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Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers

Printable Thanksgiving scavenger hunt
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Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and of course, delicious food. But a good way to keep the kids entertained and busy during the holiday is with a printable Thanksgiving scavenger hunt made just for preschoolers. This printable comes with an interactive scavenger hunt for Thanksgiving. It is full of colorful pictures for you to check items off as your kids find them.

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 The Concept Of A Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers

1. What is a Scavenger Hunt? Picture this: a treasure map with clues and kids eager to locate each item. That’s what a scavenger hunt is all about. It’s like going on a thrilling adventure where children use their observational skills to track down various items or complete tasks while having an absolute blast. 

2. Scavenger hunts offer countless benefits that go beyond entertainment: a) Cognitive Development: By deciphering clues and searching for objects, preschoolers enhance their critical thinking abilities and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Like finding something bumpy. b) Language Skills: a fun way for kids to expand their vocabulary. c) Physical Activity: Whether indoors or outdoors, these hunts get those little legs moving as children dash around looking for the next item. d) Social Interaction: Working with friends or family members during scavenger hunts nurtures teamwork — essential life skills at any age! 

3. Using a theme: a) a theme adds excitement and makes the hunt more engaging. b) Age-Appropriate Clues: Keep the clues simple and age-appropriate. Using pictures is a great way to tackle a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt for preschoolers. c) Hunt Locations: Scavenger hunts can take place almost anywhere! From your kitchen to venturing into your backyard or local park, adapt the hunt location so there are plenty of opportunities for discovery.

Thanksgiving scavenger hunt with pictures for preschoolers.
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Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

First things first, let’s set the tone for this exciting journey. Picture a warm and cozy atmosphere filled with laughter, gratitude, and some deliciously sweet goodies. Whether you’re a teacher organizing an activity or a parent looking to entertain your little ones, this scavenger hunt will surely make memories. 

Our goal is to find various Thanksgiving-related items scattered throughout our home or somewhere outdoors while enjoying quality time with friends and family. 

So gather your tiny detectives and let’s get into how to do a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt.

To begin, download and print out our free Thanksgiving scavenger hunt template after signing up for my newsletter. You’ll find that each object is age-appropriate and easily accessible. Next if you like you can give them clues to figure out the next item they’re looking for or simply show them the picture. Craft riddles or simple statements that guide them towards each item: 1. “Look under something tall and sturdy where birds often rest; there you’ll find something that falls in many colors.” 2. “Find something orange, soft and made with cinnamon.” 3. “In corners dark or spaces low-to-ground hides something pointy yet soft all around.”

Feel free to adapt these clues based on your specific location or what you have available to you! As the kids search high-and-low for their treasures, encourage them to work together as teams if playing in groups.  

Gather colorful markers or crayons so your little ones can check off each item as they find them.

Setting Up the Game Area: Transform any indoor or outdoor space into an interactive playground by strategically placing the themed items related to Thanksgiving. Think pumpkins, turkeys, leaves—all the things that scream autumn vibes!

Learning Along the Way: Incorporate educational elements into each task within the scavenger hunt. For example, ask children to count the number of pumpkins they find or identify different colors of leaves. 

Don’t forget about safety! 

Wrap up the scavenger hunt by gathering everyone together to share their findings. Celebrate their successes with applause and praise for their hard work in finding all the Thanksgiving-themed items. 

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Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas

1. Small toys and trinkets 

2. Stickers and temporary tattoos 

3. Coloring books and crayons 

4. Play-Doh or modeling clay 

5. Miniature puzzles or brain teasers 

6. Books

7. Bubble wands or bottles of bubbles 

8. Miniature stuffed animals or plush toys 

9. Miniature musical instruments

10. Costume accessories (e.g., crowns, superhero capes) 

11. Personalized certificates or medals for participating in the scavenger hunt 

12. Kid-friendly snacks (e.g., fruit snacks, granola bars) 

13. Watercolor sets with brushes and paper pads 

14. Outdoor exploration kits with magnifying glasses and bug catchers 

15. Craft kits with materials to make bracelets, necklaces, etc. 

16. Glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark toys for nighttime hunts 

17. Mini sports equipment (e.g., foam balls, beanbags) 

18. Puzzle books like maze games. 

19. Finger puppets for storytelling. 

20. Board games or puzzles for family game nights

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Establish Rules For The Game

  • Determine whether they will go on the hunt indoors or outdoors. If weather permitting outdoors provides plenty of space for kids to run around. And you can certainly take a slice of pumpkin pie and a marshmallow or two outdoors.
  • Will you pair the preschoolers into teams or have them work individually with an older sibling or adult by their side?
  • Decide if they have to find every item listed or they need to find as many as possible in an allotted time.

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How To Print & Download

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product. No physical item will be mailed to you. Immediately after signing up for my newsletter you will receive an email. Inside of that email will be your scavenger hunt freebie as a PDF file. Use a computer to download the file. This file is for personal use only. Also, please know printed colors may vary from one computer to another and from printer to printer.

Now that you’ve downloaded your freebie, print it out and have some fun with your family. Print at home or at a print shop. Standard 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper is fine. If you prefer to print and laminate so you don’t have to keep printing over and over you can do that too.

A Thanksgiving scavenger hunt is a fun and educational activity that can engage preschoolers in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the holiday. Whether it takes place outdoors or indoors, it allows our little turkeys to actively participate in the festivities. 

Happy hunting. Enjoy.

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