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Field Trip Lunch Ideas For Kids

Fun sandwhich and cheese for kids
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Some of their favorite time during the school year are those days when they get to leave the classroom on a learning adventure. While it is fun and exciting for our kids, field trips can be stressful for us. Why? Because we have to come up with field trip lunch ideas. Whether it’s camp, school field trip lunch ideas, or kid’s disposable field trip lunches they’ll need foods that don’t require refrigeration.

While it can be a brown bag lunch which requires no refrigeration all these items can go into a reusable container too. One less thing to throw away, right?

Ok, hear me out. Now, I get it – planning ahead can seem like just another item on your never-ending to-do list. But trust me when I say that a little bit of prep work goes a long way. Think about it: the last-minute rush ends with munching on nothing but potato chips and sugary snacks. But, if you prepare it can look more like a well-rounded lunch with protein, carbs, fruits, and veggies to keep their bellies satisfied. So when you’re packing up for a field trip, take a few extra minutes to plan out some nutritious options. Remember: a little bit of planning now means a whole lot less hangry meltdowns later. 

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Healthy Field Trip Lunch Ideas For Kids

Here are some ideas for field trip lunches that are not only nutritious but also yummy: 

1. Turkey and cheese roll-ups: Take a whole grain tortilla and spread some hummus or cream cheese on it. Add slices of turkey, cheese, lettuce, and any other veggies your child likes. Roll it up tightly and cut it into bite-sized pieces for easy eating on the go. 

2. Veggie sticks with dip: Pack a variety of colorful veggies like carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes along with a small container of ranch or yogurt-based dip for dipping. 

3. Fruit salad: Mix together a medley of your kid’s favorite fruits like berries, melon, grapes, and kiwi in a portable container for a refreshing snack. This is one of my son’s favorites.

4. Peanut butter banana wraps: Spread peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap or tortilla, add sliced bananas, drizzle with honey or sprinkle with cinnamon, then roll up and slice into pinwheels. 

5. Trail mix: Make your own trail mix by combining nuts (like almonds or cashews), seeds (such as pumpkin seeds), dried fruit (like raisins or cranberries), and maybe even some dark chocolate chips for a sweet treat.

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Ideas For Side Dishes 

1. Fruits: Fresh fruits are always a hit with kids! Pack a variety of options such as sliced apples, grapes, berries, or oranges. You can also include fruit cups or dried fruit for easy snacking on the go. 

2. Vegetables: Sneak in some veggies by including crunchy carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, or bell pepper strips. Pair them with a tasty dip like hummus or ranch dressing to make them more appealing. 

3. Yogurt: A creamy and nutritious option that kids love! Choose individual yogurt cups in different flavors or pack Greek yogurt with granola for added crunch. You can also freeze yogurt tubes ahead of time for a refreshing treat. 

4. Whole grain crackers: Add whole grain crackers or pretzels. Pack them with cheese slices or nut butter for added protein.

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Tips For Including Protein-Rich Foods 

1. Pack a protein-packed sandwich with lean meats like turkey or chicken, along with some cheese for extra protein. 

2. Include a small container of mixed nuts or seeds for a crunchy snack that’s also high in protein. 

3. Make a yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit for a tasty and protein-rich treat. 

4. Don’t forget to pack some hard-boiled eggs for an easy and portable source of protein. 

5. Consider making a homemade trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips for a filling snack option. 

6. Pack some string cheese or cheese cubes as an easy on-the-go snack that’s rich in both protein and calcium.

 8. Try making mini wraps with deli meat, cheese, and veggies rolled up in whole-grain tortillas for a fun twist on the traditional sandwich. 

9. Consider adding edamame pods or roasted chickpeas to your field trip lunch as a tasty alternative to nuts for those with allergies.

 10. Homemade protein bars: Bake up a batch of homemade protein bars using ingredients like oats, nut butter, honey, seeds, and dried fruit. Cut them into bite-sized squares for an easy grab-and-go option.  These are so easy to make and you get as creative as you like.

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Vegan Kid’s Field Trip Lunch Ideas 

1. Veggie Wraps: Load up whole wheat or gluten-free wraps with hummus, shredded carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and lettuce for a colorful and tasty lunch. 

2. Quinoa Salad: Cooked quinoa mixed with black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado chunks, and a squeeze of lime juice makes for a hearty and protein-packed salad that kids will love. 

3. Fruit Kabobs: Skewer chunks of watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries for a fun and refreshing snack that’s easy to eat on the go. 

4. Nut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches: Swap out traditional peanut butter for almond or cashew butter spread on whole grain bread with jelly for a classic kid favorite. 

5. Dairy-free yogurt cups or plant-based cheese slices. 

6. Mini falafel pitas with tahini dressing on the side.

7. Vegan pizza pockets filled with marinara sauce and dairy-free cheese.

8. Lentil soup in a thermos for a warm lunch option

9. Energy balls made from dates, nuts, and seeds for a sweet treat packed with nutrients

And don’t forget to include some napkins or wet wipes for easy clean-up after they’ve eaten their lunch. 

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Planning a delicious and nutritious lunch for your kid’s field trip doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little bit of preparation and creativity, you can pack a meal that will keep everyone satisfied throughout the day. Whether you choose to make sandwiches, salads, or wraps, or opt for convenient pre-packaged options, there are plenty of tasty choices to suit every taste preference. Remember to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies within your group and don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and water. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your field trip lunch is as enjoyable as the outing itself!

Happy exploring!

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