13 Things To Do In Thailand For Couples

couple in Thailand sitting with umbrella

It didn’t take long at all to put together an itinerary for things to do in Thailand for couples.  What took some time was deciding whether we should go during monsoon season or delay.

Language- Thai

Currency- Thai baht

Best Time To Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is between the months of November through April.  But we went in July during monsoon season.  I was a bit concerned about this, but it did not affect our 2 week stay at all.  For us, it mainly rained at night when we were asleep.

We rarely, if ever, travel during peak season!

Is Bangkok Good For Couples?

I can tell you no matter what time of year you go, Thailand will not disappoint.  Don’t think of it as a place to party for backpackers only. Nope, it’s a great place for romance for couples too.  And if you’re looking for things to do in Thailand with friends, this list will benefit you as well.

Things To Do In Thailand For Couples

Book a private tour

We booked a private tour with Tour With Tong.  I highly recommend private tours for couples over group tours if possible.  We had our own guide who was fantastic.  Your licensed guide will pick you from your hotel and the bonus is your itinerary is flexible.

Grand Palace

statue at the grand palace
grand palace
making a wish at Grand Palace

Wat Pho

The Temple of The Reclining Buddha.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun
Temple of Dawn(Wat Arun)

We explored Wat Arun at night and it was a completely different experience from daytime. Absolutely stunning!

The Maeklong Railway Market

Train Market

One of the most fascinating markets I have ever been to.  At first glance it looks like every other market in Thailand with all the exotic fruits, vegetables and fish swimming in buckets ready to be chopped.  But suddenly a man comes out of nowhere shouting for everyone to back up and get out of the way. Why?  There’s a train coming!  A train so close it makes you wanna suck it all in and hold your breath. Yup! There’s a train literally coming through the market!

fresh fish at train market
dried fish at train market
fruit stand at train market
fresh squid at train market

Floating Market

If it’s your first time in Thailand, I think this is a market that can’t be missed! Whether you go on your own or add it into a guided tour, it’s a must see.  The nice part of having a guide is that they help you bargain a little more aggressively than you may be used to, take you beyond the market to some other little gems like the making of coconut palm sugar. 

woman selling fruit at floating market in boat
Floating Market
Paint The World Couple at floating market in Thailand

Romantic Thailand

Inside the COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, is Nahm restaurant. Nahm is one of the top Michelin star restaurants in Asia.  It’s high on my list of things to do in Thailand for couples and a wonderful change of scenery of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, great service, excellent food and an opportunity to get dressed up for the night.

Thai Massage

The most incredible and painful massage experience ever!  Great couples experience.

Things To Do In Bangkok For Couples

Book a food tour

As you probably already know, lol, we love a good food tour.  Bangkok Food Tour was another way to experience the streets of Bangkok at night.  You get the experience of riding around the city in a tuk tuk with colored lights flashing and Thai music blasting.  There wasn’t a single spot that disappointed.

Popular pad thai restaurant
pad thai in Bangkok thailand

Hang out in Chinatown (Yaowarat Road) & Khao San Road)

Chinatown– Nighttime is the best time to experience Chinatown.  I loved this area.  Lots of good eats and stalls of food.  Lots of unique shops too.  You will certainly be shoulder to shoulder with folks taking in the sights and smells.

Khao San Road–  Khao San road is considered the backpacking district.  If you are into late night shenanigans, Khao san road is for you.  This area is busy all during the day but packed at night.  

Where To Stay In Bangkok For Couples

Lebua Hotel (Bangkok). Lebua has pretty incredible views of the city and it’s also where Hangover 2 was filmed. An amazing rooftop bar. Great service. Great food.

couple at Lebua's roof top bar

Note: Lebua is currently closed because of covid until the end of January.  Be sure to check the website for updates.

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn (Bangkok)- A luxury hotel in the business district of Thailand.

Best Places To Stay In Thailand For Couples

The Shore At Katathani (Phuket)- Private pool villas. Views of the ocean.  This was the perfect place to retreat after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and the activities in Chiang Mai.

couple at the shore at katahani
Shore at katathani
rooms at the shore at katathani

Where To Stay In Chiang Mai

RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort– This spa resort is a great option for couples. Beautiful property, lovely staff and the best Thai massage I ever had, took place here!

Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai is on the Northern side of Thailand.  It is much slower than Bangkok and different cuisine as well.

Elephant Farm

Family of elephants

I understand there is a lot of controversy attached to elephant camps, and everyone has their opinion on whether one should visit an elephant farm and ride the elephants.

bathing elephants thailand

We decided it was something we wanted to do and narrowed it down to the one we thought was the most ethical.  Patara Elephant Farm.

a couple at elephant camp

We fed, rode, swam and bathed them.  In between, we enjoyed a nice picnic with other visitors.

Night Bazar

I’ll start off by saying the night bazar is a little on the touristy side for sure.  But if you want to go into the city for a bit, stop at the bazaar for shops and food and grab a souvenir or 2.

Is Phuket Good For Couples

Absolutely!  Think beautiful beaches and massages with beautiful views.

Phang Nga Bay

Like other places in Thailand, Phang Nga Bay has become famous because of its features in movies such as James Bond and Star Wars.

You can get to Phang Nga Bay by flights from Krabi or Phuket Airport.  There are several boat tours to the island which include stops to the smaller islands as well.

Phuket Big Buddha 

Phuket Big Buddha is a must see while in Phuket.  It’s also a free attraction.  It’s a massive marble white statute that is visible anywhere in Southern Thailand.

Like many attractions in Thailand, the Phuket Big Buddha is a sacred place, so be respectful and dress accordingly.

Kata Noi Beach

We could enjoy Kata Noi Beach every single day while in Phuket.  As I mentioned above, we stayed at The Shore at Katathani while in Phuket.  The resort is a beachfront resort on Kata Noi Beach. 

coconut drinks and a blue hat

These are just a few things to do in Phuket, Thailand. Whether you are looking for things to do in Thailand for couples or friends, I hope you find this list helpful.

Tip: Sometimes using tuk tuk can be more expensive than a taxi.

You may also enjoy 3 days in Arizona.

Things To Do In Thailand For Couples-FAQs

What should I avoid in Thailand?

Attempting to enter temples without having on proper attire.

Avoid accepting the first offer when purchasing items at shops.  Always bargain.

Using a tuk tuk or getting into a taxi without knowing the cost before leaving or insisting on starting the meter.

If it’s your first time in Thailand, avoid leaving your hotel without a hotel card. 

Avoid not trying street food at least once.

What is Thailand famous for?

The land of smiles, street food, beautiful beaches and temples.

What should I wear in Thailand?

While visiting temples, you must wear pants and cover your shoulders.

Do I need injections for Thailand?

There are some injections you will need before visiting Thailand. provides a detailed list of recommended vaccines if you are a United States citizen.

Can you eat fruit in Thailand?

Yes, you can, and there are so many exotic fruits to choose from.

Are there any travel warnings for Thailand?

Do your research on covid travel requirements.  Currently, quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.  If you are a US resident, go to for travel warnings and restrictions.

What is the best time to visit Bangkok?

The best time to visit Thailand is November through April.

What fruit smells like poop?

Durian!  It smells pretty awful and is definitely an acquired taste.  You either love it or you hate it.

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