Because Black Lives Matter: A Resource Guide

Robert E. Lee statue with the face of George Floyd
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Black lives matter! Being black in this country is absolutely exhausting!  Today our son is the cutest little thing you ever did see.  When he is 15, 16 or 20 will he still be the cutest thing you/they ever did see?  Or will he be someone you are afraid of, intimidated by or fearful for your life because he is black?!

The rules do not equally apply

My husband wanted to get a concealed weapon permit and I pleaded and begged him not to do it because the rules do not equally apply to us.  Even when you do things by the book, when you cooperate AND even when you are unarmed, you are still at a greater risk of being murdered by the police! 

My husband and my son are my whole entire world!  His life matters!  My son’s life matters!  I have no room for you if we are a black family you can just tolerate but you HATE the rest of “us”.  I have no room for you if you want to associate yourself with me because “I don’t act black”.  By the way, that’s racist!  I am a black woman with pride with a beautiful black family that I am proud of.  These are HUMAN black lives that should matter!  Every one of us should be outraged!

I have cried more times than I care to share.  But I am cautiously optimistic change is coming.  The change this country so desperately needs.

Let’s all do our part

How you choose to show up and fight for change is a personal choice.  Do not guilt yourself if you cannot make it out to protest.  Do not guilt yourself if you cannot donate.  Just do what you can to “be the change you want to see in the world’.  And when this is no longer trending, I hope you will continue to do your part! Below you will find a Resource Guide.

Black voices to learn from

Mental Space
A few kid books you will love
BooksThis list was created with the help of my Sorors Stephanie and Kimya.

VOTE!!! Vote like your life depends on it!

I will continuously update this guide.

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