaching Kids Positive Affirmations

Let’s talk about the importance of teaching kids positive affirmations. 

There’s nothing more powerful than starting their day off with positive affirmations for kids shared with them by their parents. The most important people in their universe. By repeating positive affirmations frequently, kids can start to believe in themselves and their abilities. When kids hear positive words spoken to them regularly, it helps to cut down the noise of other negativity they may hear. It also teaches them how to speak kindly to themselves and others. 

My all-time favorite way to use positive affirmations for kids is during challenging moments or when my little man is in his feelings. I try to remind him of his strengths and it encourages him to keep trying even when things get tough. 

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These lunchbox notes positive affirmations for kids printable can be a great way to help boost a kid’s self-esteem and confidence. Let’s celebrate our child’s unique qualities and strengths, and remind them daily of how special they are. We can spread love, kindness, and positivity to our children through positive affirmations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do positive affirmations work for kids?

Wondering if positive affirmations work for kids? Why yes, yes they do. It makes a world of difference to speak positivity to kids; it builds confidence and boosts self-esteem.

How do you teach a child positive affirmations?

1. Start by explaining what positive affirmations are and how they help. 

2. Let them choose their own positive affirmations. This will make the positive affirmation printable more meaningful and personal for them. 

3. Create a habit of saying them before bedtime or in the morning when they wake up. 

4. Do your daily affirmations together as a family. 

What are positive thoughts for kids?

Positive thoughts for kids are like a burst of joy that can help them feel good about themselves and confident. Positive thoughts can simply be all the things we are grateful for like our family, friends, and even all the fun things they get to do.

Positive affirmations for kids are joyful statements like “I am strong,” “I am kind,” or “I can do anything I set my mind to.” 

Why are words of affirmation important for kids?

Words of affirmation are like magic for kids – they can help kids boost their confidence, and self-esteem, and inspire them to be their best selves. When we speak words of love, encouragement, and praise to our kids, we are planting seeds of positivity that will grow into a strong sense of self-worth. Kids thrive on positive reinforcement!

They need to hear that they are loved, valued, and capable. Words of affirmation help them feel seen and understood. 

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